Özge Borak age, religion, works & report

The well-known Turkish actress, Özge Borak, famous in the Arab world as Rafif The Lost Years, we have collected for you in this report complete information about her date of birth, current age, nationality, religion, family and personal life, academic qualifications, astrological sign, and when did actress Özge Borak begin her artistic career With acting, what artworks she participated in, her upcoming artworks, and other details about her, with a set of new photos of actress Özge Borak.

Özge Borak, age, religion and more

Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Date of Birth: February 14, 1982
Age 2021: 39 years
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: christian
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Height: 172 cm
Profession: actress
Academic qualification: Devlet Conservatory graduate
The beginning of her artistic career: 1990 – until now

Turkish actress Özge Borak and her upbringing

Turkish actress Özge Borak was born in Istanbul – Turkey in 1982. She belongs to a well-known artistic family in Turkey. Her father is Selcuk Burak, who is one of the most famous choreographers at the Istanbul Institute of Opera and Ballet. Her mother is Bukit Burak and her younger brother is Selim. Burak is one of the most famous ballet dancers in Turkey.

Actress Özge Borak attended the University of Devlet Conservatory in Istanbul, the theater department, and then joined the famous Teatrolari School, the acting department. Those around her possessed a great artistic talent, so her family encouraged her a lot to develop the talent within her and to continue studying art.

Personal life of actress Özge Borak and her husband

Actress Özge Borak married twice in her life, and her first marriage was to Turkish actor Bulent Şekerk in 2006, and the marriage lasted between them for 4 years, and they were separated by divorce in 2010, in 2012 she married comedian Ata Demirer, and the wedding ceremony was held in an area Krugashmi in Istanbul and attended by about 350 people from relatives, friends and artists, and after two years of their marriage, their separation was announced after one divorce session in the family court without announcing the reason for the separation.

And recently, Turkish actress Özge Borak was seen with her new lover walking with him in Alacati with her hand in his hand, and the cameras filmed them.

Personal life of actress Ozge Borak

Actress Özge Borak and her career

Özge Borak is a well-known and famous Turkish actress in Turkey and the Arab world as a whole, and she is known as Rafeef in the series “The Lost Years.” Despite the few artworks in which Özge Borak participates, the artworks in which she participated left a strong imprint in the minds of the viewer and the audience, the most important of which is Her role in the series Years of Loss, which achieved a very great success and is considered one of the highest Turkish series, most watched and famous in more than one country, and although she started her artistic career before participating in this work, her real fame came from her appearance in this series.

Turkish actress Özge Borak started her artistic career in 2003 through her participation in a supporting role in a Turkish series entitled “Black Day”, then participated in a number of different artworks between drama series and plays.

Artistic Awards: Actress Özge Borak won the 16th Sadri Alışık Award for Best Supporting Actress.
Summary of the artworks Özge Borak has participated in

theatrical works

1998: Atatürk and The Child (children’s play)
1999: Almost Morning Play: Neşe Erçetin
2001 Sarıpınar play 1914: Turgut Özakman – and play Humanitarian scenes from my country
2003 Play (children’s play): William ShakespeareNeşe Erçetin
2006 play Baghdad Khatun: Gungur Dilimen
2009 Play A Committed Man: Dede Korkut Rajip Yavuz
2010 The Bajas play: Euripides
2011 Caberet Play: Joe Masteroff

Drama series

2003 series “Black Day”
2004 series Sultan Makami
In 2005 the series Fon Sadristsyn Karısı ve Oğlu – and the series Omar Seifeddin Hekileri
2007 series Lost Years
In 2009 the series Ashraf Saati – and the series Küçük Kadınlar
2010 series Eyyvah Eyvah
In 2013 the series “Per Yastikta” – and the series “Güldür Güldür .”
2015 series Bana Adını Sor
2016 series Deadmen Fishy
2017 series Istanbul Jilin
2019 Quaforum Sensin series

Özge Borak’s upcoming works

Akef series: It is a new Turkish series scheduled to be shown during September 2021 on one of the Turkish electronic platforms, and the Akef series directed by Salah al-Din Sanjakli, starring Fikret Koçkan – Özge Borak – – Gökçe Akildis – Ertan Saban and other artists.

It deals with the story of the Akif series, the life story of Muhammad Akif Ersoy, who is the author of the national anthem of Turkey. In his life and the love of his life, who lived his dreams, and the series revolves in an exciting and interesting dramatic framework.


Actress Ozge Borak
Actress Ozge Borak

Actress Özge Borak in the series Lost Years

The Lost Years series is a famous Turkish series, also known as the Linden Trees. It was written and directed by Aydin Bulut. The Lost Years series belongs to the type of romantic and dramatic Turkish series, during which Özge Borak embodied the character of Rafif, the simple girl who loves Yahya, the poor young man and The one who seeks to save money so that he can marry her and become a rack of a simple family and work as a worker in a clothing company, but she draws the attention of the young Omar, who is the son of the owner of the company in which she works.

Omar begins to make Rafif fall in love with him and gives her many gifts to make her fall in love with him and leave her fiancé until the matter reaches Yahya. And Yahya seeks revenge on Omar and works to sabotage the company. After that, he is imprisoned. Rafif marries Omar and leaves Yahya. After Yahya leaves prison, he tries to take revenge on Omar, his sister, Lamis. To a great love story that unites them, and Rafif becomes seriously ill during her pregnancy and dies immediately after giving birth to her youngest daughter, Rafif.

Years of Loss, starring Özge Borak (Rafif), Bulent Inal (Yahya), Tuba Boykston (Lamis Abu Shaar), and Sinan Tuzgo (Omar Abu Shaar).

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