Sevda Erginci religion husband & information

Information about the star Sevda Erginci, what is her date of birth, when did her artistic career begin, for all fans and followers of the Turkish artist.

This is a complete article about what she would like to know about her religion, nationality, astrological sign, her social condition, her social networking sites, her artistic works and her biography, What is her height, weight, academic qualification, special details of her life, and a set of selfies.
Sevda Erginci, her family, her studies, her height

Sevda Erginci is a young Turkish actress, born on October 3, 1993 AD, born in Istanbul – Turkey, 27 years old, 165 cm in height and 45 kg weight, astronomical sign, scales, as for the color of her eyes and hair, it is built. She studied and graduated from the Film Institute, theater department. She is not married and does not have Any external relations.

Sevda Erginci social networking sites

Since her appearance, her fan base has grown and grown. The number of fans on the official Instagram website has reached 601,000.

They have started to attract fans to ask many fans about her and about her life details. Seriously follow her pictures and express her love for her at every opportunity.

Sevda Erginci And her husband

As for Sivda Ergenji and her lover, she talked about her first love story, saying that it was cruel and nonsense. But now that she has passed, she will become more interested. She is very anxious about love when she is emotional.

She thinks that she should open the door to a new love. But she hopes that it will become. A clear person who understands her. As for her relationship with her family, she felt a little shaken by entering the world of acting, especially her father, but he accepted it now.

Her favorite things

She is a girl who loves to cook a lot. She is very happy when she goes to the kitchen to cook and spend several hours serving delicious meals. She still thinks about learning to cook in the future. She also loves to keep and raise cats. She has many cats that must take care of them, feed and play with them. loves to relax and swim in Swimming pool for hours. Her favorite sports are running and taking pictures.

She said that she does not need to exercise to be slim. Because she is by nature skinny. But she does exercise because of her healthy side. So one of the things she loves to do is photography she continues to take pictures. She is one of the ones who always loved photography.

When asked about her flaws, she said: No one will be perfect and she will love herself for her eyes. One of his flaws is that he is hesitant about herself and the people around her and very careful that she is jealous but not very jealous.

Sevda Erginci Biography and more information

Sevda Ercinci is a young Turkish actress who was born on October 3, 1993 in Istanbul, Turkey. She completed basic and secondary education courses in Istanbul. She also studied acting for a year and a half.

Furthermore, she was a girl in love with art since she was a child. Although she was thin, she was thin, beautiful and fun. She was involved in many artworks for the school. At the age of four, her parents separated. Her father was Maldini. Her mother is an immigrant from Macedonia and her mother is a housewife with two sisters. She is a naughty girl. She loves being in the street a lot. And despite her parents ’separation, she has a good relationship with her father. She chose not to allow her parents to separate.

She caused pain in life. Did not feel that life was difficult. I realized that they will change their systems with the passage of time and do not like injustice or cruel treatment. She hates all those who treat women with cruelty and cruelty to animals. She is always a simple girl who cares about times of happiness. She loves everything beautiful. And she feels good. Uncomfortable when you see sad or painful things.


Acting never appeared in her life. She did not think about her. She dreamed of becoming a ballerina until she was 15 years old. Then she participated in the children’s theater and performed many dramas with them. She had a strong presence in the sense that the audience was not affected. The performance in front of the audience was not threatened.

After graduating from high school, she began to think practically, so she chose to study acting in college. In addition to performing on stage, she also studied for a year and a semester at the university. Because of the busy acting, she left the university and did not complete her university studies.

Her work in acting in the world of acting

Regarding her real debut in 2012, Sevda played in the series Aykud Red with (ÖzgüNamal and Ozan Guven). Then she participated in the TV series “Farewell Veda” and played a good role as a junior. She co-starred with her (Jill Erican, Muhammad Aslantuj, Jalaluddin, Kadir) Tobrak Karman, Volga Surgo, Ahmed Tansu)

From 2013 to 2016 AD. She participated in a TV series entitled (Karagül). Events revolve around Ebru. She is a beautiful young girl who married a man named Murad. He lives in Istanbul and has two daughters and one son who lived in a big plot. These social stories starring both Masoud Acosta. Hilal Al-Nabelik, Yavuz Bingol, Ozlem Konker and Hulia Doyar.

She starred in Hayat Bazen Tatlidir (a romantic comedy about high school students in 2016.

When she participated in the sometimes sweet life series Hayat Bazen Tatlidir. She started playing more important roles in 2016, she starred in this series and its events are in the framework of a romantic comedy about high school students. There was a teacher in a school. And her little sister was studying in the same The school. She said over the phone that her little sister was in danger. She and her younger sister lived in the school to save girls from residence rape. Then she went to work in another public school. She faced another corruption problem in the school system. She worked hard to make the school a better level. Because of her ingenuity. Promoted to school, became the best school teacher in the school, earned her sister’s trust, the series got good reviews and got a rating of 5.8 / 10.

Zainab in the series, The Sacred Apple, Altin Tepsi

One of the most important works is the series “The Forbidden Apples” presented by SPVDA in 2018 AD. She embodied the role of Zainab and she loves her work and she is a good girl and she managed to convince her manager that her thought makes her worthy of work and then they fall in love with some of them despite the difference between them. Zainab, a blonde playful girl, dreams of money and looking for an opportunity to marry a rich businessman. She actually got this opportunity when she worked for a businessman who divorced his wife because of her betrayal of him. She played the good girl until he married her.

Sevda Erginci religion
Sevda Erginci religion
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