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story of the Turkish series Sakli the hidden

The Turkish series Sakli, one of the series on the Blue TV platform. Starring Hazar Ergüçlü, Virat Celik and Devne Kaylar. Let’s know together the story of the Sakli series, its heroes, and the story of the work in detail. Lots of information about the story of the Turkish series Sakli.

Is Sakli a romantic drama?

SAKLI is a new Turkish series that is scheduled to be shown on the Blu platform in July 2021. That is, it is one of the Turkish series for summer. Filming of the first action scenes began in May 2021 and will be ready for the show in July. And about the quality of the series, it is a romantic drama.

Blutv, a digital platform, is planning to enter the new season with a very ambitious series. This platform, where highly-rated TV series such as Unfinished Love, Respect and Zero Bir are broadcast, is preparing to meet us with very ambitious series in the new season. One such ambitious TV series is The Hidden. The series did not really attract attention with its impressive subject matter. We will introduce the cast of the TV series Hidden, one of the new BluTv series, and explain the topic and broadcast date of the highly anticipated series.

Sakli the hidden
Sakli the hidden

What is the story of the Turkish series Sakli?

The plot of the series will be strong and unusually strong with a lot of energy from professional Turkish drama stars, a writer trying to write his first book and a painful young woman will tell him about the forbidden love she lives in a small holiday town, the screenwriters of the TV series Hidden are Deniz Akshay and Armagan Gulshahin.

The biggest reason why the hidden series is so intriguing and curious is the interesting subject matter of the series. The series begins when a grieving woman and writer attempts to write her first book. . A passionate forbidden love begins between the writer and the woman, and they meet in a small resort whose wounds heal the woman, and this forbidden love will be the subject of the series.

Hazar Ergüçlü joined the cast of the hidden TV series Hazar Ergüçlü joined the cast of the hidden TV series. Hazar Ergüçlü has been included in the series, which is produced by May Production, directed by Omur Atay and starring Virat Celik and Defne Kayalar. Hazar Ergüçlü struck a new deal before Alev Alev ended and joined the cast of Hidden TV.

Who are the heroes of the hidden series?

Hazar Ergüçlu
Defne Kayalar
Enver Ceylan
Firat Celik
Emre Cambel
Firat Çelik, Defne Kayalar and Hazar Ergoglu are the heroes of our series. Each of them has a number of strong experiences. They are bundled together in this powerful drama. The cast of the TV series Saklı, which will appear on Blue TV screens in July 2021, has been announced. The Hidden TV series, produced by May Production and directed by Umur Atay, will be adapted from the American TV series The Affair. Affair has aired for 5 seasons and 53 episodes..

frat chlik

The hero of our first series Firat Çelik, born on March 25, 1981 in Germany, is in his forties. Firat Çelik who participated in many plays in Paris and what is Fatmagül’s fault in Turkey? He gave life to the characters of Asrın in Mustafa Gönül’s series and Mete in the Poyraz Karayel series. Firat Çelik is 1.75 cm tall and has a fit body. Virat Celik and Defne Kayalar will give life to a happy couple in the hidden TV series.

Turkish star Firat Celik was born on March 25, 1981. He was born in Ostfelden, in the Federal Republic of Germany. His presence in the world was filled with travellers, his parents traveled to the Federal Republic of Germany before his birth and he was born there. As soon as 9 years of his life, a father and his family arrived in Turkey again. Consequently, the star, Firat Çelik, accompanied his family to the state of the French Republic and they all lived in Paris. Çelik studied at the Drama Institute in Paris, in the French Republic, and then continued to graduate university in dramatic acting. In 2010, Firat Çelik married the Turkish artist Saadeh Aksuri.

Defne Kayalar

One of the heroines of the Mokhtafa series, Turkish actress, Dafna Kaylar was born on May 7, 1975, in the Turkish city of Izmir? She is an active television and film actress.

She studied and graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts at Baklint University. She began her career in the professional world once in 2003 in the Turkish series Al-Shafaq, and in 2004 she acted in a film work “Eram” when she stared, and thus appeared in the series Al-Sakakin in the year 2010, which was the beginning of its launch as a star And she played an important role in the series Madd and Jazr, but her highest role was in the series (Love for Rent).

The director of the Turkish series “Mad Jazr” Ali Bilgin married the Turkish star, Dafna Kayalar, one of the heroines of the series Thilth Sa’a, and therefore in a secret and family celebration, as they kept the news of their marriage, and then decided to publicly notice the news yesterday, according to the Turkish website Sözcü.

the heroes of the hidden series
the heroes of the hidden series

It is reported that Kaylar had previously played a minor role in the series Med-Jezr, and she got to know Bilgin in that effort, noting that the 2nd season of Tide-Jezr is being released in the current time on the Turkish Star TV channel.

Defne Kayalar has recently appeared in online series like Competition, Hakan: Guard, and Bir Ba;kadır and has loved digital technology. Defne Kaylar, born on May 7, 1975 in Ankara, is 46 years old. Defne Kayalar, best known for her role as Sedef in the TV series Medcezir, graduated from Bilkent University’s Department of Graphics. Defne Kayalar married director Ali Bilgin last year. Defne Kayalar is 1.74 meters tall and weighs 59 kilograms.

Hazar Ergoclo

Hazar Ergüçlü, who will start filming the hidden TV series with the conclusion of the Elif Alif series. She was born in Cyprus on January 1, 1992. Hazar Ergoclu is 29 years old. Hazar Ergüçlü, who was very popular with her outstanding acting performance in the Medcezir series appeared and started her fame in the market. Recently in series like Hakan Guard, Ahlat Tree, Analar Anneler and High Society. Hazar Ergüçlü plans. Who is 1.68 meters tall and 54 kilograms, to marry Onur urnlü soon.

Hazar Ergüçlü was born on January 1, 1992, north of Nicosia, Cyprus, which is in the north and has a presence in the world for 28 years. She belongs to Turkish nationality. As for her religion, it is Islam. She weighs 45 kg and is 170 cm tall. Her eye color is black and her hair color is black. Her astrological sign is Capricorn. She began her artistic career in Acting in 2010, she is best known for her performance in the Turkish series, Return of Muhannad, in the drama series Midd Jazr, and for the role of Jansu in the Velvet Tabqa series.

When will the hidden series be shown?

Blutv, a digital platform with highly successful TV series, has made a name for itself with a very successful series in the new season. One of these series is the Hidden series. She managed to attract attention thanks to the script of the series, which has not yet been clarified. The highly anticipated series plans to meet the public on Blutv in July 2021.

In this thread, we have examined and explained closely the cast of Hidden TV series, one of the newest BluTv TV series, the release date and the topic of the series. You can also tell us what you’re wondering about the topic and your opinions in the comments section below.

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