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Beloved Gallant series, its story, its protagonists, and its screening dates

To all the audience waiting for the new Indian series to be shown, we have collected for you a full report about the new series, Beloved Gallant Piyaa Albela, information about the series, its story, its participating heroes, information about them, the dates of the series, and a set of exclusive photos of the series and its participating heroes.

Beloved Gallant Piyaa Albela series

The series “Piyaa Albela, the Brave Lover,” or “Beloved Gallant” is an Indian drama series produced by Rajshri Productions and directed by Ashish Shrivastav. The script and dialogue were written by Rito Goel and Rachel Navari. The series was written by Abhijit Sinha and Tania Sinha.

The series Beloved Gallant starring Akshay Mahatri and Shane Das in the main roles where they appeared for the first time on Indian television with this series Producer Siraj Barjatia worked for eight years in this work and the first show began on March 6, 2017, and launched on August 24, 2018, The series focuses on a modern version of the story Love from Menaka and Vishwamitra.

The full story of Beloved Gallant

The story of the series tells the story of a young man named Narain who is depressed and isolated from the outside world, and he is from the Supriya Vyas family, the mother of the wealthy Vyas family, and Harish Vyas the father on the other hand, Pooja has a warm, confident and complete personality, who can take care of herself, and is deeply rooted in family values.

Narain’s parents wanted Pooja to be Narin’s wife, and they asked Pooja to allow Narain to return to the human and selfish world at first, I thought Narain was another wealthy boy, and Pooja finally began to appreciate her true, selfless nature. Naryn and Pooja became close friends, and Pooja fell in love with him after He saved her and raped her by his cousin Rahul.

Narain’s wedding was decided by Surbhi Singhania, daughter of Harish’s friend Yash Singhania, and Pooja agreed to marry Dr. Anand Narain’s cousin Mayank fell in love with Pooja His love for Puja became an obsession and at Pooja’s wedding he killed Anand in order to avoid Pooja’s humiliation, Narain interferes He married her, and Surbhi eventually married Rahul.

Soon Narain realizes that he also loves Pooja too Pooja discovers that her husband is in trouble and pretending to insult Naryn and his family, causing their breakup Subriya has an accident, and she tries to stop Pooja and he becomes mentally unstable.

More episodes

A year later, Pooja returns to the life of Naryn becoming Mrs. Kapoor Narain in an attempt to reach a misunderstanding of Pooja and Narain with Pooja’s friend Ashish Kapoor, but Rahul misled Ashish into thinking that Pooja had fallen in love with him.

Preparations for the wedding of Puja and Narain began, but Pooja had an accident while praying for the healing of Supriya recovered and managed to prevent Mayank’s father Rakesh from attacking Puja After the accident, Pooja began to act as a child who took her uncle Satish Gupta Puja with him to his hometown Dehradun in order to prevent her from being sent to A mental hospital, Narain married her and began to take care of her.

According to reports, Pooja pretended to be sick and saved Narain’s grandfather from Kapoor. Kapoor threatened to reveal that Narain was not the biological son of Supriya and Hrish kidnapped Kapoor Pooja, who eventually killed him in order to protect Kashinath.
Naina Goel, Pooja’s half-sister, who is planning to end her career, reveals Pooja’s secret to Naren, which makes him angry with Pooja. Naina stares at Naren and wants revenge on Pooja who thinks her father has always loved her.

The relationship between Narin and Puja continues, but life will not help them with the passage of time, problems arose with each other, and despite all the difficulties and obstacles, they still love each other.

Replay of Beloved Gallant and its channel

The popular TV channel Zee Alwan broadcasts its content in Arabic and began showing the Indian TV series Beloved Gallant, which aired on Sunday, September 13th.

The series was shown for the first time in 2018 on the Hindi channel ZTV, with a total number of 383 episodes and a duration of 22 minutes.

The Beloved Gallant series is broadcasted at eleven o’clock in the evening in Saudi Arabia, Al-Erraq and Jordan, at ten o’clock in the evening Cairo-Egypt and at nine o’clock in the evening in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

The stars of the Beloved Gallant series

Akshay Mahatri as Narain Vyas
Veer Bhanushali as young Narain Vias
Shane Das as Pooja Vyas
Kanwarjit Paintal as Kashinath Vyas father of Harish and Harish
Avinash Wadhawan as Harsh Ab Narain
Aankit Hs Vyas as Rahul Vyas
Jyoti Guba as Supriya Vyas, Harish’s wife, Narain’s adoptive mother
Jaya Bingo Tiagi as Chandrika, Narin’s biological mother
Vijay Calvani as Hardyk Vyas, the younger son of Kashinath, Harish’s brother

Parole Choudhury as Nilima Vyas, Hardick’s wife
Ritu Chauhan as Surbhi Vyas, Rahul’s wife
Khoshuan Walia as Arjun Vyas, Hardyk’s illegitimate son
Chaitrali Gupte as Harsha Kaushal, Kashinath’s daughter
Farouk Saeed as Rakesh Koshal, Harsha’s husband
Tushar Khanna as Mayank Koshal, Harsha and Son Rakesh
Gulki Joshi as Nina, Pooja’s half-sister and Mayank’s wife.
Khaled Siddiqui as Ashish Kapoor, Pooja’s geek lover
Saptrishi Ghosh as Yash Singhania, Surbhi’s father
Mamta Verma as Shilpa Singhania, Surbhi’s mother
Sangeita Chauhan as Meghna Goenka, Naren’s blind adoptive sister.

Akshay Mahatri the hero
Akshay Mahatri the hero

Akshay Mahatri, the hero of the series Beloved Gallant

Akshay Mahatri is an Indian actor born on Saturday 11 January 1992 in Nirol, Mumbai, India and his sign is Capricorn Akshay Mahatri hails from Jalandhar, Punjab, India, belongs to the Hindu religion and Indian nationality.

Akshay Mahatri and studied at Agnel Multipurpose School in Mumbai even though he was inclined towards acting, he chose to finish his first degree he obtained a degree in Business Administration from RAPodar College of Commerce and Economics during these days, he worked in various theater groups to perfect his skills in the acting.

Akshay Mahatri began his acting career on television, with the ETV show Marathi Sawar Re, which was a remake of the popular Indian series Naa Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha The success of the series paved the way for Akshay’s debut, which came in the 2016 youth film.

After that, the actor got the main role in the Indian TV series Piyaa Albela, which was broadcast on Zee TV and was well received by the audience.

Shane Das is the lead star in Beloved Gallant

Indian Star Shane Das is an Indian TV Actress born on 25th of November 1992 she is one of the most famous Indian TV Actresses and Social Media Personality from Delhi, India she is 28 years old.

In the year of 2004, she completed her high school studies from Vishwa Bharati Public School Dwarka, New Delhi. Besides, Das went to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University to study Mass Communication in the year 2007.

Beloved Gallant series
Beloved Gallant series
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