Sera Kutlubey height, weight, religion, Instagram and facts

Sera Kutlubey, Turkish film, theater and television actress. Which became famous through the series Zalim Istanbul. Najma was born in Ankara and drank a love of acting and art since childhood.
Turkish actress Sera Kutlubey is a character of great talent. You see that talent since her first appearance on the screens. Excessive attractiveness. Natural Turkish beauty. Here is the most important information about that star in the following lines:

Her date of birth is April 19, 1994
Birthplace in Ankara
She is 165 cm tall
She weighs 52 kg
Her religion is Muslim
Her astrological sign is Aries

Her life story, her religion, her age, her characteristics

Sera Kutlubey is a girl in her twenties who started acting early because of her love for art and acting. Sera Kutlubey was born in Ankara but lived in Istanbul with her family.

She was born in Ankara and moved with her family to Istanbul when she was of primary school age. “I grew up with family with a lot of love. Whenever you think of family, you think of clean, unconditional love. She is a lonely girl with no siblings, but she was always in crowded homes. An aunt, an aunt, a son who took control, a grandfather. Tables long and full of conversation. When mentioning the course of life, effort commitments and losses.

Childhood years She wanted to be an actress since her childhood. In the vanguard it was like Pete in her dreams. She was not a very bright student in high school, and she did not like school very much; That’s when I joined the drama team and then I actually started making contact with the school. Wahab grew up going to theaters. Once she was studying theater in high school, it literally got in her blood and whenever she hit the stage, she stated, “I should be here right now.” Up until this point, I’ve always wanted to have acting in her life

Lover of Sera Kutlubey and her husband

Does Sera Kutlubey have a husband or lover? The most frequently asked question in the recent period. Who is Sera Kutlubey’s boyfriend? But she is not married. We recall that the star Sera participated in the Kehribar series, a Turkish work that competed with the famous star Gürkan Oygun, who appeared in the famous series Valley of the Wolves for 6 parts and gained fame from it. In the competition, Esha Farler and Necip Memili, the series revolves around Orhan Yarmegali, who left his family, his beloved Leila twenty years ago, and immigrated to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Her first job as an actress

She made her first job as an actress in 2016. Sera Kutlubey presented the role of “Young Layla” in the series “Kehribar” in 2016, and the series is from the Trump competition star Gurkan Ogion, Ozogi Ozdiz, Aslihan Guner, Gurkan Oygun, Aika Farler, and the series is written by “Ali” Aydin, Sinan Tuzcu, directed by Yildiz Hulia Belban.

The events of the series revolve around a love story that brought together two young men, Laila and Ohan, whose parents refused to be associated. One of the strongest opponents of the love story was Laila’s brother, who was called Musa. Moses gets shot in the leg, and that’s how things get more complicated.

She played the role of Hasret in the series Abi and his family. That series is in the social and family drama category, and it competes with the Turkish star Bulent Enal, who is famous for the hero of Years of Loss, and alongside him is Aisha Bingol, who is famous for her beauty in the series “Amour Eternity.” The events of the series Abi and his family revolve around a man called Kemal, who performs His role, the star Bulent Enal, lives with his wife and children happily and stable in Istanbul, where he explains his old family from the past, which he was forcibly forced to leave and ignore for a number of years, just as he lived far away from her for many years.

Cemre in Zalim Istanbul

One of the most famous roles played by Sera Kutlubey is the role of Cemre in the series Zalim Istanbul. The dreamy opener with a beautiful voice. Who does not want to take what is not their right. She works as a nurse beside her job by singing at night. Trying to support her family. To move to Istanbul

Actress Sera Kutlubey contributed to the series “Unfair Istanbul”, with a number of the finest stars, including Muhammad Ozan, who played the role of “Jenk”, Deniz Ugur, who played the role of “Sahar”, Berker Goffin, who played the role of “Nadim”, and Bahar Shaheen, who embodied the role The role of “Siren”, and Fikret Kokchan, who played the role of “Aga Karachi”.

The events of the series revolve around a business man who has a mansion in Istanbul, he has a beautiful wife and a non-responsible son nicknamed “Jenk”, and a daughter named “Damla”, and lives with them his nephew “Nadim” who suffers from a disability, apart from “Agha”‘s love for his nephew Nadim, rather, “Nerman,” Agha’s wife, seeks to exclude Nadim from the family because he knows a dangerous secret about her past, and she tries to give him drugs that add to his poor health, and the facts increase in a dramatic range, and “Agha” begins to search for a bride for Nadim to take care of him.

Instagram photos of ؤ

Sera Kutlubey is an active actress on social media, including Instagram and Facebook. The number of her followers on Instagram reached half a million followers until 2021.

Born on April 19, 1994 in Istanbul. He studied theater at the University of Halic and attended acting and acting lessons at the Baskent Academy of Communication Sciences. Sera Kutlubey made her acting debut in 2016 in the Kehribar series, then played the role of Hasret in my father and his family, while after presenting the series Untitled, until she played the role of Cemre in Unfair Istanbul in 2019. Sera Sera Kotli, who presented the character of Simri in the series Zalim Istanbul, which ends broadcast on Canal D, is 1.67 cm tall, and her weight is 52 kg.

actress Sera Kutlubey
actress Sera Kutlubey
Cemre in Zalim Istanbul
Cemre in Zalim Istanbul
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