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Merve Dizdar Biography, Age, Husband, Religion, Full Information Merve Dizdar is one of the stars of art and acting. She has a large audience. Let’s get to know Merve Dizdar, her religion, her nationality, her age. A lot about her personal life, where she was born and raised. Who is her husband and does she have children? When did you start acting? And what are her new exclusive works.

Information about Merve Dizdar

Place of birth: Izmir – Turkey
Merve Dizdar Nationality: Turkish Nationality
Merve Dizdar’s birthday: June 25, 1986
Age of Merve Dizdar: 34
Merve Dizdar’s religion: Muslim
Merve Dizdar’s husband: Altundassar (2018-present)

Merve Dizdar’s religion is as old as its origins

Marwa Dezdar is a TV drama star who gained great fame in the series The Miracle Doctor and the Apartment of the Innocents. She was able to build her a large and different fan base. By presenting her for a number of different successful TV shows. Hence, she became a sought-after screen star in many businesses. Murphy was born in Izmir in 1986. Her religion is Islam. Her height is 164 cm, and her weight does not exceed 55 kg. Eye color hazel and hair black. I graduated from Canakkale University Fine Art School March 18. Acting Department (Canakkale Onsekiz Mart Universitesi Guzel Sanatlar Fakultesi Oyunculuk Bolumu). She also earned a master’s degree in acting.


Merve Dizdars birthday June 25 1986
Merve Dizdars birthday June 25 1986


Merve Dizdar her husband and her personal secrets


The artist was married to Görhan Altundassar in 2018 until the present year. It was the result of a great love story between them. The ceremony was delicate, elegant and simple, attended by a number of friends and relatives. We note that the star started her career as an actress on stage with Simavir Compania and later at Kraft Theatre. While participating in many plays. Merv Dezdar has also participated in television projects. She worked as a presenter for children’s programs named Arkadasim Bidi and 23 Nisan Senligi in the Turkish channel TRT Cocuk.


Merve Dizdar her husband
Merve Dizdar her husband


Actress Merv Dezdar took the first step towards marriage with a ceremony held between Gurhan Altundassar, who had been in love for a long time. Dzdar, who shared the photos of the engagement ceremony on her social media account, expressed her feelings with the following words: Great feeling, great memory… the most precious way… the best of new beginnings, our path is always full of love, respect and happiness. I love you so much, my fiancé…”

The star said when she was a guest on one of the Turkish channels that her husband, Görhan Altundassar, fell in love with her at first sight. She said: He fell in love with me at first sight. We were in the same game. “If he didn’t lie,” he said, “that’s what happened.” Merve Dizdar, said that her husband, Görhan Altundassar, fell in love with her after watching her on stage. She said that she had a mistress at the time and was not interested in anyone else. Nothing happened between the two who coincided with the same play in the theater. Because the couple had lovers back then. However, after a while, Görhan Altundassar left his lover. Merv Dezdar mentioned that falling in love with each other suddenly developed during the match. The famous couple wore their engagement rings in March 2018. Again, in September of the same year, they got married in Izmir. The famous couple wore their engagement rings in March 2018. Again, in September of the same year, they got married in Izmir.



her husband
her husband


Merve Dizdar Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Our star is very active on social media. Especially on Instagram. She constantly publishes her pictures and pictures of her new work as a form of advertising. We also see pictures of her as a child, accompanied by her father and mother. She publishes wonderful pictures of her childhood and her husband, and her followers always interact with her. We also mention the joining of Merv Dezdar, who recently joined the cast of Doctor Miracle and gave life to the character Damla, who teased the audience with her cunning to be successful. Very nice moves Merv Dzdar’s husband is Görhan Altundassar, who plays the character Necdet in the sketch “Opening the Door” from the second team.

Actress Merve Dizdar Beginning and Career

Murphy began her career on stage by joining Semaver and continued it at Craft Theatre. Dizdar made her cinematic debut with A Voice Divides the Night alongside Cem Davran and continued her television career with recurring roles in the Kavak Yelleri series, Extended Family, On A Pillow, Nineties, Crazy Dershane Üniversite, and was first noted with every role in Five Brothers. She also worked for TRT Children, where she presented the programs My Friend Badi and April 23 Towards the Festival.

Merve Dizdar’s Works, Movies & TV Shows

One of the most important works of the artist is the series The Miracle Doctor, which appeared in the role of “Damla”  who started hurting anyone and doesn’t pity them in order to be the best, to Tanju Hodja that Nazli and Ali Viva were in love. Learning this, on the other hand, Farman Khoja besieged his dimple and was afraid to talk about what would happen to her if she “offended his assistants”. Merve Dizdar, who attracted attention with her successful acting, was a matter of curiosity. Here are the unknowns about Merv Dezdar… Merv Dezdar was born on the 25th of June 1986 in Izmir. After graduating in the Department of Acting from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Faculty of Fine Arts, she completed her Master’s degree in Advanced Acting Program at Kadir Has University. She started her theatrical career with Simavir Compania and continued at Kraft Theatre. She made her cinematic debut with Jim Davran in The Voice that Divides the Night. It also hosted TRT’s children’s programs, Siddiqui BD and April 23, towards the festival.

One of the wonderful works she is currently participating in is the series “Innocent Apartment” and plays the role of a mentally ill girl. She has involuntary urination. She lives with the rest of her family, who are mentally ill with hygiene. A series of series with a great viewership. A new and different story with a mixture of drama, romance and psychological states. The series shows how a mental illness destroyed a person’s life and did not make him able to complete his normal life because of it. The importance of going to a psychiatrist when you find yourself obsessed with something unusual.

Her series, movies

Kuru Otlar Ustune (filming) Untitled Ersan Kuneri Project (TV Series) (filming) Lovers of the Other Side (Short) 2020-2021 Masumlar Apartmani (TV Series) 2021 Sen Hiç Atesböcegi Gördün mü? 2020 Mucize Doktor (TV Series) 2020 Eltilerin Savasi 2019 Çok Güzel Hareketler 2.Kusak (TV Series) 2019 Bir Ask Iki Hayat 2019 Alice Müzikali 2018 My Name is Batlir, not Butler 2017-2018 Vatanim Sensin (TV Series) 2017 Yüz Yüze (TV Mini Series) 2017 7YUZ (TV Mini Series) 2017 Körfez 2017 Organik Ask Hikayeleri 2016 Yok Artik 2 2015-2016 Kertenkele (TV Series).

2015 Yeni Hayat (TV Movie) 2015 Bes Kardes (TV Series) 2015 Kirgin Çiçekler (TV Series) 2014 Çilgin Dersane Üniversitede (TV Series) 2013-2014 Doksanlar (TV Series) Mandira Insanlar 2012 Bir ses böler geceyi 2010-2011 Kavak Yelleri (TV Series).