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The Turkish actress Ozge Gurel and a complete report on her personal life, the most important works she presented, her social networking sites, her nationality, religion, age, lover, height, weight, academic qualification, her favorite hobbies, and a new photo collection.

Personal details

Date of birth: February 5, 1987
Age: 32 years old
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Place of residence: Istanbul, Turkey
Religion: Christianity
Nationality: Turkish
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: brown
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Marital status: I have a relationship with the actor Serkan Shaioglu
When did she start her artistic career: She started her artistic career in 2010

Qualification – Academic: I graduated from the Department of International Trade at Beckett University
What is her favorite sport: swimming
What is her hobby: Her hobby is photography; eating cotton candy and sweets; drinking lemonade; playing the piano
Favorite Actors: Cate Blanchett; Penélope Cruz; Marion Cotillard; Javier Bardem; Gail Garcia Bernal and Melissa

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, Turkish actress Ozge Gurel

Facebook site: https://www.m.com/Özge Gürel
Instagram is: https://www.instagram.com/Özge Gürel
Twitter site: https://twitter.com/Özge Gürel

Boyfriend Ozge Gurel

Ozge and Serkan’s relationship is fine. Even as they appeared on Ozge’s 30th birthday in a very romantic way. My husband would not marry Serkan as she had stated that their relationship would remain the same in the coming period. In one of the interviews, Ozge indicated that the wedding date has not yet been set and is not Soon.

She also stressed that their relationship is thus going well. And they are happy with this emotional state now. Ozge added that she and Serkan are only interested in their artistic work. They will not marry as for her love story with the artist Serkan, they are the most loved couple by the Turks so far. The story of their love in the series Cherry Season.

They have become the most loved couple on screen and all of their followers hope to get married soon. They have been together for three years now. Are they getting married soon. And even though they started looking inside stores. But the news of their wedding has not been confirmed. They are only spending time. Most of their time together. On summer vacations they travel around the world and share pictures of themselves with their followers.

The most important works of the Turkish artist Ozge Gurel

I presented the role of (Zainab) in the series Where is my daughter, the series Peace Street and the Sultan’s Harem, in 2014 the series Tide and the series Cherry Season
The Turkish actress Ozge Gurel. Known as “Veton”, began her artistic career in 2010. To be famous in the year 2014 through the series “Cherry Season” with Serkanoglu.

Together with Nilberry Sahinkaya, Dagan Koyres, Nihal Izaixkan and Aras Aydin, she played Oiko, the girl who dreams of becoming a well-known fashion designer. She lives in a neighborhood with her mother and little brother. She gets to know Ayaz and tries to do anything to get him. The story of “Cherry Season” directed by Ozg Gül: After the success of this work, the producers began to flock to it.

Acting began in the year 2012 with his participation in small roles. However, coincidence combined him with a heroic role also with Veton in the series Self. To turn acting into true love, the Turkish series “Cherry Season” won great success among the audience due to the many funny scenes that permeate it.

In 2017,

she won the lead role in the Nujoom series Showhdy. The story of a girl who loves a singer named (Aras). She also has a beautiful voice. But her mother does not want her to become a singer. When she went to the party, her whole life changed. This work starred (Burke Kankat) – Kanan Ergüder – Masoud Acosta – Birkan Bulut – Merv Bulut – Della Danesman – Yilmaz Groda – Atakan Hosgorn – Asli Anandek – Erim Kahiaoglu – Nekati Kutlu).

She played the female lead in the romantic series Dolunay. With the famous actor Jan Yaman. It revolves around two very organized businessman. He has his own life. Nazli, the girl who studies cooking and is looking for work due to her house and sister expenses. So she works in the businessman Freight house Their opposite lives begin together, and they fall in love with each other despite their differences. They shared the championship, Yasim Gul Aksar, Ayumi Takano, Turku Turan, Emre Kantmenoglu, Ozlam Touray, Alyona Bozbey, Palmer Imrin, Elida Akdogan, Nassib Mimli and Hakan Kurtas.

She participated in the war short TV series (Boro) in 2018 AD, which received good and popular follow-up. Its events revolve around Turkey in 2014 AD. When enemies began to grow on the borders. The danger is increasing at home as well. The Republic of Turkey is facing the greatest threats in modern history. This work (Ahu Torkbins – Serkan Chaiglu – Amir Banderlioglu – Murat Arkin – Furat Dogluoglu – Masoud Akosta – Ahmad Pinar – Ozan Ajak – Bedi Akin – Milis Hasic – Gulul Tunbol – Tan Altay – Armaghan Oguz)

In November 2018,

she participated in the exciting and crime drama series (The Great Duo), starring Ibrahim Celikul – Karam Bursin – Oiko Karayel – Zafer Al Quoz – Engin Senkan – Eren Hasalehoglu – Pura Kucak – Two Sabah Yakut. His story is about two of the best Turkish police investigators. Who works as an anti-drug detective. The second is MKC works in the crime department. Then they move the two to work together. The gang boss plots a conspiracy against them. They go to prison because of it. Each of them has his own story and different life. So I passed a man who lost his wife in an accident in his car explosion. And it became complicated. Since her death, the second, Mustafa, was married with one child. Because of his work, he separated from his wife due to his shortcomings, and is trying hard to return to his family life.

Ozge Gurel movies

She presented her first cinema movie under the name (Organik Ask Hikayeleri). Romantic comedy-drama film in 2017, directed and written by Alp Giray, and co-starring (Jokhan Alkan – Verdi Atuner – Saadi Selil Cengiz – Merv Desdar – Taylan Goren – Erim Helvaglou) In the same year, she presented the movie (The First Kiss – Ilk Öpücük) by Murad Onpole and writer George Wing. She co-starred (Murat Yildirim – Seismy Baskin – Betty Engin – Hayrettin Karaoguz – Saadi Selil Cengiz – Gil Ilan).

Ozge Gurel series

2020 Kar Kirmizi.
2019 Annem.
2018-2019 Muhtesem Ikili (TV Series).
2018 Börü.
2018 Börü (TV Mini-Series).
2017 Dolunay (TV Series) – Ilk Öpücük. Organik Ask Hikayeleri -Yildizlar Sahidim (TV Series).
2016 Özge Gürel: Affet (Video short).
2014-2015 Kiraz Mevsimi (TV Series).
2013-2014 Huzur Sokagi (TV Series).
2013-2014 Medcezir (TV Series).
2014 Muhtesem Yüzyil (TV Series). Bizum Hoca.
2014 Afra (Short).
2011 Kizim Nerede (TV Series).

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