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ssangYong 2021 is one of the many searched cars. one of the well-known Korean company models. let’s get to know together about that powerful car. ssangYong 2021. which is widely sold in Egypt and the Arab countries. learn about its price and specifications. its advantages and disadvantages. information and a full report on the ssangYong 2021 that was put on the market.

Information on ssang Yong 2021

SangYong originally started as two separate companies. Ha Dong-hwan Motor Workshop (established 1954) and Dongbang Motor Co (established 1962). in mid-1963. the two companies merged into Ha Dong-hwan Motor Co.. Ltd.

Hadonghwan Motor Company began building jeeps for the US Army as well as trucks and buses. Beginning in 1976. Hadonghwan produced a variety of special-purpose vehicles after changing its name to Dong-A Motor

Features of ssang Yong 2021

Tivoli has front and rear fog lights under its headlights. which helps to clarify the vision and increase the field of view for the car driver in cases of blurring vision during turbulence or fog conditions. which provides more strength for the car during Subject to global safety tests.

Tivoli has the immobilizer feature to save the car and protect it against the risk of theft. which works to separate and prevent the operation of the car engine in the event that the fingerprint on the driver does not match its counterpart from the electronic chips inside the car. which isolates the electrical circuit of the engine This prevents its operation. in addition to having the automatic alert feature in the event that not all car doors are completely closed after stopping the engine and an audible warning against the risk of theft when trying to open one of the car doors illegally or a foreign object hitting the car from the outside.

Features of ssang Yong 2021

Other Features of ssangYong 2021

Equipped with the fully developed ABS brake system. which helps to achieve a faster and more balanced response to the brakes by simply pressing the brake pedal. and it also contains the EBD electronic brake distribution feature. which helps maintain the car’s stability and balance on the road when the Tivoli is stopped suddenly while traveling at high speed.

The possibility of controlling the headlights and all the light signals on the car body from the outside through the electronic steering wheel. It also has electric mirrors and light signals installed on them from the outside. unlike its counterpart installed on the sides of the car. whose function is to draw the attention of drivers of other cars on the road In the event that it passes from road junctions. in order to reduce the incidence of collisions on the road. it is also equipped with rear wipers dedicated to the car’s rear window. to clarify the vision for the Tivoli driver through his use of the interior mirror.

The possibility of folding the rear seats and moving the front seats of the driver and front passenger. in addition to changing direction. but manually. The car also has many storage places in the car doors. in addition to providing it with a front drawer dedicated to keeping small items.

It contains fully electric glass that is easy to control through one touch of the control button at the driver’s door. or control each pane of glass separately through its own button with one touch. as you do not need to keep pressing the button until the end of opening the glass or close it.

Using the remote control in ssang Yong 2021

The possibility of controlling the opening and closing of the doors of the entire car remotely using the electronic remote attached to its key. and the doors of the entire car have a central locking feature. as soon as the car moves or the fuel piston is pressed. the car doors are closed to keep its passengers safe.

Equipped with the ability to control the level of sound inside the cabin and lower it through the electronic steering wheel. as it is equipped with dedicated buttons to control the car audio system. which also contains AUX and USB inputs in addition to Bluetooth technology to transfer files to and from the car and connect the audio system to the mobile phone.

ssangYong 2021 1

About 2021 ssangYong engine

Ssang Yong has equipped the Tivoli with a clever set of mechanical equipment. which. in our view. guarantees a successful and practical combination for markets similar to the conditions of our Egyptian market. The use of naturally aspirated. non-turbocharged engines with an advanced gearbox that does not rely on double-clutch technology. is a matter of Reassuring for a new car like the Tivoli.

This model is equipped with an efficient 1.6-liter four-cylinder. 16-valve engine that produces 128 horsepower at 6000 rpm with 160 Nm of maximum torque shown at 4600 rpm with the engine connected to an automatic gearbox. A sophisticated front-speed AISIN. it will transfer the engine’s power to the front-wheel drive system or to the permanent-wheel drive system in the higher grades that are pre-ordered from the company.

This model can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 11 seconds with its ability to reach an official top speed of 160 km/h. with an average fuel consumption of 7.2 liters per 100 km.

ssangYong 2021 strong performance

The car is equipped with a Korean-made engine with a motor capacity of 1600 cc that generates a horsepower of 128 hp. connected to an automatic or manual transmission. fuel consumption rate of 5.7 liters per 100 km. the engine capacity of 128 hp with a streamlined exterior design with the air makes the car acceleration wonderful.
the car from the inside

Cruise control. remote control for locking and unlocking doors. audio system. AUX input. USB port. Bluetooth. trip computer. steering wheel audio system control. cigarette lighter. movable ashtray. power outlet. rear trunk cover. rear trunk light .

Inside there is a smart steering wheel that provides the ability to control driving modes. control from the steering wheel on the phone and audio system. 3 driving modes for winter. economy and sport. folded rear seats 60:40. trip computer. audio system with MP3 files. Bluetooth. input USB.

ssangYong 2021 Sport

In the second category Sport Plus. whose price is 46,000 pounds more than the first. the equipment includes 18-inch sports wheels. LED lights in the front. electrically foldable side mirrors with LED cornering lights. keyless entry and engine start system. additional airbag. cruise control 8-inch touch screen. rear sensors with rearview camera. electric sunroof. leather-wrapped seats and steering wheel. driver’s seat height adjustment.
car from outside

Sport rims electric side mirrors. side mirrors signals. front fog lights. rear fog lights. LED headlights. LED taillights. rain-sensitive windshield wipers. rear wipers. headlight wipers. headlight control. rear spoiler.
Safety and Security Specifications

Volvo’s cars have always been marketed and confirmed their historical reputation in terms of solidity. durability. strength before and strong regulation. and they are characterized by ABS brake system. electronic brake distribution EBD. immobilizer anti-theft system. electronic balance program ESP. alarm sound in case the car is not locked. smart parking system. Rear camera. driver airbags. front passenger airbags. rear seat belt.

Car defects ssangYong 2021

The front seats are all manual and not electric. meaning that if you want to control the direction of one of the seats or move it or change and adjust the height of one of them. you must do so manually and not electrically or mechanically. which is what the Tivoli differs from other Cars.

whether Korean-made or others in the global markets. that are equipped with electric seats are easy to control automatically. side mirrors. despite being electric and equipped with light signals installed on them from the outside. unlike those installed on the sides of the car. but the side mirrors are manually controlled. Folding and opening it manually is not automatic. unlike many other categories in which the side mirrors are controlled and operate automatically as soon as the car engine is started.

Tivoli does not have passenger airbags except for the driver of the car only. meaning that the front passenger next to the driver and the rear passengers all do not have airbags designated for them to protect them against the risk of collision or impact in the event of an accident on the road. which reduces safety rates Inside the car. especially since all modern classes are equipped with airbags for all passengers inside or as a minimum for the driver and the front passenger next to him.

Car defects ssangYong 2021
Car defects ssangYong 2021

ssangYong 2021 price

The price of the car ssangYong 2021 Automatic / Comfort 2020 in Egypt. the motor capacity of 1600 cc. starts around 305,000 Egyptian pounds.
As for the ssangYong 2021 Automatic Sport 4WD 2020 in Egypt. the motor capacity of 1600 cc is about 350,000 Egyptian pounds.

Some car dealerships announced the availability of the new ssangYong 2021 Tivoli in Egypt through the agent “Arabiat” with a warranty of 5 years or 100,000 km. whichever comes first. against manufacturing defects. The car is available in two categories. the first Comfort at 319,000 pounds and the second Sport Plus at 365,000 pounds.