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The star Rüzgar Aksoy Rüzgar Aksoy, information and a detailed report on his religion, family, wife and nationality, complete information about his family, his artistic career and the most important works he presented in series and films, and a set of new and exclusive pictures of him, and his official social networking sites.

Date of birth: January 5, 1981
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey
Age: 39 years old
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Eye color: brown
Hair color: Black
Academic qualification: Graduated from Halic University
Marital Status: Unmarried
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Turkish artist Rüzgar Aksoy started acting in 2010
Awarded Art / Afife Theater Award 2013 “Most Successful Musical Actor of the Year in a Supporting Role”

Information and complete details about Actor Rüzgar Aksoy

Rüzgar Aksoy Rüzgar Aksoy was born on January 5, 1981, in Istanbul, a graduate of the Department of High Institute of Halic University. After his first acting experience in 2010, he played the Adhanali series, and on November 7, 2008, he began publishing a work and a Turkey movie in this type of TV series.

The first season is complete and season

The second in Oktay Kinarga Adana segment. Muhammad Akif Al-Accourt morbid Ali and Salim Demiratar disguising that they are sharing starring roles.

In Episode 47 (Season 2). It revolves around Mirz Ali (Muhammad Akef Al-Accourt) who is the leader of the largest criminal gang in Istanbul. No matter how bad the person and gang they do with the gang they created. They don’t show them the face of the day. However. the police. who see Mirz Ali and his gang as a very large criminal organization. Summons Adanali (Oktay Kaynarca). Who was serving in Istanbul but was later assigned to Izmir. And the adventure begins.

Ruzgar Akoy played a role in the Türkan Turkan TV series as Haydar Türkan 2010 TV series Oya Yüce wrote the script and was produced by Ata Türkoğlu. The series aired on Kanal D between September 23. 2010 and April 14. 2011.

The series moved to the screens with episode 26. The Turkish series Turkan is a biographical series that tells the story of a famous Turkish woman named Turkan. a woman who devoted her life to serving humanity and helping women not only in Turkey but in various countries of the world. she is a famous and successful scientist who helped stop the war and uncover its ugliness. and some consider her an angel who came From heaven to save humanity.

He played in several Turkish series and films. The Outpost. My Mother Sleeping. Ya Nermin. and The Journey of Yunus Emre Askin. Which was published on Turkish and Arab TV screens.

He participated in the crew of the series Face to Face. starring Cinem Kopal and Birkan Sokolu. this series belongs to both romance and action. and it is a Turkish series translated into Arabic and began its showing in October 2017. In the police secretly at times in order to arrest the elements of corruption.

the reality of Gino’s work is completely different from that which everyone thinks. Both Gino and Selyha do not know the truth of each other. and events continue between them. and the secrets. mysteries and mysteries of the series. Rüzgar Aksoy. who is one of the chief commissioners in the robbery division. is Rüzgar Aksoy who loves Saliha but is one-sided love even though he does a lot to win her heart.

Tarik in the series Kara Sevda
Tarik in the series Kara Sevda

The most important works of Turkish artist Rüzgar Aksoy in films series and plays


2007-2009 Adhanali Farouh
2008 bird
2010-2011 Turkan
2012 My Mother Is Sleeping Series
2016 The Journey of Yunus Emre Askin
2015-2017 Blind Love Tariq
2017 rare face to face
2018 Big Big Lies
2019 Once Upon a Time Çukurova
2020- Ramon Khalifa


Discovery Canakkale (2018)
Are You With Me (2014)
2011 Outpost – Movie
2014 Hey Nermin Movie Trt 1

Some plays

2018 Discovery
Cost / Victor – 2017
Police – 2015
Art / Evan – 2012
Just a week

Tarik in the series Kara Sevda

It is a Turkish television series that is classified among the romantic drama series. and it is one of the productions of the Moon TV and Film Production and Distribution Company. which is one of the most prominent television production companies in Turkey.

The series premiere took place on October 15. 2015 on STAR TV. where the season ended The first of the series was in June 2016, and it consists of 35 episodes. While the second season of the series Blind Love was shown in September 2016 and it consists of 39 episodes. The series Blind Love has achieved wide successes and very high viewing rates. And translated in many countries around the world.

The series revolves around Kemal (Burak Ozjevit). who is a poor young man. and Nihan (Neslihan Atagul). Who is a rich girl. Kamal and Nihan fall in love with each other. and on the other hand is a prince who is a rich and influential man who aspires to make Nihan fall in love with him. so he With his father’s help. beats her brother In the trap of a murder. and threatening her family to report the crime to the police if Nihan refuses to marry him.

Ruzgar Aksoy

The series Kara Sevda

This is what prompts Nihan to refuse to marry Kamal and marry Amir. Kamal travels to a place far from his family and sweetheart Nihan to work as an architect during this period. Kamal was able to save the life of the owner of the company at risk after the collapse of the mine in which he was present.

He decided to register half of the company’s shares in his name. and this happened despite Kamal’s disapproval. After 5 years of travel. Kamal returns to seek revenge on Nihan. And he suspects her marriage to him.

So he seeks to find out the reason for her marriage to a prince. So Nihan confesses to him everything and assures that he will save her from her captivity and her marriage to a prince and that Nihan’s brother is not a killer. But this is a trap set by a prince and in the meantime he gets to know Kamal He gets into many mafia characters and gets involved in business. And in the meantime Nihan and Kamal decide to escape and live their love story. Far from Amir.

Brother Nihan is married to Kamal’s sister, and they fled together. But Kamal’s sister betrays Nihan’s brother and lives with Amir and informs Amir of their whereabouts. Amir comes to Nihan and threatens her to kill Kamal if she does not come back with him and returns with him and tells Kamal that she hates him and tries to love Amir in order to protect Kamal and then Kamal turns To justice. Uzan (Nihan’s brother) goes to prison.

Nihan begins with anger at Kamal. The assistant of Amir Tufan sends pictures of Amir and Zainab to Uzan in prison and he gets very upset and sits screaming and crying and goes to the hospital due to poisoning from his prince and Amir was trying to get him out of prison and smuggle him. and when he learned from Zainab that he knew about them. he decided to change the plan, and he helps Kamal’s brother unintentionally by killing Ozan.

Nihan searches for her brother’s killer with Kamal’s help until Kamal discovers that his brother Akram Aoun. Nicknamed Tarik Suwaidi. is an Uzan killer and hands him over to the police. And Kamal grieves for his brother a lot. The story ends with the death of Amir and Kamal at the same time when a grenade exploded. and Nihan mourns the death of Kamal.

The series Kara Sevda
The series Kara Sevda
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