Who is Sedef Sahin? husband, religion, series and more

1. what is the religion of Sedef Sahin?

Likely the Sedef Sahin Muslim faith.

2. who’s Sedef Sahin’s husband?

Sedef Sahin is Married to the artist Ibrahim Kandarji

3. what’s the age of Sedef Sahin?

Age Sedef Sahinin 2020 :28.

4. what’s the duration of Sedef Sahin?

166 cm.

5. what’s the date of birth of Sedef Sahin?

14- 1992.

Religion Sedef Sahin height Weight

The stunning Turkish actress Sedef Sahin. Acknowledged within the Arab global as “Gansu”. The heroine of the collection. Adini Feriha Koydum. Turned into born on may additionally 14. 1992. and changed into born in Istanbul. Turkey. She studied theater at the Pera great Arts personal Secondary college.

After she graduated from the Pera pleasant Arts high school. She commenced running as an advertising and marketing version. Took part in lots of classified ads and catalogs. However, the real being of her artistic profession become in 2003. Whilst she first seemed on TV.

Series Adini Feriha Koydum

In 2011 beautiful actress Sedef Sahin participated within the series Adini Feriha Koydum. The series revolves around “Fariha Yilmaz.” a lovely woman. Whose mom named her with this name questioning that he would alternate her destiny and produce her pleasure.

“Fariha” grew up in a bad circle of relatives. Her father Reza Yilmaz. Who works as a doorman in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Istanbul. And her mom. Zahra Yilmaz. Who is going day by day to smooth houses. It is distinguished by means of her diligence. And changed into capable of attain a scholarship in a non-public university. And upon coming into the college she gets acquainted with Amir Sarrafoglu. He’s a handsome younger man from a very rich family.

“Fariha” hides her family truth from her friends at the university. which includes “Amir”. who falls in love with her later. and “Fariha” continues her lies till Amir discovers her reality.

He comes to a decision to transport to the constructing where Fariha lives to take revenge on her. The disputes among them continue until “Fariha” is abducted by using “Khalil”. Who’s her ex-fiancé. Whom her father forced her to marry. So Amir starts to search for her till he discovers her whereabouts and tries to keep her. After each of them survived. “Amir” fears that she will be able to lose her again, and they marry without He teaches their families.

The cast

The collection revolves round a romantic drama. And the artist Hazal Kaya. Who appeared inside the position of “Fariha Yilmaz.” the artist Chatay Ulusoy. Who regarded in the position of “Amir Sarrafoglu.” and the artist Vahid Gordum. Seemed in the function of “Zahra Yilmaz – Freiha’s mom. The artist Metin Chikmez.

Appeared inside the role of “Reza Yilmaz – the father of Freiha.” the artist Denise Ugur who appeared within the role of “Hanley Sinam”. Seda Aitch who appeared inside the function of “Handa Jezzine”. Youssef Akgun who regarded in the position “Koray Onat”.

Malih Selcuk who regarded in the position of “Muhammad Yilmaz – the brother of Freiha”. Sedef Sahin who appeared inside the role of “Gansu Al Hanli”. Irai Ozbay who regarded inside the position of “Onal Sarrafoglu”. The artist Ahu Singer who regarded within the position of “Aysun Sarrafoglu”.

The artist Uvok Tan al-Tonkaya who regarded within the role of “Khalil”. Nassim Akhan who seemed inside the role of “Sahar Yilmaz – the spouse of Muhammad”. Barish okayılıç who appeared inside the role of “Levent Simin”. The collection became written with the aid of Milels Ceflik and Sirma Yanik. Directed with the aid of Paris Yus.

Sedef Sahin series movies and television suggests

The stunning Turkish actress Sedef Sahin participated in many extraordinary works of art. Wherein she confirmed top-notch creative creativity and prominent overall performance of the characters that she represents. Shaheen performed many jobs in a big range of dramatic artistic endeavors. The most important of which might be:

Patron Kim collection that turned into produced in 2003
Avrupa Yakası collection that became produced in 2004
The collection Belalı Baldız. Which turned into produced in 2005 and appeared within the function of “Yeshem”
Sevgili Dünürüm collection. Became produced in 2007 and seemed inside the function of “Mona”
Peri masali collection. Which become produced in 2008 and regarded inside the role of “Seera”

The collection Mert ile Gert. Become produced in 2008. And seemed within the position of “Toujseh”
The collection adını Feriha Koydum. Which changed into produced in 2011 and appeared in the function of “Cansu Ilhanli”

Emir’in Yolu. Become produced in 2012
The series Acil Ask Araniyor. Which become produced in 2015 and appeared within the position of “Ipek”
Dirilis: Ertugrul. Turned into produced in 2016 and appeared within the role of “Maria”
The series Wounded Love. Which changed into produced in 2018 and regarded in the function of “Marina”

Sedef Sahin films

Sedef Sahin has seemed in some distinctive cinematic artistic endeavors. And among the most important cinematic works she has provided:
Peri Masali movie that turned into produced in 2014, and she or he seemed within the role of “Yildiz”
Efsunlu – Kabirden Gelen movie produced in 2019
Efsunlu Ayin movie produced in 2010

Sedef Sahins husband
Sedef Sahins husband
Married to the artist Ibrahim Kandarji
Married to the artist Ibrahim Kandarji
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