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Özgürcan Çevik  life, nationality, age and other details

The Turkish actor, Özgürcan Çevik, was born on May 27, 1981, was born in the city of Ankara, Turkey, and is now 39 years old, and his astrological sign is Aries, and his nationality is Turkish. As to his physical characteristics, his height is 1.82 cm and weight is 77 kg. The color of the eyes is blue and the hair is yellow. A graduate of Bikent University, Department of Radio and Television, and he also studied philosophy at Istanbul University. As for his profession, he is a Turkish actor and singer, and the beginning of his artistic career since 2004.

Who is Özgürcan Çevik?

The Turkish actor, Özgürcan Çevik, was born in Turkey from the origins of a Turkish family, so his father was called Zaki Jundi, while his mother, Nihal, was a police officer in the Turkish army and he had one sister named Ozge, and because of his family’s work, the Çevik family moved a lot and then returned again to Istanbul after the Marmara earthquake in 2003. 1999.

Özgürcan Çevik and the beginning of his career as an actor

Actor Ozgujan loves singing and acting from a young age, and he wanted to become a famous artist. Because he is a lover of art, so his talent was discovered for the first time as a singer in the talent competition Star Academy.,and he appeared in some films such as Küçük kiyamet. Inflame and let’s Sin in small roles.

Then he played various roles in Gece Sesleri. Season of Cherry. Kirgin Çiçekler. And in 2017 in the dramatic thriller Sincerity Bookmarks. Starring in front of Algi Eke. And in 2018 he participated in the movie Groom. Çevik also participated in many works Like European side. Kavak Yelleri. Night Voices. Balkan Wedding.

his singing activity

In 2008. He released his album Düş-ün-ce Thonou. In 2007 – 2008 he worked as a musician in the play Romantica.

Ozgujan Çivik net worth

He is one of the richest representatives of Turkey. with a net worth of nearly $ 13 million.
Actor Özgürcan Çevik and social media

The actor Özgügan loves to communicate with his fans and participate in them continuously through the communication sites. so he has about 260.000 followers on his account on the ozgurcan cevik website on Instagram.
Personal life of the artist Uzgügan Çivik

The handsome actor Ozgogan was romantically linked once. and then the separation occurred. and he is currently unattached and has no children.

The series of Özgürcan Çevik took the main role

2004. he participated in the foreign series The Groom as Niko Angelopoulos. where he played the Greek groom Niko. in which the Turkish bride Nazlı played the role of actress Nehir Erdoğan. In 2006, he participated in the Little Apocalypse (Snema Flm).

In 2007, he did the TV series Kavak Yelleri ?. in 2008 he participated in the series Night Sounds as Seyhan Akalın and also on the European side (Green Grocer) and participated in Val (Levent) animation.

2009 he worked in the TV series Balkan Wedding as (Omar). in 2010 he participated in the TV series I Can’t Live Without You.

In 2011. He played the TV series Mazi Jarrah in My Heart with the role of (Vert). in 2012 he participated in the series Layla and Maknoun as a longtime. Ozgur Jan Çivik plays the role of Akram in a series entitled Can Kırığı. where he plays Hande Doğandemir. Seçkin Özdemir. Funda Eryiğit and Alican Yüc

Özgürcan Çevik in the series The Stranger

It is a Turkish series that speaks Turkish in the Turkish language Yabancı Damat and speaks Arabic Al-Sihr Al-Gharib is a Turkish social drama television series. and it is different from other Turkish series because it is a romantic comedy drama. written by Sulhi Dolek. Selin Tunç and directed by Durul Taylan. Yağmur Taylan. Starring: Ozgur Cevik. Erdal Özyağcılar. Sumru Yavrucuk and other Turkish stars.

Actor Ozgurgan plays the hero of the series and his role is Habib Nazli

The story of the series revolves around an impossibly strong love story between a young man of Greek origins and a girl of Turkish origins. This girl escapes from her family’s house. and her name was Nazli in the series. Love and want to marry someone you know and live a love story with him.

So she decides to escape and leave her family and go to her closest friend in Bodrum. to start working in a hotel and her family is looking for her everywhere. During her trip in the strange country. Nazli meets a handsome young man named Nicola from a Greek family who immigrated from Istanbul to Athens. And it is located The two are in love.

On the other hand. Nazli’s family continues to search for her with her fiancé. and exciting events and details take place in the series
This series has achieved great success in the Syrian dialect in the Arab world. With its romanticism and humanitarian issues it discusses.

Özgürcan Çevik in the series Sad Flowers

The Turkish series Kırgın Çiçekler Kirgin Çiçekler is one of the most successful series in the Arab world, and in Turkey as well. Three seasons each season were shown a different interesting story and this is the secret of the success of the series. Çağla Irmak – Hazar Motan – Biran Damla Yılmaz – Gökçe Akyıldız.

The story of the Kırgın Çiçekler series revolves around five girls who live in an orphanage and are 16 years old.
The orphanage is called Küçüyülü in Istanbul. And it is located in the middle of the rich neighborhood.

These girls rise in one room and have a strong friendship and help each other. and each one of them has her dream. Ambition and goals that they want to reach despite the difficult circumstances in which they live.

During the events a problem occurs between them and the rich youth. In which the girls are accused of harassing these young men, and the girls try to prove the opposite and prove their innocence. “One of the mothers of the youth tries to enter the girls into the private school to cover the children’s labor. Protect them and not defame them. And preserve their reputation.

The director of the orphanage in which they lived was ruthless. Strict and stingy. But the assistant manager. Mrs. Farida. Was always kind to them and provided them with assistance at all times.

Özgür Çevik plays in the series the lover and husband of Farida’s assistant principal. And at the same time he is the teacher of sports for girls in the private school. To which they moved after the orphanage and has a calm personality, and helps Farida in her work related to the orphanage greatly.