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Murat Aygen, his full name, date of birth, age, nationality, religion, astrological sign, his wife, works of art, series and more in a comprehensive and detailed report on this famous actor whose name has been associated with many distinctive dramas, which he presented to Turkish television in all Skill, as many Turkish stars participated in these works, which led to his widespread fame.

Information on Murat Aygen

Full name: Murat Aygen.
Date of birth: 29-10-1971
Age: 49 years
Nationality: Turkish.
Place of birth: Diyarbakir.
Religion Muslim.
Astrological Sign: Scorpio.
Profession: Actor.
Wife’s name: Nihan Aisley Elmas.
Number of children: unknown.
Eye color: brown.
Education: Sinan University.
Beginning of the artistic career: 2005.

Life story of actor Murat Aygen

Turkish actor Murad Eji was born in the state of Turkey, especially in the Diyarbakir region in 1971, this famous actor at the University of Mimar Sinan and began acting in 2005, presented many distinctive television dramas that made him famous in the world of art at full speed.

as he is one of the best young actors who They presented a distinguished group of drama series that were shown on Turkish television and the entire Arab world. As most of the various series and works were dubbed into the Syrian dialect after filming them to be shown on Arab television in all countries. Which led to great fame.

Education of Turkish actor Murat Aygen

The famous Turkish actor. Murat Aygen. joined the high school in Istanbul. then completed his education at Mimar Sinan University. The state of the institute. and was keen to continue his educational career before entering art. And he was always among the distinguished students in his field.

then he joined the acting department at the university in order to develop his talent And he turns it into a great profession in which he works through his education and his distinguished work. And he has always been keen to present the leading roles in films and TV series with the participation of the brightest Turkish stars.

Murat Aygen’s Beginning Acting

The beginning of the career of the Turkish actor Murat Aygen was in 2005. He made his first important role in the Turkish film “Ankara Express” in which he presented the role of “Major Saifi” and this is among the prominent roles that made him famous in a short time. He showed in this film his talent The wonderful representation through the distinguished role he played with the participation of the most famous Turkish stars.

after that he presented many works and TV series. and he still continues to present all that is new from these works until now. And despite the large number of his works and TV series. All that is New The audience remarkably likes. and wishes to see new ones from this talented actor.

Murat Aygens Beginning Acting
Murat Aygens Beginning Acting

Murat Aygen’s wife

Actor Murat Aygen is married to “Nihan Ayesley Almas”. a great love story arose between him and his wife since the beginning of his acting. Then he presented many television works with the support of his wife. So she always encouraged him to present new works with precision and skill.

that he is among the distinguished artists who have talent in The high school. The wonderful attendance. As his wife Nihan appears with him on many occasions and television programs. In addition to the pictures that indicate the great love that grew between them.

Murat Aygens family
Murat Aygens family

The work of the actor Murat Aygen

The famous Turkish actor. Murat Aygen. Presented many television works and series. So he was always keen to choose the starring roles that show his talent with the participation of major Turkish artists and stars. Presenting any television work because of his distinctive talent. and among his works are the following:

The movie “Ankara Express”. which he presented in 2005 and played the role of “Major Seifi”. Series “Smash Loves” in 2008. in which he played “Jim”.
The TV series “Ashes and Fire”. presented in 2009 and presented as Doctor Hakan.
The Turkish film “Hunting Season” presented it in 2010.

The popular Murat Aygen TV series

There is a group of distinguished series presented by the actor Murat Aygen and were shown on Turkish television channels. in addition to Arab television channels in all countries of the Arab world after they were dubbed into the Syrian dialect.

the most famous of these series are the following:

The famous Turkish series “Detective Memuli”. presented in 2011.
Turkish series “Tides”. presented by Murat Aygen in 2011.
The Turkish series “The Detector” was presented in 2011.
And The Turkish series “Maral”. presented in 2015.
The Turkish series “Bodrum Tale”. presented in 2016

Role of Murat Aygen in “Maral”

Actor Murat Aygen presented a distinguished role in the Turkish series Maral. as it is a drama series that was produced in 2015. and tells the story of the Maral series about an ambitious girl who belongs to an average family and wishes to complete her studies abroad. Sweets, and I began to admire this young man. and a love story arises between them. and dramatic events follow the difficulties and problems that they are involved in.

Role of Murat Aygen in “Bodrum Tale”

The Bodrum Story series is one of the most famous Turkish series that has been seen on Turkish television. as it brings together a distinguished group of Turkish art stars. in addition to the actor Murat Aygen. who played a distinguished role in this series.

tells the story of a rich family living in Turkey exposed to a lot of Problems lead to bankruptcy due to some phantom companies. this family avoids paying the accumulated taxes on it. and is forced to lose all its properties from hotels and ships. and return to Bodrum to start life from scratch again. but the family cannot cope with this situation. and many problems occur. Because of that.

Actor Murat Aygen Awards

Actor Murat Aygen won many film and television awards because of his famous and beloved works. He presented many works that won the admiration of the Turkish public and the Arab public as well. which indicates the wonderful talent.

He won the Best Rising Actor Award in 2005 for the role he presented in He was famous for the movie “Ankara Express”.

Official websites of artist Murat Aygen

Actor Murat Aygen has more than one personal account on social networking sites. showing him his best works and TV series. in addition to his distinctive pictures with his wife and young child. he always takes many family photos, and these accounts are:

The official account on the social networking site Twitter.
The official private account on the social networking site Instagram.

Murat Aygens wife
Murat Aygens wife
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