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Date of birth: July 8, 1975
Place of birth: Ankara, Turkey
Age: 44 years
Religion Muslim
Nationality: Turkey
Profession: University professor, theater actor, film actor

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Information and complete details on Serhat Mustafa Kiliç

serhat kiliç Serhat Kılıç is a Turkish actor who was born on July 8, 1975, in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, and has appeared in many Turkish series, including the Yasmine series in 2007, the Ezel series in 2010, and the series Ahed in the role of Gulaq.

In 1994. he was accepted into Bilkent College of Music and Dramatic Arts at Bilkent University with a scholarship. He graduated from this school in 1998 as a high honor student.

His first professional match at the Ankara Art Theater “in the Aziz Rutkay system in 1998 by Ariel DOFF man’s losses (widows) from the match. He worked at the Diyarbakir State Theater in the 1999-2000 season. In the same years. he studied theater and acting in the theater city of Diyarbakir and directed the play Barış Adası (Island of Peace).

complete details on Serhat Mustafa Kilic

In 2002

He was appointed as an actor at Erzurum State Theater to complete his compulsory service. Hacetepe University in 2005 after completing a master’s degree at Ankara State Institute in Rigi. He began giving lectures at Erzurum Ataturk University. Faculty of Fine Arts. Department of Theater. In 2008. He resigned from his position at the State Theater and began working in Istanbul.

In 2006,

he played the Yasmine series. The name of the series (in Turkish: Hatırla Sevgili). Meaning remember. My dear and it is a Turkish series that began showing on ITV in the year 2006 until 2008. And this series is starring Beren Saat and Gansel Elchen and directed by Umo Burhan and Faruk Tabar It is written by Spnim Chetak and Nilgun Onish. The story of the series revolves around a young woman named Yasmine who falls in love with Ahmed. Her young boyfriend who returns from Europe after completing his studies. Yasmine is also the daughter of the Deputy Prime Minister before the Turkish military coup in 1960 and after the coup.


Her father is imprisoned and takes over her father’s prosecution. Ahmed’s father. Ahmed’s father’s health worsens, and he is forced to travel with his father for treatment in the United States. When he returns. He is surprised that his sweetheart Yasmine married Najdat when he did not know. Yasmine was pregnant with him at that time.

So she married Najdat in order to hide her pregnancy after she thought that Ahmed had left her. The two families get involved. Later in the left-wing communist organizations and they become opposed to the government. Which exposes them to a lot of harassment with the government. The series also shows an aspect of the struggle of some Turkish communists. Such as Deniz Ghazmash. Who is nicknamed Guevara Turkey.

He has acted in theaters such as Teatro Dot and BKM. In the 2009-2010 season. he participated in Istanbul’s theaters with the play “Genel General Rehearsal of Suicide”. The play. Genel General Rehearsal of Suicide 3. Was performed at Istanbul City Theater for 3 seasons as a box office. Sarhat Kilic. With four different characters portrayed in this 14 performance game. Nominated for Best Musical and Successful Actor of the Year at the Afife Theater Awards.

In 2012,

he founded a production company called Cats & Dogs (Soho Istanbul). In 2014. Nuri Bilge Ceylan. The winner of the Cannes Film Festival Gold Award at the Cannes Film Festival. Played the character of Imam Hamdi in the movie Winter Sleep. With his performance in this film. The forty-seventh SİYAD Awards was nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

In November 2014. Actor founded Okul Serhat Kılıç. which provides acting. Writing Dancing and singing education. In 2014. Sarhat Kılıç Ukul founded a theater workshop.

serhat kiliç in the series Çember

Çember is a Turkish series of the dramatic war action type. Which began its showing on April 3. 2017. starring the actor Tolga Saritac Serhat kiliç and Burak Sevenc from the first season. And in the second season. Muhammad Ozgur joined and in the third season Deniz Baysal Watts Karaduman.

The events of this series revolve around the life of the Turkish army. How to resist terrorism. Protect their homeland. Turkey. And save the lives of innocent people. The first season of the series ended in June of the same year. Immediately after that. the team filmed the second season. Which began on September 18. 2017 and ended on June 11. 2018. and the third and final season begins on September 17. 2018 and ends on May 27. 2019.

serhat kilic in the series Cember
serhat kilic in the series Cember

Çember story

Its events take place within the framework of the war action in the story of thirteen Turkish officers who were carefully selected from the Turkish special forces to be a distinguished team that performs many tasks such as deterring terrorist organizations settled on the Turkish border and thwarting its destructive plans against the security of the Turkish state.

Its installations and its citizens. What distinguishes this team is the most important factor for its success in the skill of its members and their distinctive and very high combat capabilities. As the team includes important members of the Turkish intelligence agency.

The members of this team excel in several tasks. Including decoding and puzzles of complex issues. And they are also proficient in neutralizing and destroying bombs. It includes skilled snipers. Which facilitates their tasks in the operations it wages against dangerous terrorist gangs.

The team is headed by Yavuz Karsua. Whose role is played by the well-known Turkish star Tolga Saritac. Al-Ahed series was distinguished in highlighting the role of women and the importance of which complements the role and mission of men in society. as this highlight was embodied in the role of the young doctor Bahar.

Who was practicing her profession in the midst of fire and fighting on the Turkish border. And she was carrying all this in order to save the lives of children and refugees. As well as Soldier Elam embodied another role that talks about the importance of women who. Thanks to their intelligence and great strength.

Can spoil the terrorist plots and attacks. and a third role for Mother Golar who stands to raise and be support and help for her children. at a time when their father was busy fulfilling his duty to defend the homeland “Turkey”.

The most important work of Serhat Kiliç in the series films and plays

2008 Yol arkadasim (TV Series)
2008 Nokta (as Serhat Kiliç)
2006-2008 Hatirla Sevgili (TV Series)
2021 Marasli (TV Series)
2021 Seref Bey (TV Series)
2020 Ögretmen (TV Series)
2020 Mavzer
2019 Topal Sükran’in Maceralari
2017-2019 Söz (TV Series) – Yol Arkadasim
2017 Çember (TV Series)
2016 Görevimiz komedi (TV Series)
2015 Robinson Crusoe ve Cuma

2014 Kis Uykusu
2011 / II Heberler (TV Mini-Series)
2011 / I Heberler (TV Mini-Series)
2010-2011 Ezel (TV Series)
2015 Baskin
2012-2016 Seksenler (TV Series)
2018 Sonsuz (Short)
2010 Benim annem bir melek (TV Series)
2010 / I Veda
2005 Bizim evin halleri (TV Series)
2000 Saksidaki Agac (TV Series)

The most important work of Serhat Kilic
The most important work of Serhat Kilic
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