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Pratibha Ranta is the heroine of Qurbaan Hua

Date of birth: 17 – December 2000
Age 2020: 20 years old
Place of birth: Shimla – Himachal Pradesh, India
Nationality: Indian
Religion: Hinduism
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Weight: 55 kg
Height: 165 cm
Eye color: black
Hair color: Black
Academic qualification: University of Mumbai – Usha Praveen Gandhi College
Marital Status: Unmarried
Hobbies: acting – dancing – traveling.

Pratibha Ranta’s upbringing and family life

She is a TV actress. The Indian actress Pratiba was born in India in the Shimla region. Himachal Pradesh. Her father is Rajesh Ranta, and the mother is Shandeshna Ranta. Of Indian origin.

The artist. Pratipa. Received her education in the early stages at the Monastery of Jesus and Mary and enrolled in her university education at Usha Praveen Gandhi College. Department of Management in Mumbai. Then entered the film industry department of the same college and joined the Shimla Dance Center to teach dance and became a professional dancer. the artist Pratiba is currently living With her older sister Abha Ranta in Mumbai to pursue her studies and artworks.

Pratibha Ranta boyfriend
Pratibha Ranta boyfriend

Pratibha Ranta TV series

She is a beautiful and delicate artist with a delicate sense and talented since her childhood and loves art. Especially acting. She dreamed of becoming a famous artist and star and pursued her dream to achieve it. The artist Pratiba began to participate in acting since she was a little girl in school. So she participated as an actress in the work of plays At the school. in 2018 the artist. Pratiba. Participated in the Miss Mumbai contest and won the title and became Miss Mumbai.

Pratipa also participated in the Indian Hip Hop Dance Championship with the band Meeker and the group won the silver yanks’ medal in the championship and also won many dance competitions in Himachal Pradesh.

Pratibha Ranta TV series
Pratibha Ranta TV series

The actress Pratiba

Moved to Mumbai to study filmmaking there and completed her studies in 2019 and began her artistic career from Mumbai. Where after moving to Mumbai a few months later. She was nominated for the Qurbaan Hua series and was the starring role in the series.

The actress Pratiba says about herself after being nominated for the title role in her first work that she is lucky, and it is considered a great honor for her to have the role of the main actress in a series after coming to Mumbai within months.

Shahat is the heroine of Qurbaan Hua

It is an Indian series that was shown in India on February 17. 2020. also known as Qurbaan Hua and shown on the Zee channel. The series was co-written by a group of authors. Shilpa Jatar – Gaurav Sharma – Zuhair Sheikh Samir Garoud and directed by Tabriz Khan. Produced by House Media Sonali Jafar and Amir.

Karan Guttwani – Pratibha Ranta starred in her first roles – Barakh Madan – Sonali Nikam – Nitin Bhasin – Neelam Pathania – Nishad Vaidya – Alisha Parvin.

It is a series that tends to romance and the events of the Qurbaan Hua series revolve around a strange relationship between a young man named Neal and a girl named Shahat. who is embodied by the artist Pratibha Ranta. The young Bill works as a cooking chef and has one sister who loves her very much more than his soul and is ready to sacrifice himself from Put it off.

qurbaan huaon zeetv
qurbaan huaon zeetv

The girl. Shahat. is from a prominent family in the community. So her father works as a famous doctor in a hospital. One day. The young man’s sister. Neal. Has an accident and moves after him to the hospital in which the girl’s father works. After entering the operating room. She dies and Neil enters a state of shock and shock.

He decides to take revenge on the doctor. Believing that he was the cause of her death. So he proposes marriage to his daughter. Shehat. And he accepts and the marriage is between them for a purpose other than love. And she helps her father escape from the city until she can prove his innocence.

But what is unexpected happens is that with the passage of time they fall in love with each other and a strong love story arises between them. But this love will remain or end and their relationship will continue to take revenge on some of them. This is what the events of the series reveal and the follow-up of his story.

Since its release in India. This series has achieved great success and has received high viewing rates and the audience’s attachment to the story and events of the series and their association with it because it is an interesting story.

Her role in the series Qurbaan Hua

The character of Shahat in the series that she embodies is a strong and fierce character who bears many responsibilities and sacrifices a lot for others and is not afraid of anyone and a very modest character. Says that she felt the feelings of Shahat in the series and put herself in her place and asked herself what she feels if Her father’s name was misrepresented and stained and people mocked him.

She became very sympathetic to Shahat’s character in everything she was exposed to in her life, and it was an honor for her to have her first dramatic work with this character. The audience knows her and sympathizes with her very much. In the series. She did not expect to succeed in this great way.

The lover and husband of Pratibha Ranta the heroine of Qurbaan Hua

The artist Pratiba is not linked emotionally with anyone. And she does not have a strong friendship with anyone. As she is still young. So she focused in the last period on her studies and was associated with artistic projects after her direct study and obtaining her first work in a starring role that made her work to choose her next artistic work. Very carefully so that you can preserve what you achieved in his first works
We wish the diligent artist Pratibha Ranta more success in her artistic career and in her private life.

The lover and husband of Pratibha Ranta
The lover and husband of Pratibha Ranta