Nilai Deniz religion, husband, Length, Age, Biyo & information

Nilai Deniz, her nationality, age, religion, and other details

Date of birth: 3 – May 1993
Age 2020: 27 years old
Nationality: Turkish
Place of birth: Aydın – Turkey
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Profession: Actress – Turkish model
Marital Status: Married in 2017
Academic qualification: I graduated from the Talent Agency
Hobbies: Photography – Traveling – Playing Sports
Beginning of her artistic career: 2012 – until now
Religion: Unknown.

Nilai Deniz Childhood Palaces

“Actress Nilai Deniz was born in Aydin. Istanbul. So her father is Deniz. a famous Turkish actor. The actress Nilai loved art since her childhood and her acting talent appeared as a child, and now she has become one of the most important and famous stars in Turkey.” Costumes and her fame came through her. As producer and director Serdar Akar discovered her when she participated in the “amateur beauty contest.” after which actress Nilai took acting lessons in some different theaters in order to develop and develop her acting talent.

The beginning of her artistic career and her most important artistic works

In 2010 her acting debut was through her participation in the crime movie in Ankara. In 2011, she presented the Turkish series Violet Purple and Five to Life series. From 2013-2015 she participated in the series In Waiting for the Sun and the series Ah Nariman and The series Love Again. 2017 – 2020 appeared in the series My Heart – Firefly – Get Up. Let’s Go – Love on the Roof? N 2015. Actress Nilai Deniz won the 42nd Golden Butterfly Award.

Actress Nilai is very well known and famous on her social networking sites and her permanent participation. Especially on the Instagram site. She is constantly active and known for her great presence and has a place among the list of 14015 as a famous Instagram star. she publishes outfits. Photos and personal videos. She became a very close friend With the famous Turkish supermodel Serenay Sarikaya.

Actress Nilai Deniz’s Husband

Actress Nilai Deniz married in 2017 the famous Turkish actor Sechkin Ozdemir. who is 39 years old. He is known in the Arab world as the character of “Prince” in the series “Love for Rent”. Just two months.

The two stars got married in a legendary wedding ceremony. And the ceremony was on one of the beaches of Istanbul. Actress Nilai is known for her elegance. Beauty and great taste. For her wedding. She wore a simple white lace dress in an open back and chest with a chiffon veil and a crown on her head.

Nilai Deniz in the series Siraj Al-Layl

The actress Nilay worked in the Turkish series Siraj Al-Layl with her husband. The artist Sechkin Ozdemir. Who participated in the championship in this series. After the death of her father. She finds herself responsible for her family and leaves them with nothing but a taxi.

She lives with her mother. Nisha. her sister Azzo. and her brother. Her brother Matin and her daughter Cheshik. It is to find the cause of this accident and hand him over to justice.

On the other hand. the young lawyer (Barish Buka) appears. and he is embodied by the artist (Sichkin Ozdemir). Who is a single lawyer and is famous in his city for divorce cases. Putting an item in his drinking cup and when he knows that Asli is looking for his cousin. he tries in every way to stop her because he does not reach him and his knowledge. And many things change through exciting and interesting events.

Nilai Deniz in the series Bear Oh My Heart

The name of the series is Dayan Yüreğim. And in Arabic it carries Ya Qaly. The series starring Ece Uslu – Cansel Elçin – Nilai Deniz – Bengi Öztürk – Miray Akay – Ege Aydan. Is a Turkish series that tends to social drama. The series revolves around “Elvan”. She is a serious woman who knows the meaning of taking responsibility. She lives with her immigration “Taher” and her children in a poor neighborhood in Istanbul. Furthermore, she works in a health clinic in the neighborhood. She lives and helps her husband sell some things in the market.

Her husband does not bear responsibility and always beats and taunts her and loves money more than anything. One day her son. Salim. Who plays football. Is exposed to a traffic accident. And Elvan keeps thinking about her son. Whom she loves more than her husband and her daughter. Serai “Can he play football again or not?
“Atef”. The son of the “Chanal” family. Was the one who injured her son. And he is from a very rich and famous family in Turkey. “Elvan” turned to a lawyer so that she could obtain the right of her son and bring the accused to justice.

She discovers that her husband. Taher. Cooperated with the “Chanal” family and took money from them instead of his son’s right. She holds her husband accountable and reprimanded him. And that he is the reason for the loss of his son’s right and remains “Elan defends and insists on bringing the accused to justice. And the lawyer helps her in that. The idealist “Fouad” is known for his defense of the right-holders. And on the personal side of the lawyer “Fouad”. He lives a miserable life with his wife “Aison” and his daughter “Nazli”.

He is going through many problems with his wife. But all of this does not affect me. His work and restoring rights to their owners. and with the follow-up of the events. We discover if Elgan can face all these difficulties and fight the influence of the wealthy family. And whether she is able to regain the right of her son.

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