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Sayantani Ghosh, her religion, her age, her husband, information about her, her nationality, her movies, her series, her latest art news, the most important works in which she participated, the latest personal photos taken of her with the latest looks, all this and more you will find in our TODAY article about the beautiful Indian actress Sayantani Ghosh.

Information about actress Sayantani Ghosh

Date of birth of Sayantani Ghosh: 6th of September 1984
Age of Sayantani Ghosh: 36 years old
Sayantani Ghosh horoscope: Virgo
birthplace of Sayantani Ghosh: Kolkata, India
Nationality of Sayantani Ghosh: Hindi
Religion of Sayantani Ghosh: Hinduism
Beginning of her artistic career: her artistic debut was in 2002 when she performed the role of antaza،
She also starred in uncle Raju
When did Sayantani Ghosh start acting: 12 years old and still working in the artistic field
Marital status: tied (living a love affair with the handsome model
Profession: model, actress, dancer
Academic qualification: I studied English literature, as well as graduate studies
Most important awards received by Sayantani Ghosh: miss Calcutta award
The most important hobbies: dancing.

Biography of Indian actress Sayantani Ghosh

Born Indian actress beautiful Sayantani Ghosh in the state of Kolkata. India on 6 September 1984. and is a native of Virgo. the distinction since small features. very pretty. as characterized by their ability to perform reviews and dances. and received her education in the state of Kolkata. he joined the Faculty of science but not its Faculty of science. leaving them joined at the Faculty of Arts. and graduated from the Faculty of Arts. Department of English. and completed university education and postgraduate studies. one of the most important qualities of its personal beautiful, she hates smoking. alcohol and drugs.

The beautiful Indian actress Sayantani Ghosh. has beautiful features. has long black hair. wide brown eyes and thick eyelashes. is 163 cm long and weighs 53 kg.

Indian star Sayantani Ghosh also showed her talent for dancing and parades when she participated in the Ek Se Badhkar Ek program. which was shown on the Hindi Zee Films channel.

The beginning of the artistic career of actress Sayantani Ghosh

The beautiful Indian actress Sayantani Ghosh started her acting career by participating in a variety of Bengali films. then went on to enter the world of Indian television series in 2002 when she played Antara in the TV series kum kum-Ek Pyar sa Pandan. then she was chosen to play a significant role in the film ( Uncle Rajwa) in 2005.

After kum kum. Sayantani Ghosh played Amrita in the Indian drama series Naaginn. which ran for two consecutive years on television. Neela Maa in the successful Indian series Naamkarann. as well as a Featured Role in the epic historical series Mahabharata. in which she played Stephanie.

Important stations in Sayantani Ghosh’s artistic life

In 2015, she co-starred in the series “sasural simar ka”. she also co-starred in the comedy action “Drusus Kapil”. she played poulomi Maa in the series “santoshi Maa”. and in 2016 she played Neela parikh in the successful romantic drama ” Naamkarann”
The beautiful Indian actress Sayantani Ghosh is known among the fans of the Arab world as (Conti). which is the distinctive role she performed in the Indian series “Malik my heart”. which is the series taken from an Indian mythological story. and quoted from the epic novel (Kavita kane). and also famous Sayantani Ghosh as (nevdti) due to her distinctive role

She has also starred in Ovee A haunted hostel and is best known for her role as Dr. Anjali Gupta in the medical drama sanjivani (2019-present).
Personal accounts of the actress Sayantani Ghosh on networking sites

Fans. fans and fans of the outstanding Indian actress. supermodel. and glittering dancer Sayantani Ghosh can follow her latest artistic and personal news. get to know her latest artwork. and see her photos from the latest photo sessions through her personal pages on various social media sites. Sayantani Ghosh always strives to connect with her audience.

Secrets from the personal life of actress Sayantani Ghosh

Indian actress Sayantani Ghosh was associated with an elderly man several years older than her and their relationship lasted for ten years. but this relationship did not culminate in marriage. their relationship collapsed. and Sayantani Ghosh moved away from him.

But in 2019 Sayantani Ghosh announced a surprise to her fans when she announced her engagement to handsome Indian model Anugrah Tiwari. and they are now living a happy love story. but not yet married.

The hottest works of actress Sayantani Ghosh

Indian actress Sayantani Ghosh is a holistic artist. having performed over the course of 18 years. the age of her artistic career since its inception in 2002. many film. television. and theatrical roles.:

The most important Indian TV series that Sayantani Ghosh co-starred in:

Pile pile 2002
Comedy Circus 2007
Gare’ll 2008
Ignorance entered Ja 3 in 2009
Merry Ma 2012_2013
Mrs. Kochi Ki 2013_2014
Big Boss 8 2014
Mila 2015
Hai admission 2015
Cricket league square 2016
Jet Jae toh PIA Mori 2018
Fish ya Amrit 2019
Top Motion Pictures by Sayantani Ghosh
Uncle Raju in 2005
Nayak in 2005
Swapno in 2006
Sangharsha in 2006
Editor in 2013

Theatrical works in which actress Sayantani Ghosh participated
Ovee A haunted hostel

living a love affair with the handsome model
living a love affair with the handsome model
The beautiful Indian actress Sayantani
The beautiful Indian actress Sayantani
Indian actress beautiful Sayantani
Indian actress beautiful Sayantani
Information about actress Sayantani Ghosh
Information about actress Sayantani Ghosh
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