Tarik Emir Tekin religion, wife, his mother, age, information

Tarik Emir Tekin is the Turkish actor, his religion is Muslim or Christian, his mother is the actress Cheval Sam,

his age, his wife, his nationality, his life story, his series, his films, the most important works, the most important awards, the most important titles, complete information about him that we put in your hands in this article interesting about it.

Information about Taro Emir Tekin

Arabic name: Taro Emir Tekin
English name: Tarık Emir Tekin
Religion Muslim
Nationality: Turkish
Birthdate: 1997
Age in 2021: 24 years
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Wife: Not married
Academic Qualification: Graduated from Oxford University’s Department of Drama
Profession: Turkish actor
Height: 184 cm
Eye color: blue
Hair color: brown
Beginning of artistic activity: year 2019
Years of artistic activity: 2019 – so far (2) two years
The most important works: the series “The Traitor”
Other name: Taro Amir Teken

The life story of Taro Emir Tekin

Turkish actor Taro Emir Tekin, born in 1997, age 24, was born in Istanbul, Turkey, his mother is a singer Cheval Sam and his father is Metin Tekin, a famous football player and he played in Besiktas club and the Turkish national team and was nicknamed the Yellow Storm, and his father Metin Tekin is of origin cougars.

Tariq Amir spent his childhood interfering with the press. He was among 17 people who were accepted out of 8000 people to join the Drama Department at Oxford University, which is one of the most prestigious universities. He studies and participates in acting in England and moves between Istanbul and England, although his father was a football player.

presented a professional, but Tariq preferred to enter the field of acting, and he does not have a football talent like his father, and after he finished studying acting in England, he returned again to his homeland, Turkey, to participate in artistic works.

Tariq is famous on social media with the name Taro Amir Tekin, and he has wide popularity on the communication sites and is one of the future artists nominated. A love story between them and they made it clear that they are just friends.

Tarik Emir Tekin and Cheval Sam

Turkish singer and actress Shival Sam is the mother of young actor Taro Emir Tekin. She married in 1993 to his father, Metin Tekin, and in 1997 they had their son Tariq. By photographing them several times having dinner with each other in restaurants.

They were filmed together in Istinye Park, and most of the time they try to leave the place before the press comes. Sheval Sam stated that Tarek Emir is participating in a new artwork with director Selcuk Yuntim that she is proud of her son and happy as a mother and that he has been studying acting for four years until he sees the result of his efforts Tarek is the only son of Cheval Sam, whose mother is the singer for Man Sam.

After the divorce of Cheval and her husband Mateen after only 6 years of marriage, Cheval Sam entered into many relationships with other people, the last of whom was the Turkish singer Sarb Madian, and Cheval participated in her artistic career in black and white films and in many dramas, including the series “Black Box”, “I am still in love,” and despite saying that she does not mix her personal problems with artistry, she refused to film one of the scenes with actor Talaat Bulut and it was a kissing scene, because he filed a lawsuit against her for defaming her.

Taro Emir Tekin
Taro Emir Tekin

Acting career Taro Emir Tekin

Turkish actor Tarik Emir Tekin started his acting career a few years ago after studying acting in England, and Tarek loved acting since he was young because he was born into an artistic family. He did that, and explained that he would participate with her in the same artistic project and would embody the role of his mother’s friend or something.

Tariq participated in his first cinematic work with the great director Selcuk Yuntem, and then in 2020 he participated in the series “The Traitor”, which was adapted from Dr. Foster, and co-stars in the series: Kansu Diri, Kaner Sindoruk, Liliz Colvanci, and plays a good role in this series, Through his few artistic works, Tariq Emir was able to make a name for himself in Turkish drama, and get great fame as a successful young Turkish actor.

Tarik Emir Tekin and the series “The Traitor”

Tarik Emir Tekin joined the cast of the series “The Traitor”, which is shown on Channel D, and the series was adapted from the Bafta Award-winning Dr. Foster series, and this series, which is considered one of the most important series that received great views in its new season, continues to excel The series was shown to its most important competitor, the “Othman Foundation” series, and it won first place.

The series revolves around a girl named Asia, played by Kansu Dere, who lives a happy life with her husband Volkan, played by the actor Janir Sendorok, and their son Ali “Alp Afkar”, but their lives are upended when the wife discovers that her husband has had an affair with another girl for two years, at the time. Asia will try to preserve her marriage or take revenge on her unfaithful husband.

The events escalate in a mysterious and amazing picture, and Selcuk, who plays Tarik Emir Tekin, joins the events of the series, which causes many developments, which make the audience wait for the series and talk about his wonderful story and participate in the work with new names, and the character of Selcuk embodied by Tarik Emir Tekin attracted everyone’s attention in the part The last of the series, and everyone praised his outstanding performance and embodied in the series a passive-aggressive character.

He is a person who suffers from tantrums to a large extent, because when he was a child he suffered from a problem of lack of self-confidence, he has a psychological condition, and he cannot control his anger, as his mother was suffering from alcoholism, which affected him when he grew up, and this series was starring: Kansu Deri, Kaner Sindoruk, Yelise Colvanci, Melis Sezen, Directed by: Neslihan Yesilurt, Written by: Kemal Hamcioglu.

Tarik Emir Tekin and his girlfriend

Actor Taro Emir Tekin shared with his fans a number of photos of him with his French girlfriend Sofia, and after publishing their photos together, he attracted the attention and interest of social media pioneers, and then Sofia published a number of photos with her lover Tarek while they were by the pool.

Tariq published the same pictures on his official page on the Instagram website, and despite the apparent love story, Tariq, when he was giving a press interview, stated that he does not think about the marriage step at all because he is not more than 24 years old, and on the other hand, Sophia celebrated the seven-month anniversary of his marriage. Her relationship with Tariq Amir, and she published pictures of her lover playing the piano, and his mother had talked about his girlfriend Sophia with a journalist.

Tarik Emir Tekin and his girlfriend
Tarik Emir Tekin and his girlfriend
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