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The Turkish actress Neslihan Arslan. to all the followers and fans of the stars of Turkey. We have collected for you a full report on one of the most prominent and brightest stars of Turkey. Which is the actress Neslihan Arslan. and everything you want to know about her age. nationality, religion, height, weight.

Academic qualification and when began her career In art and what are the most important artworks that I participated in and presented and many details about it with a set of new photos by the artist Neslihan Arslan.

Neslihan Arslan her age nationality religion and more

Date of birth: 25 – April 1989
Age 2021: 32 years old
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 55 kg.
Eye color: brown
Hair color: dark brown
Academic qualification: Graduate of the College of Fine Arts
Marriage: Unmarried
Favorite color: Black.

Actress Neslihan Arslan life and studies

Neslihan Arslan is a Turkish actress. also known as Dilara. She was born in 1989 in Istanbul. Turkey. Her father is Arslan. and she belongs to a Turkish Muslim family. At the university level. the actress joined the Istanbul State University. Faculty of Fine Arts. Department of Music.

Actress Neslihan Arslan life
Actress Neslihan Arslan life

Actress Neslihan Arslan and her artwork

Neslihan Arslan is a young Turkish actress who was able in a short time to draw attention to her and to her great artistic talent and won the admiration of the public and critics since her artistic debut for her natural and distinctive performance. The rising actress neslihan arslan started her artistic career since 2017. But during the period of university studies she participated In about 20 different plays.

The beginning of her appearance on the Turkish screen for the first time was through the series Bride of Istanbul in 2017. Then her artistic works followed, and she also participated in some artistic works by singing in her sweet voice. In 2011 the actress Neslihan Arslan won the Ephesus Special Award for her role With the play Clean House.

A summary of actress Neslihan Arslan’s works

2021 Masumiyet (TV Series)
2020 Hizmetçiler (TV Series)
2017-2019 Istanbullu Gelin (TV Series)
2018 Bartu Ben (TV Series)
2016 Familya (TV Series)


Actress Neslihan Arslan in the series Innocence

The series Al-Bara’a is a new Turkish series called Masumiyet in Turkish. produced by Gold Film. directed by Omur Atay. and written by Sirma Yanik.
The story of the series Al-Bara’a revolves around a married woman named Hayat Bahr. who is embodied by the actress (Denise Chaker) and this lady has two daughters and the eldest daughter named Ella and the young actress (Elida Alishan) embodies her. Her mother. Hayat. says her daughter falls in love with her father’s boss at work and is 35 years old.

She knows that her daughter wants to marry him despite the big difference between them and she tries to save her daughter from this failed relationship. but something strange will happen on her daughter Ella’s nineteenth birthday Turning the family’s life upside down. the series Al Baraa has participated in the starring of a large group of artists. including the actress Deniz Chaker – Tolga Gulik – Sirkay Tutongo – Celine Oser – Gizem Arjun – Ozan Kaya Okto – Neva Hancı and other artists.

neslihan arslan in the series The Maids

The Maids series is a Turkish series named in Turkish “Hizmetçiler” and its number of episodes is only 3 episodes. Its story was taken from a Mexican series with the same title The Maids. it was shown on Turkish screens in 2020, and it is considered one of the largest Turkish series production and the work took long periods of preparation
The series of maidservants belongs to the type of Turkish police drama and its story revolves around 5 maids who work for wealthy families from the bourgeois class. and each of them works for a different family from the other.

One day. one of them dies in mysterious circumstances without knowing the causes of her death and they become 4. and her other four friends start trying to find out the causes of her death. and they have great doubts that her death occurred as a result of a mysterious murder and not a natural death. and they insist on knowing the truth and Reaching the culprit and trying each of them to take the right of her friend who was killed.

The Turkish series The Maidservants participated in the starring of a number of artists. including Deniz Baysal – Özdemir – Yigit Kerazci and other artists.

neslihan arslan in the series Bride of Istanbul

The Istanbul Bride series is a Turkish series produced by Genghis Chatay and directed by Zainab Gunay Tan and it is adapted from a novel called “Hayata Don” by Gulseren Buadeshioglu.

The story of the Istanbul series revolves around the context of a romantic drama about the many conflicts and the class difference between the classes of society. So the story of the series tells the story of a girl named Soraya, who is a beautiful girl who works as a singer and has a talent for playing the violin and is from a poor class. Young Farouk. who belongs to a rich and famous family in the Stock Exchange area of ​​Turkey.

One day Farouk goes to a restaurant and sees there the girl. Soraya. who is working as a singer in this restaurant. Farouk tries in every way to convince them of his marriage to Thuraya. But they all refuse. Especially Farouk’s mother. But he insists on his marriage to Soraya and indeed he marries her. and she is pregnant with him.

One day a son whose name is Adam appears from Farouk’s ex-girlfriend and tries to hide this matter from Soraya so that their marriage does not fail. Time finds her. and Soraya returns home and gives birth to a girl named Yaz. and Faruq tries to please her in every way.

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