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The Turkish star Serra Aritürk, we have collected for you a full report about her and much information you know for the first time about this actress, her age, nationality, religion, astrological sign, academic qualifications, family and personal life, and when did the actress Serra Aritürk start her artistic career and what artworks she participated in it and about her new dramas and many other details about her with a set of new pictures of the Turkish artist Serra Aritürk.


Serra Aritürk her age, nationality, religion and more


Birthdate: June 22, 1998
Age 2021: 23 years
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: unknown
Astrological sign: Cancer
Hair color: light brown
Eye color: green
Profession: Actress – Turkish singer
The beginning of her artistic career: 2019


Serra Ariturk Birthdate June 22 1998
Serra Ariturk Birthdate June 22 1998

Turkish actress Serra Aritürk and her life


The Turkish actress and singer was born in Istanbul in 1998, after the actress Serra Aritürk obtained her secondary education from the private Anatolian High School Denizati, she went to teach music and playing, especially the guitar. She joined Hüsrev İsfendiyaroğlu, one of the most important and famous music centers in Turkey. She left the Bosphorus jazz ensemble for a while because she was busy with her university studies, and actress Serra Aritürk joined the Akibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University.

Actress Serra Aritürk and her acting career


Serra Aritürk is one of the rising young actresses in Turkey, who appeared on the art scene recently and is considered in her first steps and artistic career, as she started her way in acting in 2019 and has so far participated in a few Turkish artworks, but she was able to achieve She became famous since her first appearance on the screen and drew attention to her and her outstanding artistic talent.

In addition to her love for acting, she is a lover of music and singing. Since her childhood, she loves to listen to songs and loves music greatly. When she was about 7 years old, she turned to teaching music and playing the guitar. As a child, she participated in many concerts, and it was her family. She is the biggest supporter and supporter of her in her life, so her family members encouraged her to teach and practice her biggest hobby, which is music and singing.


Actress Serra Ariturk
Actress Serra Ariturk


In 2019, she released her first solo song entitled “Without Knowing Myself”, but the song that achieved her wide fame and great success in The singing medium was in 2020 when she presented the songs “Nobody Knows” and “No One” and in 2021, actress Serra Aritürk turned to acting as a profession and as a professional beside singing.

Lover of Turkish actress Serra Aritürk


Turkish actress Serra Aritürk is not married, but she is linked to a love story with a young Turkish YouTuber named Burkan Gevin, and they brought together many romantic moments and were seen in more than one place and in several places to stay up and party together.
Artworks in which the actress Serra Aritürk.


Lover of Turkish actress Serra Ariturk
Lover of Turkish actress Serra Ariturk

Aşkın Tarifi series


The series Aşkın Tarifi is the first artistic work in which the actress Serra Aritürk participates in her acting career, and she was nominated for this work to play one of the main and heroic roles in the series and embodies the character of the girl Nas, and it is currently shown on the screen of Turkish channels during summer of the year 2021.

A number of distinguished actresses, including Kadir Doğlu, Sera Erturk, Cem Davran, Alper Saldıran, Yasemin Baştan, Ümmü Putgül, Atakan Yılmaz, Elif Melda Yılmaz, Deniz Gürkan, Mehmet Şeker, Gökhan Niğdeli, Onır Yakır, Slimur Yakı, are participating in the tournament. .

The story of the Aşkın Tarifi series revolves around a young man named Fırat who works as a chef for the most famous chef in the French kitchen because he loves French food in cooking and eating it, then leaves it and opens his own kebab restaurant called Fırat Chef. This restaurant combines Eastern and Western cuisine and meets Chef Furat is in the restaurant with the love of his life. It is related to the love of a beautiful girl who always frequents the restaurant and relates to her a lot. Will the love story between them complete or not, and this is what we will know from following this interesting romantic work in its events.

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