Şeyma Korkmaz’s religion, husband, length, series, information

Turkish actress Şeyma Korkmaz, one of the stars of Turkish cinema and drama. An actress who started a lot of dramas and the audience loved her roles. He made a big difference in the works in which she was mentioned, the most important of which is the series “The Founder Othman”, “Forgive Me, Forgive Me” and other works. Let’s get to know Şeyma Korkmaz, her religion, her husband, her children, her height, a lot of information that you know about her for the first time.

age, height, husband

Şeyma Korkmaz has a lot of personal information, including:

Her date of birth is December 20, 1988
Her age in 2022 is 34 years old
Her religion is Muslim
Length 172 cm
Weight 55 kg
Her husband, Konit Mete, is a Turkish actor
Her mother is Sabria Korkmaz and her father is Kadri Korkmaz
Siblings Tolga and Tuba Korkmaz

Shaima Korkmaz’s religion

Her birth was in Eskişehir, Bosnian by her father’s side. Her religion is Islam. She has an older brother and an older sister. On May 1, 2019, she married Kunette Mity, with whom she played the sports competition role in the TV series “Forgive Me”.

Our star talks about her father, Qadri Korkmaz, “My father is my idol and like every child, my father is my first love. I don’t know if that’s my liking for her, but it makes me happy because I’m drawn to her.”

She completed her primary education in the famous Eski. She lived in Çanakkale in the year 2000 and completed the remaining 11 years of education in Çanakkale. She taught High School in Çanakkale High School of Fine Arts, Department of Painting. Graduated from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Department of Art Explanation and Teaching.

Who is Shaima Korkmaz’s husband?

Her husband from Jeunet Mitty is the origin of happiness, which she met on the set of the TV series “Forgive Me”, one of her greatest happiness. She reported about her marriage, “We managed to protect and preserve our relationship that started on the movie set, thanks to veneration, trust and a lot of love.

Cünet Mete is a Turkish film, television and advertising actor, born on September 9, 1970 in Izmir. Artwork has started since 2006. Film works in which Maui and Love participated in 2016 The Princess lost in 2008 Valley of the Wolves Terror in 2007 Only Married 2006 Bridges TV works Chapter Healing Healing the Heart Blue Dreams What You, below.

Acting work

She began modeling for her photographer friend Sezai Suda throughout her college years. She contributed to the catalog of a limited number of shops in Canakkale.

“It was on the ground for the sole purpose of making a fortune, but in the aftermath of those pictures there made me appear on television. I’ll never forget when in my last year of college, I was in my workshop class, my phone rang. The caller is my dear sister Nish Nohutsu.

They reported that they were going to start a play, and they showed me my pictures and wanted to meet me. I wanted to act, and even then I had no project. I will be looking forward to the front so far the school has passed, which is what I was thinking at the time. I was definitely excited. Then I started my work and stopped between school (Canakkale) and work (Ankara).

First, she took the exams and got the character of Yağmur from the TV series “Hayata Beş Kala” on TRT 1 channel. That show didn’t last long, she. Then “Bani Effat”. She suspended a movie business between them. Someone who had a limited amount of luck somewhere, was waiting for him. Same topic regarding me in Bnei Avit. The good thing is. I had to refuse the project 3-4 times as a result of my nephew’s health problem, but one day the phone call came and we were discharged from the hospital on that very day. Hearing this, director Summit Bay stated, “Come to Ankara today.” tickets etc per hour. I found myself in Ankara so far 4-5 hours.”

The most important series of Shaima Korkmaz

Her first television work was through the series “Forgive me”. Your essential Turkish TV series, more compelling than ever. Life and events that happen in 3 different families. Plot twists, secrets, and love all pile into this show.

The series Samehini, or in Turkish, Beni Affet, is a Turkish emotional drama series characterized by some simple comedy. The series revolves around two families. The children of these two families fall in love, but they face copious amounts of difficulties and problems and with wise thinking trying to eliminate these problems and obstacles, Şeyma Korkmaz loved the hero Murad Danaji, and he and she kept dreaming of marriage, but Murad’s father refused. The series was first published and rumored in October 2011, then broadcast in December 2018. The series was shown in Morocco and so in July 2019.

She also co-starred in the series “The Founder Osman” in 2021. The series will focus on the life of Osman Bey, the son of Ertugrul Ghazi and the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

Şeyma Korkmaz Instagram

Although Shaima Korkmaz has a large audience on social networking sites. But she does not seek fashion, she prefers to wear what suits her.
Reported: Fashion in the real world is very far from me. I mean, it’s not my place to criticize or comment because I don’t understand many, and I don’t follow it. I don’t wear anything because it’s dialogue. If it doesn’t fit your body and soul, it looks so bad that these clothes are on people. However, when the shops observed the fashion of the saison,

When you buy it, we follow it from the edge. I don’t have style, so I know it looks bad, but I wear how I feel good that day. So that depends on my mood. Sometimes bohemian style makes me feel good.

I love the spice tones, the shoes, the sailing accessories, and the flare pants or the bell. Time and time again, you will be amazed at the elegant dressing style. Minor and minimal combinations of colour. My wardrobe requirements are traditional black and white T-shirts and jeans. ”

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