Şifanur Gül religion, age, boyfriend, series, and bio

Information about Şifanur Gül

Şifanur Gül, a Turkish actress, born in 1995. She made her debut in the TV series I Love You For Once. Let’s get to know Şifanur Gül from where she is and her date of birth. Much about Şifanur Gül’s religion, personal life and artistic beginnings. Who is Habib Şifanur Gül and is she in love with anyone? Şifanur Gül’s personal traits, likes and dislikes, and more in the following article.

7 Information about Şifanur Gül

Actress Şifanur Gül is a Turkish actress who has participated in many important series, such as My Name is Malak, The Seljuk Renaissance and The Glass Ceilings. Let’s get to know together the most important 7 information about it:

Şifanur Gül was born on November 25, 1995.
Şifanur Gül’s age in 2021: 26 years.
Hir religion: Muslim.
Şifanur Gül’s birthplace: Istanbul.
Şifanur Gül Nationality: Turkish.
boyfriend’s Şifanur Gül: None
Şifanur Gül’s acting start: 2019.

Şifanur Gül’s religion and information about her life

Actress Şifanur Gul is a rising star on the ladder of glory. A girl who found her passion in acting and really managed to attract the attention of viewers and directors to her as a TV series movie actress. She was born in Ankara in 1995. Her astrological sign is Sagittarius. She is 170 cm tall and weighs 53 kg. She graduated from the Department of Dramatic Acting at Ankara University. While still in high school, she began receiving her acting education and furthered her education in theater and art schools.

While working as a stage actress, he caught the attention of Focus Film owner Nilgün Sağya;ar. She was the main actress in the TV series I Love You Once, which appeared on screens in 2019, and portrayed the character of September, and the character of Gulberry in the series Awakening: Great Seljuk in 2020. In 2021, she played in several television series such as Camtavanlar and Bird Flight. Continue to participate in new projects, including glass ceilings.

She is a girl who does not like responsibility and tries as much as possible to avoid it. She knows very well how to walk forward to her destination, usually not property, but fame and a sense of distinction. A Sagittarius woman can be a star in the thing she loves or that she wants to pay attention to above. Her ambitious nature helps her reach her goals one by one.

Information about Sifanur Gul
Information about Sifanur Gul

Şifanur Gul’s Personal Attributes

Our star has many wonderful special qualities that distinguish her from other actresses, one of which is that she is a very curious individual and seeks to discover new things in life, just as she investigates the truth in every aspect. She has a philosophical orientation and loves to discover modern opportunities and the options available to confront them, and she does not despair in this. Liberal, charming, loves to transform, and as soon as you enter any headquarters, you know that most of the eyes are above her. She is independent and has an open mind and does not work on a schedule because it makes her feel restricted. The Sagittarius woman demands obedience at her age and likes to feel that she can turn her plans around in a better way.

No one is dictating to that woman what to do, because her behavior stems from her only. Bold, independent, risky, very frank, which may expose her to criticism, from time to time she is not good at choosing the style and how to express her opinion to others, which may cause them and her embarrassment, but at the same time she is honest and cares about the feelings of others, which makes her seek Constantly improving her way of expressing her opinion with the passage of time in a way that does not harm the emotions of others.

Şifanur Gül and her lover

Şifanur Gül does not have a lover at the time of writing. Our star Şifanur Gül is looking for her stardom and her career. As for the characteristics of the boy of her dreams, she is searching for a man who can be her friend before he is her husband, so that she can contribute to him in the true meaning of love. She is honest, loyal and worthy of the trust of others. A Sagittarius woman can maintain a degree of independence that adds to her attractiveness and charm in a man’s eyes. But the problem that a Sagittarius woman always falls into is the difficulty of distinguishing between friendship and love, just as she falls in love quickly. However, she does take care to keep taking the time to get an idea of ​​the person she loves before marrying him. The Sagittarius woman loves a sense of security and security from her husband, but at the same time, she refuses to be given instructions during the time.

She tends to the non-classical, self-confident man who discovers and appreciates her boldness without destroying her, fearing her, or trying to limit her. He leaves for her an area of ​​personal freedom without seeking to control it, as she cannot bear to continue in a relationship that restricts her freedom. On the other hand, she is a charming woman, who can make a man happy. Don’t expect her to chase someone you love, you will rarely find her sitting near the phone waiting for a call from you! She can’t wait.

Sifanur Gul and her lover
Sifanur Gul and her lover

Şifanur Gül’s career as an actress

Actress Şifanur Gül started acting in 2019 with the popular TV series I loved you for once. And she played the role of “Eul” in this work. A series about young love stories released by Focus Film, starring Berk Bakiye Oglu and Şanur Gül, will be shown in September on Star TV SevdimSeniBirKere, produced by Focus Film Nilgün Sağya;ar, who has become an expert in daily dramas. , Perk Bakioglu competition, Sevanor Gul, Yamor Chokinas, Pervin Balsi, Chaides Serter, Serene Chetinel, Onder Atakanli, Sivvi Temel and Inchan Nalbant.

Filming of the series Sevdim Seni Bir Kere has been canceled in Ankara and filming of the series occurs frequently every day in Ankara. Filming began in early August, and the series will be released in September. Filming of Sevdim Seni Bir Kere series (I loved you for once) ends in various locations in Ankara. Although it is not noticeable which space was taken in Ankara, we will share with you the filming locations as soon as the series begins to go live.

Instagram Şifanur Gül Facebook

Superstar Shiva Noor has many followers on social media. Especially her Instagram. Which always posted a lot of pictures, comments, etc. She is dreamy, romantic, enthusiastic, loves life, and hates routine and restrictions. A man dates her because of her ambition, adventure, and love for all conversations, so he grows attached to her and appreciates her presence in his presence in the world because of the happiness, pleasure, fun and adventure it gives her. She values ​​honesty, and honesty can affect her mood by being honest in her company.

In financial matters, it is difficult for the Sagittarius woman to provide wealth. Her passionate nature makes her in a constant position to buy goods that make her experience luxury and make expensive modern endeavors a few things like travel. But in the same age she knows how to plan her material affairs without getting into trouble.

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