Sana Makbul, her husband, her religion is drama and biography

Sana Makbul, its nationality, its origins, and more information

Sana Makbul was born in Mumbai, India on June 13, 1993. She is 27 years old and has an Indian nationality, and she is a graduate of the National College, in India. Religion and marital status are unknown, and we will show her while accessing this information. Her profession is an actress, a model, and she started her activity. Technician in 2011 – until now.

Sana Makbul the beginning of her acting career

Actress Sana Makbul was born in Mumbai. Maharashtra. India and her mother was Melilla. Who studied and graduated from the National College.
She wished to become famous and a well-known star because she loved art since she was young and was able to fulfill her dream. So her artistic life first began in modeling and also appeared in advertisements and TV programs. In 2009, she appeared on the reality show MTV Scooty Teen Diva in India.

Then, she entered the world of acting and appeared in her first series. Ishaan: Sapno Ko Awaaz De. In a secondary role. Then she participated in the second season of the series Kitani Mohabbat Hai, and after that she presented the series Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? And in it. the character Lavanya Kashyap. She starred in the crime series and criminal investigations Arjun with the star Shalin Malhotra.

In 2014, she presented her first film. The Telugu movie Dikkulu Choodaku. in which she played the role of Samhitha. In which she played an exercise trainer character and a young man falls in love with her and his father also loves her. In 2017, she presented the Tamil movie. Rangoon. Directed by Rajkumar Pereyasamy. And also the movie Mama. Chandamama.

Sana Makbul the beginning of her acting career
Sana Makbul the beginning of her acting career

Dramas presented by the actress Sana Makbul

In 2010, she participated in the series Ishaan: Sapno Ko Awaaz De
2011 series Kittani Mohabbat Hay 2
2011 – 2012 series SB Pierre Ku Kia Nam Nam?
In 2012, she presented the series Arjun

2017 Aadat Se Majboor
Year 2019 – 2020 presented the series Poison
In 2012, she participated in Femina Miss India and won the title of Femina Miss Beautiful Smile.

Dramas presented by the actress Sana Makbul
Dramas presented by the actress Sana Makbul

Actress Sana Makbul in Aadat Se Majboor

It is an Indian comedy series written by Bharat Kokreti – Dinesh Brigidier / and directed by Ambal Thakur, And starring Rishab Chadha – Sana Makbul – Vanchika Sharma – Anuj Pandit Sharma – Anant Mahadevan – Haresh K Raut – Pratek Barihar – Shekhar Shukla with other stars.

The story of the series revolved around five young men who work for a magazine publishing company in the same place. And these young men from different personalities are Sony. JD. Ranjan. Raya – and Sam. Actress Sana Makbul is the character of Raya Tutiga and this company they work in turns them from friends to Enemies because of competition at work, and you create many hostile situations between them. so they become the five enemies.

Actress Sana Makbul in the series Arjun

Arjun also known as \ Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek-Arjun. is an Indian television series. The series written by Jules Khan and directed by Gorky Max and consists of 2 seasons. And staring more than 50 artists. including Shalin Malhotra – Behzad Khan – Sanaa Moqbel – Sheetal Shah – Ketan Karande – Ritu Chauhan – Karuna Verma and others.

The series belongs to the crime-thriller mystery drama and its story revolves around. Arjun Raut. a rebellious policeman accused in the case of the brutal murder of his wife Roshni. He is arrested and transferred to the Emergency Task Force (ETF) to investigate the crime and deals with Arjun’s personal life. The case study consists of Raya. Who is represented by actress Sanaa Maqbou Sakshi Samir, Aisha, Shri, Lisa, and Choto.

The series also discusses many issues and crimes that occur in society and threaten its security. Including human trafficking crimes. Organ trade, kidnapping and honor crimes.
Actress Sana Makbul in the series Katani Mohabbat Hay 2 \ O (How Much I Love You 2).

Actress Sana Makbul in the series Arjun
Actress Sana Makbul in the series Arjun

About the series Arjun

It is an Indian series that tends to romantic drama and is written by Divya Nidhi Sharma – Sampur Anand – Prashant Pat – and Gitanshu Dey. Directed by Raheeb Siddiqui. Aniroda Rajderkar. Gito Arora and the series starring a large group of stars. including Karan Kundra – Kritika Kamra Laughlin Kaur Sasan – Sana Khan – Priya Chauhan – Himakshi Eugene.

And the story of this series tends to be drama and suspense in its events. As it is a conflict between two families. One of them is a prominent family and has its place in society, and it is one of the top policemen and the law. The other family is a criminal family in the world of crime and illegal things. Revolving around a young girl is I show Ahluwalia. Who is a spoiled girl. Who belongs to a prominent family. All members of this family work in the police. While her father works in the lawyer, and he is a famous lawyer and has his stature.


On the other hand. Young Arjun Singania is an orphan who was adopted by Rudra Singania when he was young and raised him as his son. But he taught him with him to help him in the world of crime. One time he asked him to kidnap Arohi to fall in love and marry her. But her family searches for her and finds her Quickly. The identity of Arjun and his criminal records are revealed. After which Arjun gets engaged to a silly young Cheeku and when he gets to know Arjun. He sends his pregnant sister to Arjun to convince her of Arjun’s love for her. But she is expelled from the house and treated cruelly.

This causes her to miscarry. So Arjun wants to take revenge. He does a criminal thing with Arohi until he forces her to marry him and leave her in the scandal. Over time. a love story arises between them amid many difficulties. And you discover through events that Arjun’s grandfather “Dado” had previously caused the death of Arjun’s mother. And when he learns he decides to kill him and goes to him. But retracts the killing at the last moment in a fit of crying But his elder brother Mikhail shoots Dadu. And Arjun is arrested but proven innocent.

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