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Actress Neslihan Yeldan and a lot of information about her personal life, nationality, religion, age, origin, and other details about Neslihan Yeldan, academic qualification, husband and when her artistic career began and the most important works that she presented from series, films, her official social networking sites, and a set of new and exclusive photos of her.

Information About Neslihan Yeldan

Date of birth: February 25, 1969
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Age: 50 years
Academic qualification: I graduated from the State Theater Department of Istanbul University in 1995.
Marital Status: Leo James Felix Pollock (married 2007–2019)
Eye color: dark brown
Hair color: brown
Astrological sign: Pisces

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Life Story of Neslihan Yeldan

Neslihan Yeldan was born on February 25, 1969, in Istanbul, a theater, cinematic, and television series actress, and also a dubbed actress. She is also famous for the instant character that she embodied in the Theater of Miracles.

Neslihan began her career in 1987 in Middle Casts. In 1995 Neslihan Yildan graduated from the theater department of the State Music Institute of Istanbul University. After Neslihan Yeldan worked in theatrical groups such as the representatives of the city and the Dorman theater. She joined the representatives of the Beşiktaş Culture Center. Actress Nasslihan Yildan has appeared in many television and cinematic films. At the same time. Neslihan Gildan was dubbing some works.


It is noteworthy that Neslihan Yeldan presented a number of dramas that achieved great success. Most notably the cherry season in 2014. The North and South series in 2012 and the Poplar tree series in 2010.

Nesilhan Yildan presented the series Cherry Season (Turkish: Kiraz Mevsimi). a Turkish youth drama series starring Ozke Gurel and Sirkan Kayoglu. Filmed in Istanbul and shown on Fox. He talks about a young girl named Oiko (Veton) and a young man named Ayaz (Iyad) who love each other a lot to the point of madness and fictional and funny events take place in her life between them, and they share these events with friends and there are some famous actors who will appear in the series.

story of Kiraz Mevsimi

The story revolves around Oiku (Veton). a girl who lives with her mother and brother in a modest neighborhood. She admires her childhood friend Matta (Majd). But he does not care about her. One day. When she was stopping by the taxi. She met Ayaz (Ayad). The handsome young man.

Son of Mrs. Onam (Raneem). The owner of the fashion house. Who had always dreamed of Veton working for her as a fashion designer. Fate wanted Ayaz to fall in love with Oiko. and together they live funny situations, and she is close to imagination with a group of their friends Matta (Majd) who loves Shaima (Rayma) so she gets pregnant from him and her fetus falls. In a row with his friend and partner Ayaz.

on the other hand. We find the fun duo Borgo (Batoul). Who is his sister and her lover Amira (Amir). Who comes from the simple class and lives with his grandmother. Serene and her husband Ilker (Marwan). Who is always stalking women. will be wet. The second part ends when Oiko and Ayaz are married.

Senem in the series Istanbul Gelin

(Istanbul Gelin) Turkish drama series produced in 2017 by Cengiz Çağatay and directed by Zeynep Gunay Tan. The events of the first season of the series Istanbul Gelin revolve around the love story of Faruk. The eldest son of the Buran family. Whose role is embodied by the star Ozgan Deniz and Soraya.

That beautiful girl full of vitality and energy whose role embodies the Turkish star and singer Asli Anfer. Where Soraya was exposed to difficult circumstances in her childhood after she lost her parents in a traffic accident These conditions helped raise Soraya. As she became a strong and ambitious girl.

Farouk admires Petharia after he watches her singing in a hotel and finds the beautiful and daring girl in which everyone wishes to get close to her, and Farouk insists on marriage with a wealth. Despite the refusal of his mother. Mrs Asma Who wants to marry him to a girl of ancient origins. But Farouk succeeds in marrying Soraya And together they lead a beautiful life full of love.

The events of the series escalate when Soraya loses her child and then learns by chance the nature of the relationship. Between Begum and Farouk. And she discovers the truth about the existence of Amir. Where Soraya decides to travel and move away from Farouk.

Senem in the series Istanbullu Gelin

Neslihan Yeldan and her husband

The Turkish actress Neslihan Yeldan Pollock (50 years). Famous for Senem in the series “Istanbullu Gelin.” ended with her British husband Leo James Felix Pollock (46 years) after 11 years of her marriage to him with one session in the Turkish Family Court in Istanbul.

Their marriage produced one child. According to the amicable divorce agreement. Leo James will pay his ex-wife Neslihan $600 a month. Support for their only child until they reach the age of 18. Neslihan Yeldan will continue using her husband’s nickname “Bullock” after the divorce.

Her English divorcee. Leo James Felix Pollock. Initiated a divorce case under the pretext of their intellectual and emotional incompatibility for a long time, and that he and his wife Neslihan had agreed amicably to the divorce. And they did not want family experts or arbitrators from their families because they agreed on the amicable divorce. And that the divorce is their final and irreversible decision.

The court ruled for them to divorce immediately from one session. Neslihan was granted custody of her child to allow their child to visit his father in London whenever he wanted.

Neslihan Yeldan and her son

Neslihan Yeldan’s most important series and plays

2020-2021 Sen Çal Kapimi (TV Series)
2017-2019 Istanbullu Gelin (TV Series)
2016 Arkadaslar Iyidir (TV Series)
2014-2015 Kiraz Mevsimi (TV Series)
Karinca Kapani
Munevver Sariselimoglu
2014 Sakli Kalan (TV Series)
2012-2013 Kuzey Güney (TV Series)
Bir Kadin Tanidim (TV Series)
Füsun (2011-2012)
2011 Vücut
2010 Dürüye’nin gügümleri (TV Series)
Kavak Yelleri (TV Series)

TV Series

Iz Birakanlar (2010) … Nur
2010 / I Veda
Pakize Bozok
2008 Peri masali (TV Series)
Kabuslar Evi: Onlara Dokunmak (TV Movie)
2006 Sahte prenses (TV Mini-Series)
Organize Isler
2004 Disi kus (TV Mini-Series)
Sahra (TV Mini-Series)
2003 Sapkadan babam çikti (TV Mini-Series)
2003 Yuvam yikilmasin (TV Series)
2003 Bana bir seyhler oluyor (Video).

2002 Vaka-i Zaptiye (TV Mini-Series)
2000 Kirik Zar (TV Movie)
1999 Figüran
1999 Sen Hiç Atesböcegi Gördün Mü? (Video)
1998 Kaçiklik diplomasi
1998 Ruhsar (TV Series)
Tatli Kaçiklar (TV Series)
1995 Bir Demet Tiyatro (TV Series)
1990 Soyut padisah (Video).

Neslihan Yeldans most important series and plays

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