Who is Serdar Deniz? religion, wife, age and more

Serdar Deniz’s Birthdate: April 18th 1969
Astrological signal: Aries
Age in 2020: fifty one years
place of beginning: the Turkish capital. Ankara.
Nationality and citizenship: Turkish nationality
academic qualification: Graduated from the famous German Conservatory (Der Klere Theater) of the German college of Leisenburg in 1998.
Spoken languages: French. German. English. in addition to his native language. Turkish.
Career: Actor in movie. Television and theater.
Foremost roles: handsome Lavant in the Turkish series Valley of the Wolves. and Titus within the Turkish collection Diriliş: Ertuğrul.
Starting of appearing paintings: 1991
number of years of work in the technical discipline: 29 years.
Favored interests: dancing, fencing browsing journey skiing karate, and motorbike riding. And horseback riding.


Turkish artist Serdar Deniz turned into born within the Turkish capital. Ankara. at the eighteenth day of April in 1969. and belongs to the humans of Aries. After finishing his education in Turkish colleges. Turkish artist Deniz traveled to Germany to look at track on the German song Institute. the grand theater of the German college of Leisburg. in 1998.

He speaks many languages ​​together with English. French and German. and then he has many hobbies such as horseback driving. mountain snowboarding and skiing. and he loves tour. adventure. and bike riding. Deniz labored at the Dost Theater from 1989 till the stop of 1990. and he also carried out many performs at the Turkish national Theater between 1994 and 1995.

He furnished many vital roles inside the a success Turkish drama series. and perhaps his first television starring within the successful Turkish series Valley of the Wolves. He also made many outstanding roles within the most a success Turkish films. consisting of faculty in 2003.

Acting works of Actor Serdar Deniz

throughout his performing career. Which extended from 1991 till now. the Turkish artist offered a one-of-a-kind and varied set of outstanding roles in cinema and television. And also participated inside the championship of many famous Turkish theatrical works.

underneath we are able to present to all fanatics and fans of the Turkish superstar Serdar Deniz a listing of the maximum vital and well-known works The artistry supplied with the aid of the Turkish artist for the duration of his artistic profession to this point.


Serdar Deniz provided the function of Jez inside the Turkish film faculty in 2003
performed the role of Alice inside the 2000 Turkish mystery film Wolf


Serdar Deniz furnished the function of Beto within the collection Arab women
He finished the function of Ibrahim Pasha within the Turkish series The Sultan’s Harem in 2003

Vdm the function of Levent inside the collection Valley of the Wolves in 2009
played the position of Denise in the 2006 series school of repute
brought the role of Titus in the collection Diriliş: Ertuğrul in 2014

He performed the role of Edward Juris inside the series Capital of Abdel Hamid in 2019. Edward Juris is a Belgian character who plays the first bombing operation inside the Ottoman Empire the use of a bomb.

Acting works of Actor Serdar Deniz
Acting works of Actor Serdar Deniz

The performs of Serdar Deniz

He co-starred in the visitor play in 1987
Rotten Apple Play in 1991
And the rainbow play in 1993
people come to the rescue play in 1995.

The series Diriliş: Ertuğrul

In 2014. Turkish actor Serdar Deniz joined the solid of the epic historical Turkish series Diriliş: Ertuğrul. this series had massive public recognition. And Diriliş: Ertuğrul executed unparalleled success.

In this collection. Deniz supplied the function of Titus. and the Diriliş: Ertuğrul collection is a massive Turkish production. set in the 13th century advert. Depicting the records of the status quo and establishment of the Ottoman Caliphate.

In addition to telling the life tale of Artgrel bin Suleiman Shah. who’s the father of Othman the Conqueror. founder of the Ottoman Empire.

The Turkish series has been translated into 25 unique languages. which includes English. Arabic and Urdu. and turned into shown on television in almost 71 unique countries round the sector.

The range of visitors of the series reached nearly three billion viewers round the arena. and the revenues of the collection reached about a billion kilos. and it reaped many Awards. gained the Turkish Golden Butterfly Award for the nice Turkish television collection in 2016.

The heroes of the series were honored in lots of international boards. which include the Diyafa competition 2019 held in Dubai. and Turkish President Erdogan praised the pleasant of the series and the ingenuity of the actors in overall performance.

The Turkish series Diriliş: Ertuğrul includes 5 components. 150 episodes inside the Turkish language and 500 episodes after the dubbing. the collection is written via the Turkish creator Mehmet Bozdag. and the activities of the series are taken from the ancient novel Artgrel Ghazi. father of Othman. founder of the Ottoman Empire.

A large organization of Turkish drama stars participated inside the collection. with the participation of Anjin Altan Dosiatan (Ertugrul). Javit Juner. Serdar Deniz (Titus). Isra Beljc. Efrem Solmaz. Serdar Gökhan. Ostam Soykut. Barış Baجيıcı. Kagan Tashaner. Noureddin Sunmir . And the collection directed by using the a success Turkish director Metin Kunai.

Serdar Deniz and his son
Serdar Deniz and his son
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