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1. What is the religion of Neslihan Atagul?

Neslihan Atagul’s religion is probably Muslim.

2. Who is Husband of Neslihan Atagul?

Husband Neslihan Atagul is married to Kadir Doğlu.

3. How old is Neslihan Atagul?

Neslihan Atagul’s age in 2021: 29 years old.

4. How tall is Neslihan Atagul?

Its length is 168 cm.

5 . What is the date of birth of Neslihan Atagul?

August 20, 1992 AD

Neslihan Atagul Information about the Turkish actress Series, Neslihan Atagul height, age and date of birth, the wonderful actress who is famous for many wonderful roles, and a lot about it in one article.
Neslihan Atagul religion height weight

What is her date of birth: August 20, 1992 AD, how old is she in 2020: 28 years old, what is her religion: Probably Muslim. What is her height: 168 cm. What is its weight: 62 kg.

Actress Neslihan Atagul and her life story


A young Turkish artist and actress, considered one of the most important stars of Turkish drama, during her career she played many distinguished roles, and is best known for her role as Nihan in the series Blind Love.

She was born on August 20, 1920, in the Turkish city of Istanbul, where she grew up. Her father is of Circassian origin, and her mother traces her origins back to Belarus. She loved acting since she was a little girl, and she dreamed of becoming a star of Turkish drama, because she loves fame. And the attention that drama stars get everywhere.

Neslihan Atagul did not take long to take her first steps in the field of acting, so she acted in a number of school plays when she was thirteen years old, and at the age of sixteen she participated in her first drama, where she appeared in the series The Fallen Leaves, which was dubbed into Arabic and achieved great popularity. In the Arab world, her role was that of Dina.

After that, she took her steps and climbed the path to stardom quickly, so she worked on refining her talent in the field of acting, and after obtaining her high school certificate, she joined Yeditepe University to study in the theater department.

Information about Neslihan Atagul

English name: Neslihan Atagül.
Date of birth: August 20, 1992 AD.
Age in 2019: 27 years old.
Place of Birth: I was born in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion: Muslim.
Neslihan Atagul’s husband or boyfriend’s name: She has been married to Kadir Doğlu since 2016 AD after a great love story that lasted for two years.
Height: 168 cm.
Hair colour: light brown.
Eye colour: green.
Astrological sign: Leo.
Academic Qualification: She is studying theater at Yeditepe University.
When did she start her artistic career: She started her artistic career in 2006.

Neslihan Atagul Series Movies & TV Shows


This star began to appear more in Turkish series, so she appeared in the series Fateh Harbiye, which achieved a high viewership, and then participated in the series Blind Love, which was one of the most important reasons for her fame, in which she played the starring role through the role of Nihan, and she was dubbed This series was translated into the Arabic language, and achieved a high viewership in Turkey and the Arab world, and the viewership of one of its seven episodes exceeded millions of viewers.

For this star to take advantage of the success she achieved in the series Blind Love and participate in the film What’s Left of You for Me and to be creative in performing her role, and to become one of the most important stars of Turkish drama and cinema.

After that, this star participated in the movie Al-Aaraf, which sparked a lot of controversy, and she also participated in a number of other Turkish series.

During her career, this star won a number of awards, most notably the award for Best Actress in 2013 for her role in the movie Al-Aaraf.

On a personal level, this star has been associated with the artist Kadir Doglo and married him, and lives with him a wonderful love story.

So far, this star is still continuing her journey in the skies of Turkish drama and cinema, and she is providing her with many wonderful works, to be one of the beauties of Turkish drama.

Information about her starring in the Al Qaa series


She presented the lead role in the Turkish series Al-Qaa, which is a romantic and mysterious series with many investigations. The work revolves around the doctor (Saher), who works as a psychiatrist, who works with the police in an attempt to persuade suicide bombers to abandon the idea of ​​suicide, uses his bicycle to move between the regions, meets a girl (Bilji), who plays the role of Neslhan, a mysterious hacker girl who suddenly discovers that her father died a murder and not a natural death, and begins the relationship between her and the psychiatrist, co-starring (Pirak Tuzunatak, Bulent Amin Yarar, Defne Kayalar, Gözdi Turken, Gon Cooper ) .
Blind love series

One of the best TV works that was presented and translated into many languages, it became an international series, it got a very large viewership and two parts were made of it. I played the role of Nihan, the rich girl who falls in love with an ordinary boy, despite the madness of a very rich businessman with her, and she tries to hide her love About her family, but after Amir knew the crazy rich man of her love, he tried to keep her away from him by organizing a murder case for her brother in order to force her to marry him, he succeeded in managing his plan, but the love of Kamal and Nihan is greater even after their separation for five years, their love still exists and yielded their love A little girl, she gained great fame in the Arab world, especially after the dubbing of the series.

Neslihan Atagul and her lover or husband

After the announcement of the marriage of Turkish actress Neslihan Atagul and Turkish actor Kadir Doğlu in 2016, this duo became the talk of the hour on social media. Since then until today, this Turkish actress, known as “Nihan”, the heroine of “Blind Love”, has shared pictures of her with her husband, the actor, known as “Majid”, the hero of the series “Fateh Harbiye”, on her Instagram. In most of the photos, we noticed a move the duo repeatedly took to reveal the secret of their relationship. On the occasion of their fourth wedding anniversary, in this article, we will explain to you the meanings of these pictures and what they reveal about their marital relationship.

From leaning her head on her husband’s face to resting her head on his, Neslihan Atagul always tries to make an intellectual connection with Kadir Dogulu. This move inevitably reveals how much the two love each other, but it also carries many hidden meanings, what is it? Here are all the details

Placing the head on a partner’s face or on his head is evidence that Neslihan Atagul and Kadir Doğlu think the same way, body language experts explain. It seems that Neslihan Atagul and Kadir Doğlu are seeking through this step to tell the whole world that they are in agreement and share the same mentality and viewpoints. Also, this behavior indicates that Neslihan Atagul and Kadir Doğlu want to express their love more and more and their desire to be closer to each other.

Finally, the body language of the duo Neslihan Atagul and Kadir Doğlu was able to reveal the nature of their relationship and specifically their feelings for each other, as they have love, affection and most importantly the same thinking and understanding that characterizes their relationship.

Neslihan Atagul son
Neslihan Atagul son
Neslihan Atagul 1
Neslihan Atagul 1
Neslihan Ataguls age in 2021 29
Neslihan Ataguls age in 2021 29
Neslihan Ataguls religion is Muslim
Neslihan Ataguls religion is Muslim
the Turkish actress Neslihan Atagul
the Turkish actress Neslihan Atagul
Neslihan Atagul is married to Kadir Doglu
Neslihan Atagul is married to Kadir Doglu