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Eda Ece, the famous Turkish actress, her religion, nationality, date of birth, movies, series, age, lover or husband, complete information about her, her artistic career and her most important works through a complete report on her.

About Eda Ece

Date of birth: June 20, 1990
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey.
Eda Ece’s Nationality: Turkish.
Religion Eda Ece: Muslim.
Profession: Actress.
Height: 170 cm.
Weight: 49 kg.
Astrological Sign: Gemini.
Years of activity: from 2003 until now.
Age in 2020: 30 years.

Life Story of Eda Ece

Eda Ece. the famous Turkish actress. was born on the twentieth of June 1990 in the city of Istanbul in Turkey. Ida is considered one of the beauties of art in Turkey. She was born in a family consisting of a father. mother and three daughters. and she is the youngest daughter. She joined Sisli Progress High School and then studied at the University Istanbul Technical Department of Psychology and graduated from it. Eda Ece studied many languages ​​as she speaks English and German as well as Turkish in her mother tongue.

She loved art from her childhood and took courses in art history and then worked first in television programs then worked in theater and the first real appearance of her was On television through the series “The Seven Bads” in 2011. Then her work continued and became very famous when she presented a starring role in the series “For My Daughter” in 2013. Eda Ece does not like to talk about her personal life. But newspapers circulated soon the news of her separation from her lover player Famous basketball Burahan Tuncer.

The beginning of the artistic career of the Turkish actress Eda Ece

Eda Ece studied art history and worked in a television program as well as theater. Her first participation was to play a small role as a 13-year-old girl in the series “Life Sciences” in 2003. and then she began to shine in 2011 by embodying an important role in the series. The Turkish “The Seven Bad”. and the roles of the Turkish actress Eda Ece followed and presented a group of successful series as well as making films as well.

The most important works of Turkish actress Eda Ece


The series “Life Sciences” in 2003.
series “The Seven Bad”. which you presented in 2011.
The series “Love Me Like This” in 2014.
series “Marriage of Interest” in 2015.
The series “Forbidden Apples” in 2016.

The movies:

In 2013, she presented the movie “For My Daughter”.
2015 she presented a role in the movie “Talk Your Husband’s Way”.
In 2016. She presented the second part of the movie “Talk Your Husband’s Way”.
In 2017. She presented a role in the movie “My Grandfather’s Tales of Coruket”.

The role of Turkish actress Eda Ece in the series “Love Me Like This”

Eda Ece presented a starring role in the series “Love Me Like This” which was produced in 2013. Which is a romantic drama series that tells about the love story between Omar and Aysam who are studying at the university.

it is one of the most interesting series and co-starring alongside Eda Ece actress Zainab Kamse and the actor Albert Salderan. the series is directed by Levent Turkan director Kim Tabak.

The role of actress Eda Ece in the series “Marriage of Interest” in 2015

The series “Marriage of Interest.” or what is also known as “Complex Relationships”. is a romantic comedy series that depicts cases of love. friendship jealousy and misunderstanding. Which also ends with a happy ending. Veton is a girl who loves writing and strives to get her writing published and to become a famous writer. She meets Jan by coincidence. Jan loves Rafif and tries to declare his love to her. but she tells him that she does not love him but rather his friend Murad.

during a party where the four friends gathered. Rafif tried to go to Murad She confesses her love to him. but Murad replied her refusal and told her I do not love you. but Jan loves you. So Rifif went to Jean to tell him what happened. but he stopped her and admits in front of everyone with a surprise that he loves Foton and wants to propose to her. and from here the conflict begins and events are intertwined in a romantic comic framework until the series ends A happy ending in marriage.

Jan marries Veton and Murad from Rafif and the series ends. and the actress Serene Sheringy who embodies the character of Veton. actress Eda Ece who embodies the character of Rafif. the actor Pamir Baiken who embodies the character of Murad. The actor Berk Oktay the embodies the character of Jean.

Actress Eda Ece’s role in the series “Forbidden Apples” or “Forbidden Apples”

The successful series “The Forbidden Apples” takes place in Istanbul. where it tells the story of two sisters. Zainab Wildes. who live together in a popular neighborhood. but each has its own personality and different character. We find that Zainab represents the quiet. romantic character who is looking for the boy of her dreams and looking for sincere love.

while Yildiz is looking to marry a young man from a wealthy family to live with him in luxury and wealth. and the events follow with the presence of amazing surprises. and the series stars actress Sevda Irgensee. Onur Tuna. Eda Ece. who embodies the character of Yildiz. Sinan Iruلوlu. Talat Bulut. Sefal Sam and others.

Actress Eda Ece
Actress Eda Ece

Role of Actress Eda Ece in the 2013 movie For My Daughter

“For my daughter’s sake” is one of the most famous Turkish films. The film revolves around the hero. Tonga. who separates from his wife after they give birth to their daughter. Tuba. and both of them live in a house. while Tuba lives with her mother. And from here Tonga begins to feel the loneliness and need for his child.

Because He watches her play and has fun and grows up in front of him. so he tries to communicate with her and visit her. Then begins to approach her until he plans a wonderful trip for her and surprise her with it. And from here the events get more interesting. and he participates in the movie starring actress Eda Ece. Who embodies the role of the daughter Tuba. And the artist Yetkin Dikinsilar. who embodies the character of Father Tonga. Inci Torquay. who embodies the role of the mother.

Role of Actress Eda Ece in the 2016 movie “Husband’s Sister”

The series revolves around a romantic comedy framework. where it tells about Ahmed and his only sister. Yeliz. Who is very attached to her brother and wishes to live her life with him until Ahmed encounters a girl called Denise and a love story arises between them. but Yeliz tries his sister to spoil this relationship and the events follow. and the actor Borga participates in the starring Gulsoy as Ahmed. Actress Eda Ece as Denise. Actress Jobs Ozai as Blaise.

The Actress Eda Ece’s boyfriend

Although the actress Eda Ece is trying hard to hide her private life from social media. There is news about her separation from her beloved basketball player Burahan Tuncer. After they returned from spending their vacation in Bodrum. but the sites published that they did not justify the reasons.

Eda Ece, the Turkish actress. Who was famous for being one of the most beautiful artists in Turkey. Presented us with a successful and diverse group of works. And we provided all the information about her in these few lines.

The Turkish actress. Eda Ece. Shines in her most beautiful looks on her Instagram site. And we also offer you the most beautiful pictures of Eda Ece. Which she starred in on some occasions.