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We have collected for you a full report on the Turkish actress Öykü Karayel and many details about her personal life, religion, age, nationality, upbringing, and other details about her height, weight, academic qualifications, the most important works she presented from series, films and plays, when she began her artistic life, her official social networking sites, and a set of new and exclusive photos for him. .

Öykü Karayel Nationality, religion, age, weight, height and other details

Date of Birth: August 20, 1990 AD
Residence: Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality: Turkey
Religion: Muslim
Age: 29 years old
Weight: 51 kg
Height: 1.55 cm
Qualification: Istanbul University, State Institute
Astrological sign: Leo
Eye color: green
Hair color: chestnut
Siblings: Ezji Karayl
Marital status: Married Jean Bonomo in 2018.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Öykü Karayel

Öykü Karayel Instagram https://www.instagram.com/Öykü Karayel

Twitter https://www.twitter.com/Öykü Karayel

Öykü Karayel Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Öykü Karayel

Oyku Karayel Religion
Oyku Karayel Religion


Complete information about actress Öykü Karayel

Öykü Karayel (Turkish: Öykü Karayel) is a Turkish actress, born on August 20, 1990, raised in Istanbul and graduated from high school in Semper Litas. She has worked with successful actors after a short training in Kinter Theater. In 2007, she entered the “Department of Istanbul State Theater Conservatory.” She is currently a student at the Conservatory, and has played in “The Creek Theater Good Things Our Party” and won among the 30 acting contestants selected by her Critics Committee.

She started her artistic career at the age of 20, her first theatrical work (Beautiful Things), which was her first professional experience as (Aisha). Then she participated in the championship of the North and South series (Awda Muhannad). It is noteworthy that the series “Awda Muhannad” was the acquaintance card between Oiko and the Arab world, where she participated in the championship in front of Kivanc Tatlitug and Bora Golsoy, and she became famous in it as “Gamila”, and she also doubled her popularity and audience after her brilliance in The series “Heartbeat”, which she co-starred in front of Gökhan Alkan, as Eylül


actress Oyku Karayel
actress Oyku Karayel

In the year 2011, Oiko Kariel had a distinguished appearance in the series Al-Ashq Al-Aswad revolves around Epic (Abeer in the dubbing) with actor Engin Akyurek known as (Karim) and actress Tuba Buyukustun known as (Lamis) in 2014. Oiko Kariel participated in nearly 6 drama series. Throughout her career, which began in 2011, including a role in the series Sultana Kosem, in 2016, she participated in the movie (Dust) in 2017. Öykü Karayel recently showed the series “The Great Duo” in which she co-stars in front of Karam Bursin, Ibrahim Şilikol, and Ozge Gurel.

Öykü Karayel and her husband Jan Bonomo

Like the Turkish love stories that we see in soap operas, the Turkish star “Öykü Karayel” got married to her lover, the pop singer “Jean Bonomo,” after a love story that fans witnessed and admired, so they became one of Turkey’s best duets.

The Turkish actress “Öykü Karayel” celebrated her marriage to the famous Turkish pop singer “Jean Bonomo” in a small wedding between family and friends and as if it were a wedding that we see in those comics, a simple wedding with a simple and beautiful view of the newlyweds, but what can truly be described as beautiful is the bride’s dress Öykü Karayel, who was criticized by some fans when they saw him for the first time because of his strange appearance, is made up of layers and has one strap and does not look like a decent wedding dress, but the audience discovered the real beauty that lies inside this dress as the twin sister of Öykü Karayel “Ezgi Karayl” designed this dress for her and engraved on it the “Oiko” drawings that she drew while she was young, imagining what her marriage and the prince of her dreams would be like.


Oyku Karayel and her husband
Oyku Karayel and her husband

Five days before the wedding of Öykü Karayel, she and her husband “Jan Bonomo” decided that the ceremony should be between close friends and families only. Social networking sites and they will ban the use of the phone in the concert hall, as well as prevent journalists from attending their wedding, and Öykü Karayel announced their engagement when Jan surprised her on Valentine’s Day with a small party for her and presented the engagement ring and then published the photo on their pages in the social media .

Eylul is the heroine of the series Heartbeat

A Turkish series adapted from the 2016 Turkish drama, the Turkish version was shown starting from June 30, 2017 on Show TV, starring the Turkish actor Gokhan Alkan, Öykü Karayel, Ali Burak, Salah al-Din Basli and a selection of actors. The series revolves around a girl named September, aged The eighteen-year-old is played by the actress Oiko.

September is characterized by aggression and intelligence, and possessed the character of rebellion after witnessing the death of her mother affected by the betrayal of her husband, the father of September, that the character of September was an obstacle to her in completing her studies at school, so she was expelled. September is sent to a Turkish rural village at the request of her stepmother in order to get rid of her. When September moves to the village and lives in her grandmother’s house, she meets the character of the hero named (Ali), played by the actor Gokhan. (Ali) is a former doctor who left his profession and moved to live in the countryside. He started teaching and lives in the house of the grandmother of September. The series begins the series, through which a love story arises between these two young men.

Epic in the series Suspicious Love

Black Love in Turkish: Kara Para Aşk, also known as Suspicious Love, whose real name is Love for Black Money, is an Arabic dubbed TV series about the Turkish series Kara Para Aşk, starring Tuba Buyukustun and Engin Akyurek. His name is Omer Demir and he is a jeweler from Rome named Elaine Denizer.

Elif is a famous jewelry designer who returns from her place of residence in Rome to her native Istanbul to celebrate with her family her 30th birthday, and she is surprised by a huge party that her father, Ahmed Denizr, prepared for her, in the presence of all family and friends, and given by the family company as a gift. A month’s leave to hold his awaited wedding with his fiancée Sibal Andash in Istanbul. The circumstances of the series combine the two characters, and a love story develops between them despite facing difficulties by the mafia.

The most important works that Öykü Karayel presented in series, films and plays

Plays of Öyku Karayel

The play “Our Beautiful Things” in 2011.
The play “Killer Joe” in 2014.

Her movies

She played the character of Asli in the movie “Nausea” in 2015.
She played the character of Arzo in the 2015 movie Dark Yellow Dust.
She played the character Janan in the movie “Something Useful” in 2016.

her series

She played a beautiful character in the series “North and South” between 2011-2013.
She played the character of Ipek in the series “Al-Ishq Al-Mashboobih” between 2014-2015.
She played the character of Elul in the series “Heartbeat” in 2017.

The air obtained by Öykü Karayel

She received a Young Talent Award from the Theater Critics Association for her performance in Spinning Sealer Bezem Trafta.
She won the award for “Best Supporting Actress in a Drama (Easy Ya Per Si)” at the 23rd Chest and Film Awards in 2018.

She won the Golden Butterfly Award for the best couple in Turkey in 2017, along with her co-actor (Gökhan Elkan) for their roles in the series Heartbeat.

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