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Information on selin Sekerci

Date of birth: June 1, 1989
Place of birth: Izmir – Turkey
Age: 30 years
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Weight: 45 kg
Height: 155 cm
Hair color: Black
Eye color: dark brown
Marital Status: Associated with Janir Gendoruk
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Academic Qualification: Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Film and Television
When did she start her artistic career: 2007 AD
Her favorite sport: swimming and going to the gym
Her hobbies are traveling and reading literature

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter selin Sekerci

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/selinsekerci/?hl=tr
Facebook website: https://wwW.instgaram.com.selin Sekerci
Twitter site: https://twitter.com/selinlikli?lang=en

Information about actress selin Sekerci

Selin Sekerci is a Turkish actress, born in Izmir on June 1, 1989, to an Arab father and an Azerbaijani mother. She was called the spoiled star of Turkey. Her father abandoned her. Izmir.

She participated in Izmir State plays. She played in private theaters and children’s plays in Izmir. Likewise, she graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University in the Department of Film and Television. Where she joined the State Children’s Theater in her hometown Azmiz in Turkey to practice the hobby of acting that is beloved to her heart. She moved with her mother to Istanbul after participating in an advertising agency and became a distinctive and well-known advertising face to the masses in a very small-time.

Family selin Sekerci

Celine “is a beautiful person who loves to chat and loves to laugh and coffee. Her habit is to read a book with listening to music. And she loves to travel around the world. and for her love may be beautiful and possibly not.Celine is very attached to her family and considers it unrequited love. About the limit.

She wants to travel to all countries of the world to learn about music. One of her dreams is to present fictional roles such as riding a broom and flying with it. She wishes to become a more famous artist and that her family is always proud of her. And to love a man and make him happy with her. She loves literature and reading in it. The most writer. A literary loved by Salih Ozturk.

The most novel she saw and the reason for her love for acting was his novel (The Desire to Live). Love for her is life. As it may be beautiful and may not be. And that the relationship between any two must be interspersed with trust. Understanding and equality alongside love in order to continue for a long time.

When she was a child

Acting in the life of selin Sekerci

The Turkish actress “selin Sekerci” began acting in 2007. where she appeared for the first time on Turkish television screens through the series “Years of Willow”. in which she presented the role of “Fayza” from 2007 to 2010. and her real beginning and the big turning point in her life was when She contributed to the famous Turkish drama through “Innocent Dreams” in 2009. in which she embodied the character of “Noor”. and her famous saying was always “Acting is a work that stems from commitment”.

The first film she participated in. called Ay büyürken uyuyamam in 2011 AD. directed by Serif Goren and writer Nekati Komali. revolves around Melik in her forties. who runs a sweet shop with her husband in a rural city in the Aegean. She has not yet lost her youth and beauty. despite the presence of two daughters. She has an unhappy marriage. one day she realizes her husband is with a woman and takes him out of the house. and she lives with her two daughters without a man. now the eyes are on her and the pressures of life are greater.

Selin Sekerci miniseries

It is worth noting that Selin Sekerci played the role of one of the brides of the series “Fugitive Brides” and achieved great success in this Turkish comedy drama. and the series has achieved the highest viewership in Turkey at the present time.

She played the role of Asou in the series (My Daughter). which revolves around a girl after she completes her eighth year. and discovers that she has a father and a mother. the father does not know anything about her. the mother left her for one as her aunt. to raise her. that child suffers a rare disease that has no treatment. so her aunt leaves her To her father who practices paternity for the first time and knows nothing about that daughter.

In 2017. she starred in the series Star Shepherd as a flower. The story and events of the Star Shepherd series revolve around a love story. The president does not want his son in Cappadocia. Venus. who grew up in Nigde with the rich. and parents are forced to take a case that I thought began with a love story that he does not want to marry. honestly. Mr. is known for her commitment to Mert and deserves a canon. They met here with Venus.

bringing them to Cappadocia. they attracted close encounters with each other. and it will allow them to preserve love never to return. With Venus Master. Fire and Water if they are far from each other to love this duo is closer to each other. The struggle to remove the obstacles to love. and if she also loved everything touched to ashes. and moreover. Karakaya thought in front of him has an impenetrable dam.

Sude in the ACI AŞK series

Selin Sekerci: who played Sude. Who is Jude’s wife and director Adnan’s daughter. The story of the ACI AŞK series tells the story of the handsome and ambitious young man. Jude. who works in a company for a person called Adnan. Where he marries one of the girls named Nora. who is the daughter of his manager at work for a business interest.

The story of the ACI AŞK series. where young Jude discovers that the father of his wife and his manager at work, called Adnan. is at the same time involved in the killing of his father. And Jude did not feel happy with his marriage. As it was a marriage full of problems and differences. Which makes him fall in love with a beautiful girl called Malak. Who plays the violin and hides Jude About his girlfriend Malak that he is married. But she knows by chance that he is married. Which makes the endless conflicts between Malak and his wife Sude in the story of the series ACI AŞK.

When Sude’s father learns of Jude’s relationship with a king. they try to remove Jude from a king by force. and the events begin to complicate after Malak discovers that she is pregnant and Sude asks Jude’s wife from the king of her child and complicates the problems between them. which makes Sude kidnap a king. and after the passage of time searches for the truth of his father’s murder. to discover that His wife is the one who killed his father and decides to take revenge on him. and then Sude discovers that she is pregnant.

but the pregnancy ends through an accident. which makes Sude decide to separate from Jude and ask for a divorce after the problems between them. so that the events of the ACI AŞK series. in an interesting way. carry many complexities and problems. It includes several stories at the same time and some characters who have the keys to the secret of the death of Jude’s father and help him find the truth so that the end of the story of the ACI AŞK series is unexpected and different.

Selin Sekerci boyfriend and husband

About her personal life. she has a love affair with (Kan Tashan) and they have a great love story. and it lasted for years up to four. but because of jealousy the two separated from each other. after a while she was associated with the artist Janier Gendoruk. and a rumor emerged recently that they separated for the second time due to jealousy. but she confirmed There is no separation and they are very good together. She said about the idea of ​​marriage. if there is a share. we will definitely marry. but now we do not have an idea related to marriage. She always said that acting is a work that stems from commitment. Acting is part of her and her heart. The films that dear to her heart are the Harry Potter movie. She has few friends.

Selin Sekerci boyfriend
Selin Sekerci boyfriend

TV series with the participation of actress Selin Sekerci

Yesilçam: Bir Sinema Hayvani (TV Series)
2020 Benden Ne Olur
2020 Çati Kati Ask
2018-2019 Kizim
2018 Sevgili Komsum
2017-2018 Black and White Love
2017 Çoban Yildizi (TV Mini-Series)
2016 Kacin Kurasi
2016 Sol Serit
2015-2016 Aci Ask
2014-2015 Kaçak Gelinler
2012 Benim Için Üzülme
2011 Ay büyürken uyuyamam
2011 Leyla ile Mecnun- Izmir çetesi
2008-2010 Kavak Yelleri
2009 Melekler korusun
2006 Sagir Oda

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