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the star Saleh Badamji, when he was born, how old he is now, and when his artistic career began. For each fan of the star, this is a detailed report on all the details and information related to him about his religion, his nationality, his astrological sign and his communication sites, his works and the secrets of his personal life His artistic career, upcoming projects, his academic qualification, special details about his life, and a collection of personal photos of him.

Salih Bademci origin, religion, nationality, age,  studies

The handsome artist Salih Bademci is a Turkish television actor, cinema and theater. He was born on August 15, 1984, in a city in Izmir, Turkey. He is currently 35 years old. Furthermore, he belongs to mixed race and holds Turkish nationality and his religion is Islam. Saleh belongs to the birth of Leo. He studied Saleh and graduated from Bornova Anatolia High School, graduated from Istanbul State University Conservatory, where his professional and artistic career began in 1994.

The handsome Turkish actor Salih Bademci has perfect physical features and white skin tone however, the actual measurement of his height is 174 cm and his weight is 74 kg he has brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Regarding his talent, playing bodybuilding games, carrying weights and exercising regularly to keep his body healthy, he loves to travel, ride horses, raise cats, and he loves to cook and taste for his loved ones. Baked sea bass with spinach filling is one of the dishes that he makes beautiful.

The social networking Saleh Badamji Bademci Bademci

Salih Bademci and more details on his biography

Salih Bademci is a Turkish actor who was born on the 15th of August 1984 in Izmir Province, Turkey. He studied at Bornova Anatolian High School in Izmir and then moved to Istanbul, completed his university studies, obtained a bachelor’s degree, and began providing technical consultations at the age of ten, and played a role in many dramas and dramas.

His mother wanted to become a lawyer and she was very passionate about the army after he graduated from high school. He said: I love this system. When you see where a soldier’s life is, I want to do all the work.

His career as Salih Bademci acting

Acting began in 1994 with the role of a child in the movie “Mıymülüklar Kraları”. In 2007, he had his first acting experience on television with the character “Muzaffar” that he portrayed in the TV series “Elveda Rumeli”.

In 2007

, he presented a role in the series (Prada), and the series revolves around a group of young upper-class friends who met in a bar for a friend, and when they left the bar they were threatened by five people for peace while in detention, these people tortured and raped them without any reason .

He was also famous for showing the role of the oppressed young man, Ghassan, as he was trying to win the heart of his beloved Nevin, but to no avail, but with the passage of time he continued to love sincerely and sincerely, stay with her until the Turkish drama succeeded and the audience – especially the Arabs – showed their strong sympathy for the character and beloved Saleh.


He appeared in the Turkish drama “Fateh” in 2013, which is a historical drama inspired by the life of the Ottoman Emperor Muhammad Ali, but there are only five episodes of the work, and he still plays a supporting role, including his character in (Ixec), which is also a historical series, the events of which revolve around This period from 1981 to 1984, during this period, and the military coup on September 12th.

After that, he played a lukewarm police role in the romantic comedy “Ya Istanbul”, and then, in 2015, he co-starred with superstar Ilşın Sanjo and star Barış Aradık, in the Turkish youth drama “Love for Rent”.

The series “Love for Rent” revolves around the hero Omar, and Omar’s uncle’s wife tries to marry him in order to fulfill his grandfather’s conditions so that he does not sell the palace, but Omar evades and refuses every time. Uncle Nariman’s wife agreed to pay Dima in exchange for Omar’s love for Omar.

Then many things happened, Omar really fell in love with her in an event that was not without comedy, but she always felt remorse and tried to tell him the truth in several cases, but until the date of their marriage arrived. She could not do that, and Dima dared to tell him the truth before the marriage contract, so Omar disappeared before marriage. Then he went to Italy and left everything behind.

In the second part, Dima’s working conditions changed in another company, and suddenly Omar returned to comedy, and newcomers joined the series and had a great influence on the course of the event. The big effect gets more and more interesting, but it still maintains its comic and exciting nature.

His series in 2017

In 2017, he presented the championship of the Turkish series, The Bride of Istanbul, with a group of the most prominent Turkish artists, namely the artist Ozjan Deniz, Asli Enver, Ipek Bilgin, Furat Tanis, Dilar Aksayk, Guven Murad Akpinar, Neslihan Yildan.

The Istanbul series “Bride of Istanbul” was built around the Buran family in both Istanbul and Bursa. This wealthy family is considered one of the oldest and most authentic families in Bursa. The family consists of Mrs. Asma Buran and her sons Faruk Fikret, Murad and Osman. The series embodies Farouk and his life / the distinguished relationship between the sisters The three, and the series also tells the love story of Faruk and the Istanbul girl, Soraya, together in an interesting romantic and social background.

Wife of Salih Bademci

Actor Salih Bademci got married on August 19, 2015, engaged in December 2014, and the couple was together for four years. The couple also appeared in the series Istanbul’s Bride, Become a Father in April 2020. The couple called their daughter “Al Manakh”.

He spends more free time with his wife there is no night life where he says I’m sitting on the Anatolian side, and my friends are upset because I don’t go to that side and join them, it’s very difficult to cross the European side I feel like I’m traveling from one end to the other in the city, not like I’m traveling Intercity That’s why I can’t go into nightlife much, I’m lonely.

TV Series

2017/2019 – Istanbul Bride Fikret Buran
2015/2017 – Love Hire / Sinan
2014/2015 – Ulan Istanbul / Sehun
2014 – Olive Hill / Akin Karatay
2013 – Fatih / Shehzad Bayezid (mini-series)
2010/2011 – Time is ticking by Hakan Tatlioglu
2007/2009 – Elvida Rumeli / Muzaffar

the movies

2017- Cereyan / Young
2015- Dog / Hakan
2015- The Missing Persons
2013- Among Friends / Peace
Power 2012- Farewell (short film)
2007 – In Stripe / Sync
1994 – The King of Struggle (guest actor)


2020- Fanatic
2018- Screenplay
2015- Another Hansel and Gretel story
2014 – Impact
2014- Big Shot
2012- List of crimes of my mother / director
2011 – Oriental dentist – Istanbul City Theater
2010 – Fire Face – black, white, and color
2009 – Stingy – City Players.

Salih Bademcis kids
Salih Bademcis kids
The social networking Saleh Badamji
The social networking Saleh Badamji
Salih Bademci and his wife
Salih Bademci and his wife
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