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Turkish star Selin Sezgin Information you know for the first time about the actress Selin Sezgin: her nationality, religion, age, family life, private secrets, when did her artistic career begin, what artworks she participated in, the artworks she will participate in during the coming period, and many other details about her And a set of new pictures of Selin Sezgin.

Selin Sezgin her religion her nationality her date of birth her age

Born: June 20, 1990
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Her religion: Muslim
Age: 31 years old
Profession: Turkish actress
Astrological sign: Gemini
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: brown
Marital status: single
Academic qualification: Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts
The beginning of her artistic career: 2006 – until now

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/selnsezgin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/selnsezgin

Selin Sezgin biography and much information about her

Young Turkish actress Selin Sezgin is a Turkish actress, born on June 20, 1990. She grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated from Sinan University of Fine Arts, majoring in ceramics and glass strategy. Graduation, Selin Sezgin started taking acting lessons and art workshops, joined the Talented Agency, and the star Selin worked at the forefront of commercial advertisements, including the Turkcell Guarantee advertisement, the shampoo advertisement with the star Beren Saat, and many other advertisements that were not mentioned.

Her acting career

Her artistic career began in 2006 and her first appearance on the Turkish screen was through a Turkish cinematic work under the title Zeytinyağlı Yiyemem Aman, during which she embodied an honest character.

In 2014, after the cinematic work, the star Celine got the most important role of a character in her artistic career, which is the series Elif, and that series is the main motive for her fame and her launch in the world of acting in Turkey and abroad, as this series achieved a victory and wide popularity in Turkey and whenever it was It was translated into Arabic and was shown outside Turkey. It achieved high visibility and an unparalleled victory, and its name became the name of her character at work, and it is the name of a king.


Actress Selin Sezgin
Actress Selin Sezgin

Then she appeared in the Turkish series Hayat Olmaz, and her work role was one of the main and heroic roles, then she participated in the drama series Yanlich Bay and acted in the Turkish series Al-Bara’a, which is her latest drama.

Artworks by Selin Sezgin

In 2006, actress Selin Sezgin participated in the Turkish film, Zeytinyagli Yiyemem Aman, starring a group of Turkish artists, including Emre Kivilcim, Ümmiye Koçak, Khalil Komova and Can Salioglu.

year 2014

Her real fame came through the starring role in the Elif series, a Turkish television series produced by Green Yapım and shown on the Turkish channel Kanal and directed by director Fulia Yavuzoglu and Oguz Ayaz. Derya Sen, Deniz Erm Murkoç, Yildiz Asyali, Dilara Yozer, Gurhan Gulbahar, Beryl Ida Yesil, Murat Prosgler, Birna Keskin, Madiha Aydin, Lady Bayram, Nevzat Can, Melissa Dongle, Borko Karakaya, Sinai Turksevier and Ozji Yildirim.

The events of the Elif series revolve around a beautiful and sweet 6-year-old girl, Elif, who is in danger of being sold to pay off her gambling debts to her stepfather, Visel Şimşek. A wealthy family Ayesha seeks permission from the Emiroğlu family to raise Elif in the palace, however, she keeps a hidden secret.

Elif is the young daughter of Kenan, the eldest adored son of the wealthy family Kenan is unaware that Elif is his daughter from the love of his family’s past forced him to leave and at this moment he is married to Arzu Karabinar. They have a daughter, Tuğçe Emiroğlu, a very spoiled girl known for her bad temper. Elif is forced to Living in a luxurious home, far from her beloved mother, and unaware of her closeness to her biological father, Kenan Arzu’s wife, she and her father Necdet Karabinar conspire to hide a secret from Kenan from her daughter Togchi. This, with the crimes committed by Necdet and Arzu revealed, Melek and Kenan meet Melek seeks to verify that Kenan and Elif are not separated again.

In 2019, she participated in the Olmaz Hayat series alongside many stars, including Jehun Versoy, Ulas Torun, Jehun Yilmaz, Emre Shalteli, Tugba Melis Türk, Nurullah Çelebi, Amir Han Ozkan, Muhitin Korkmaz, Derya Sen, Senur Nogilar, Yuksel Guchlu and Sebahat Adalar. And Esra Sunmizer and other stars.

year 2020

She presented the lead in the Turkish comedy series, Mr. Wrong. The Turkish series Mr. Wrong, the Eyes, referred to it immediately after its presentation, and many searched for it until the Internet search sites were issued due to the love of a great section of the crowd for the hero of the series, Jan Yaman, in addition to that, the love of many for Turkish drama in general, and a novel revolves The Turkish series, Mr. Wrong, in a comic emotional environment about the character of Ozgur, who is an individual who does not believe in love until he sees Ezge and falls in love with her without being aware of this, so his character completely transforms, and then this leads to them having many funny love battles.

The series Mr. Wrong,


starring Jan Yaman, actress Ozge Gurel, actress Fatma Toptas, and artist Zonguldak, produced by a gold film and directed by Euromazer, and the original script by Banu Zengin.

In 2021, she participated in a new Turkish series entitled Al-Baraa’, which was shown in early 2021, written by Serma Yanik and directed by Omur Atay, and the work is produced by the Turkish Gold Film Company and starring a group of Turkish stars, including actress Deniz Shaker, artist Muhammed Aslan Tog and Hulya Oshar, actor Serkai Totongo, actress Elida Alishan, actress Deniz Ishin, artist Tolga Gülish, actress Neslihan Arslan and Asina Togal.