Who is Ozlem Akinozu? husband, religion

1. What is the religion of Ozlem Akinozu?

Probably the Ozlem Akinozu Muslim religion.

2. Who is Ozlem Akinozu’s husband?

Ozlem Akinozu is married

3. What is the age of Ozlem Akinozu?

Age Ozlem Akinozu in 2021 : 57.

4. What is the length of Ozlem Akinozu?

Length 163 cm.

5. What is the date of birth of 0000?

October 13, 1964.

Ozlem Aquino, the capable Turkish actress, presented the role of Nermin in the series Good Land. Let’s know about her religion, is a Muslim or Christian, her age, date of birth, astrological sign, her daughter, who is she, her series, and the most prominent personalities that she provided complete information about her, her personal and professional life, and the beginning of her artistic career. We will present it to you through this article.

Religion Ozlem Akinozu Height Weight

Date of birth: October 13, 1964.
Place of birth: Ankara, Turkey.
Astrological Sign: Libra.
Nationality: Turkish.
Profession: Actress, voice performer.
Religion: Muslim.
Age in 2020: 56 years old.
Years of activity: from 2005 until now.
The beginning of the artistic career: It started in 2005.
Height: 163 cm.
Weight: 60 kg.
Her husband: Married.
Sons: Her daughter, Actress Akin Aknuzu.

Actress Ozlem Akinozu and her life story

The Turkish actress Ozlem Akinozu was born at the thirteenth of October and that in 1964, she is 56 years old and her astrological signal is Libra, Ozlem Akinozu turned into born in the city of Ankara in Turkey and holds Turkish citizenship, she lived her lifestyles years inside the city of Ankara,

she enrolled in Ahmed school Vivek Pasha elementary, Boxlice private college for Secondary education, then she enrolled in Hacettepe college in Ankara and graduated from the Conservatory of Theater branch. She began running inside the discipline of appearing overdue but participated in numerous various artistic endeavors. She married in 1989 and had her daughter, actress Akin Aknuzu.

Ozlem and her lover or husband

SHe married Turkish actress Ozlem Akinozu in 1989, had her simplest baby, Akin, who also labored inside the discipline of performing, and she changed into well-known for numerous awesome roles on the age of 30 years, who starred in the well-known Turkish collection “Trinity Flower”.

Turkish actress Ozlem Akinozu turned into appearing voiceover work in 1984 in some classified ads, and in 2003 she additionally provided audio performance for training CDs organized by using the Ministry of countrywide training for number one and secondary college students.

Her father is Suriya Arin, who became a narrator in movies and also makes voiceover in documentaries, and she discovered this from him, and he exceeded away in 1988, and he’s one of the first voice overall performance announcers as he was referred to as the father of Turkish documentary filmmaking.

Acting start

Ozlem Akinozu started acting in the acting field late after her graduation many years ago, she made her first role in 2005, and also participated in the phantom princess series in 2006, and her distinguished participation was in 2007 when she participated in the role of Nermin in the famous Turkish series The Good Land Or what was known as a unified Turkey, then its various artistic works continued.

The Good Land series is considered one of the most famous Turkish successful series, it was shown on Turkish screens in 2007 and continued in four consecutive parts and ended in 2011, the series is a Turkish historical romantic drama, the series was dubbed into the Syrian dialect and shown on MBC 4 And he won the admiration of the masses because he tells a wonderful story, the series revolves around the doctor Tariq Kaya, who comes to Istanbul after a long absence for 25 years because his mother gave him to a family of a military policeman to take care of him as a child because his family is in conflict with another family because of revenge, Doctor Tariq found himself in the conflict between the Turkish soldiers and the Kurdish fighters. Tariq loved the teacher Zainab, a girl from the rebellious family who intends to kill Tariq. The series tells the events of the conflict and the period in which terrorism swept through Turkish villages.

second part of the series witness an attempt to save Nermin, whose character embodies the capable Turkish actress Ozlem Akinozu, who falls into a terrorist organization and interferes with them in a conspiracy, which is an organization that seeks to include new elements after they burned some villages, during these events, Doctor Tariq discovers that his mother A fake, and he does not know who his real mother is, who left him to the family of the military officer in order to protect him from revenge, then the events follow, and the third and fourth season begins.

The series participated in the series, the Turkish actor Ozlem Akinozu who embodied the character of the doctor Tariq Kaya who loved the teacher Zainab, the Turkish actress Azji Sirtel who embodied the character of the teacher Zainab who loved Doctor Tariq, the Turkish actress Ozlem Akinozu who embodied the character of Nermin who joined the terrorist organization, the Turkish actor Suleiman Karadag, who embodies the character of Zidan, the Turkish actor Sabri Ozmenir, who embodies the character of Mahmoud Agha, the Turkish actress, Muschan Gonul, who embodied the character of Diala and others, the series written by Ali Kara.

Ozlem Akinozu Series Movies and TV Shows

She participated in the series “Sensiz Olmuyar”, which was shown in 2005 and was her first participation in Turkish television, and through which she embodied the character of Sama.

She participated in the series “The Phantom Princess”, which was shown in 2006, in which she portrayed the character of Sabha.

Participated in the series “Degla”, which was shown in 2007, in which she embodied the character of Rivnak.
She participated in a series called “Good Land” in which she embodied the role of Nermin, which was shown in 2007 and continued until 2011.

Participated in the series “One Turkey”, which was shown in 2014, in which she embodied the character Zulal.
She participated in the series “Tal Al Zaitoun”, as well as the series “Capital Cities”.
Participated in a series called “Bites Abdul Hamid”.


Participated in a movie called “You are Alone”.
She  participated in the movie “8 Seconds”.
Participated in the movie “Coming Home”.
She participated in the movie “Deliha” which was shown in 2018.

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