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Serkan Cayoglu with us. And when did his artistic career start. Who is Serkan Cayoglu’s darling. For every fan and fan of Serkan, this is a complete article about everything you would like to know about his religion, his nationality, his astrological sign, his social networking sites, his works and the secrets of his personal life. And his biography, what is his height and weight, his academic qualifications, the fact of his relationship with the artist Ozge Gurel.

Diana Serkan Cayoglu is taller, weight and more

His full name is Serkan Cayoglu and in English language Serkan Cayoglu. His date of birth is May 31, 1987. The Current age is 33 years. Place of birth was born in Germany. Nationality is Turkish. Height is 188 cm. Weight is 70 kg. His eyes are brown. His hair is black. Religion is Muslim. His academic qualification. Economics at the University of Erlangen in Germany. His astrological sign is Gemini. His artistic career began in 2012.

Family and Biography of Serkan Cayoglu

Turkish actor and fashion model Serkan Cayoglu was born on May 31, 1987, in Germany to a Turkish family living there due to the family’s working conditions. He returned again to live in Turkey after completing his education, as he studied in a university in Germany in the economics department and his family is small consisting of his parents and he has a brother One twin and sister.

His twin brother shares with him everything related to his dreams and adventures. His family still resides in Germany to date. He visits them on every vacation because he misses their warm presence in his life and next to him. He is closely linked to his family. Especially his father and brother, as there are no secrets between them at all. As for him, he is now stable and permanently resides in Istanbul due to his preoccupation with his artistic works.

The artistic career of Turkish actor Serkan Cayoglu

Artist Serkan Cayoglu began his career as a model and became a well-known face. In 2016, the media face of the “Burberry” men’s fashion brand in Turkey. During his work in the modeling field, he began taking lessons in modern acting at the hands of a group of veteran stars in acting and theater. He took acting lessons with the artists mit Kraik and Dolunay Switzerland at the mit Syrac atelier.

2012 was the first appearance of the artist Serkan Shaioglu for the first time on the Turkish screen with a small role in the series North and South. And he is also known in the Arab world as the series Muhannad’s return.

In 2014, he participated in the Kuzey Güney series, after which he got the starring role in the famous Turkish series Kiraz Mevsimi. Which achieved a high viewership and a crushing success. Making the name of the artist Serkan on the list of distinguished young stars in Turkey. The series gained him great fame in Turkey and abroad.

In 2015, he participated in the absolute lead in the successful series Kiraz Mevsimi as Iyad. 2016, he participated in the romantic series Love of My Life. In 2019, he starred in the series episode.

Awards won by Serkanoglu

He won the Fifth Near East University Awards as Best Young Actor. He also won the 6th KTU Media Awards. As a Best New Actor after which he won the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards and the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards. He was the best comedian for his role in the series Love of My Life.

Serkanoglu in the cherry season series

With the wide spread of Turkish series and the dubbing of many of them, this made it a lot of audience and followers. Especially in the Arab world. And among the series that achieved a large viewership due to the presence of more than one part of it is the series Kiraz Mevsimi. The series is distinguished as youth because most of its heroes are artists Young people The series was filmed in Istanbul, Turkey.

And the series starring Ozge Korel and Serkan Cayoglu. In addition to the presence of a group of senior Turkish actors who appear during the events of the series, The story of the series revolves around the love story between Serkanoglu, the hero of the series. And plays the role of Iyad, who is a handsome and conceited young man known for his many women’s adventures. He works as an engineer in a large company and is considered one of the rich in the city, but his life changes when the girl Oiku enters his life.

Many imaginative and funny situations occurred between them during the events of the series. With the emergence of friends in their lives who help them in some of the situations they are exposed to and support them.

Serkan Cayoglu in the Turkish series episode

The Turkish star participated in the series “Al Turki Ring.” It is an absolute championship series for him, and it is considered one of the most important works he has presented so far and the series tends to the quality of the romantic police drama and the series produced by ES film. The story of the series revolves around two officers. The first officer is called Jehangir and the second officer is based. In turn, the artist was Yildirim.

Although they are very close friends to each other, they are different in character. So each one of them differs from the other in his thinking and personality. The two officers work to arrest the largest criminal network. Which is known as the Halka Trio. But Officer Jehangir falls in love with the daughter of the network’s leader and the events unfold. Serial.

Girlfriend and Wife Serkan Cayoglu

The star Serkan Cayoglu was associated with a strong love story with the Turkish actress Ozge Gurel during the scenes of filming the series “Cherry Season” in 2014. In which she participated in the female lead in the series.

At the time, many sources confirmed their emotional attachment between them and their desire to marry. As a group of pictures spreads to them through the media. While they were in a restaurant in Istanbul and also during Serkan Cayoglu organizing his birthday party with his twin brother. So he invited the artist Ozge Gurel to attend the birthday party to introduce her to me His family who came from Germany specially.

In 2015 the two stars announced their separation from each other without mentioning any reasons. But they were invited to attend one of the episodes of the program Italy. After the success of the Kiraz Mevsimi series there, but it seems that the period of their travel together and their stay for a while there made the love feelings between them come back again and then decided The two stars don’t waste any more time than that and start wedding preparations after a year of separation between them.

And the artist, Ozge Gurel, says about him that she did not fall in love with him from the first sight. But her love for him came with time because she was linked in the beginning just a friendship relationship and the reasons for her attraction to him is that he is distinguished by a tender. Kind and cheerful personality and tries to please everyone around him and his love Also for his work and his art. He is an organized and accurate person in his appointments and respects others. I considered the transformation of their love story in the series Kiraz Mevsimi to the truth, it is just a coincidence.

Girlfriend and Serkan Cayoglu
Girlfriend and Serkan Cayoglu

His series, movies and works

2021 Bir Zamanlar Kibris (TV Series) (completed)
2020 Yeni Hayat (TV Series)
2019 Halka (TV Series)
2018 Börü
2018 Börü (TV Mini-Series)
2016 Hayatimin Aski (TV Series)
2014-2015 Kiraz Mevsimi (TV Series)
2014 Zeytin Tepesi (TV Series)
2012 Kuzey Güney (TV Series)

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