Who is selen seyven? husband, religion, series and more

1. What is the religion of selen seyven?

selen seyven Muslim religion.

2. Who is selen seyven’s Husband?

selen seyven is married

3. What is the age ?

Age selen seyvenin 2020 :34 .

4. What is the length of selen seyven?

Length 162 cm.

5. What is the date of birth of selen seyven?

Selen Seyven’s Birthdate: the second day of April in 1986

Astrological sign: Aries Zodiac

Omar Selen Seyven in 2020: 34 years antique

Birthplace of Selen Seyven: The Turkish capital. Ankara

Nationality and citizenship: Turkish

About selen seyven

The most important works of art: the role of Pınar inside the series Genco in 2007. The collection Years inside the Wind in 2009. Doktolar in 2010. Series this is My existence in 2016

maximum well-known stars have worked with: Turkish celebrity Hazal Kaya. Turkish megastar Alpay Kemal Atlan.

The most essential works of art that she presented over the path of her artistic career. Different specific statistics. Selen Seyven is That Turkish big name who supplied the function of Pınar within the collection Genco.

and additionally supplied many important creative roles. as well as Sevin joined the heroes of the collection That My lifestyles. Me. and to discover greater technical and personal facts and unique news about the artist selen Seyven. Follow the subsequent traces.

Religion selen seyven Height Weight

The young Turkish big name Selen Seyven turned into born inside the Turkish capital. Ankara. To Turkish mother and father on the second one day of April 1986. And she or he belongs to the start of Aries.

After completing her excessive college studies at Majdat Jezzine faculty. She joined the Dramatic Arts middle to examine acting. After her graduation from the institute. She began to practice the career of acting. Offered many a success roles.

In 2007

Selen Seyven embodied the position of Pınar within the series Genco. Then in 2009 he will take part in the series “Years of lost.” observed with the aid of the collection My Father. And the “Grand Bazaar” collection.

Selen Seyven. The younger Turkish actress. Maintains to present her successful creative function. Selen Seyven introduces the role of Pınar within the collection (Genco)

In 2007. Selen Seyven offered the role of Pınar within the Turkish series Genco. Her position in this collection became her start line for the world of reputation and stardom.

The collection revolves round a younger man named Omar who loses his parents due to the exposure of their city to a violent earthquake. To decide to start changing his life through traveling to Istanbul.

Omar is uncovered to many conflicts and events when he’s involved inside the work network in Istanbul. he maintains to hold a guilt complicated in him due to the fact he turned into the cause inside the cancellation of his parents’ experience to Istanbul at the nighttime of the earthquake.

Pınar appears in Omar’s lifestyles and falls in love with her. , but he desires to take revenge on her father who triggered the death of his parents on the night of the earthquake. Because Pınar’s father became the one who constructed uninhabitable buildings that collapsed speedy because of the earthquake.

Omar’s buddies try to persuade him to inform Pınar the truth about her father. but Omar insists on refusing in order not to distort the image of her father in her eye. but in the end he tells her the reality to understand the reason of the warfare he feels and the reason for his confusion. and the events continue to improve.

The Genco collection

starring a number of the first-rate Turkish drama stars. they are Albay Kemal Atlan (Omar). Selen Seyven (Pınar). Deniz Gozen (Nasreen). Meles Gozen (Darin). Hazal Kaya. Orhan Shishmik. He showed on mbc 4. the Genco collection. which consists of one component and has 51 episodes. and the collection is directed with the aid of the creative Turkish director Kamal Ozan.

Selen Seyven participates inside the Turkish series (Doktolar)

In 2009. actress Selen Seyven participated inside the Turkish comedy collection Doktolar. which is also known as the heartbeat of existence series. and the collection Doktolar belongs to the category of social comedy collection.

The series Doktolar takes location in a comedian social framework in a Turkish health center. and indicates many critical conditions that Doktolar is exposed to every day. and it discusses many social issues in Turkish society via the memories that patients tell docs in the course of the treatment adventure. and it additionally video display units a number of comedian situations in Doktolar relationship with each other.

The Turkish collection Doktolar

discusses the story of Ella. The young physician and daughter of the well-known health care professional. who became stricken with Alzheimer’s disease and become left by using Ella’s mom to travel to the United States. The wonderful physician moves Ella’s father to stay in the nursing home. The younger medical doctor Ella meets the medical professional Lavant through a humorous coincidence. Matters evolve after so that you can create a love story between them.

The collection also deals with the relationship of the medical staff with the leader of a group of workers. Dr. Fikrat. Whom the health facility clinical body of workers known as a humorous nickname. Because of her severity and severity in treatment.

Doktolar series starring a collection of Turkish drama stars along with Kotsi. Gözdi Mokafilat. Selen Seyven. Daurim Nas. The collection Doktolar such as four components. and the quantity of episodes of the series 50 episodes.

Series Movies and TV Shows of Selen Seyven

The young Turkish artist Selen Seyven has furnished many successful inventive roles over the route of her inventive career. Participated in the starring of many successful Turkish TV show. Below we are able to point out a listing of the most essential Turkish collection that co-starred with Selen Seyven:

Genco television series in 2007. she stars as Pınar.
Acemi Müezzin (2009)
Abimm (2009)
Doktolar collection in 2010
Leyla ile Mecnun (2011)
Avrupa Avrupa 2011 _ 2013
Kocamın Ailesi in 2014
Aşok Olsun in 2015
O Hayat Benim in 2016
Baş Belası (2016) Asya
Tatlı Bela (2018)
Avlu (2018)

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Who is selen seyven
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About selen seyven
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selen seyvens Husband
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