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Miray Daner, Her Age and Information

Her nationality is Turkish. Her date of birth is January 15, 1999 AD, and her current age is 21 years. The place of birth is Istanbul, Turkey. Her astrological sign is Capricorn. Her height is 164 cm, weight is 55 kg and color Green eyes. Furthermore, her religion is Christianity. Her academic qualification as she studied in the preparatory class of English language from Cemal Reşit Rey School of Fine Arts. As for her favorite sport, she does not exercise much. But she goes swimming as a hobby. Her hobby is singing, photography and acting. Relaxing in front of nature.

Miray Daner boyfriend

It is known that the actress Mirai was associated with a passionate love story with the Turkish actor Kubilai Akka, and the love story between them began during the scenes of their filming of the Turkish series “You are my country” and he shared the championship for two seasons. After a period of engagement, the two announced their separation from each other after a two and a half years engagement The news, which surprised everyone in various circles, without mentioning the reasons for the separation.

Then the Turkish artist, Kubilai, wrote a message to her on his social networking sites, saying that they had made a joint decision to separate, and despite this, he would remain beside her and next to her at any time she needed him, and that during their relationship he was serious about it until the end, and he also told her that it was everything In his life and you will always be in his heart.

After publishing this message, the actress, Mirai, broke her silence and revealed the truth of their separation to defend herself and explained that the reason was his betrayal of her with another girl.

Where the artist, Mirai, received photos and messages from anonymous on her social networking sites. These pictures of the artist Kubilai with a girl, it turned out to be the Turkish artist Hilal Altinbelik, the heroine of the famous series “Kan Yama Kan in Çukurova” in one of the night spots in Arnavutkoy, Turkey.

With some intimate photos of them, and this matter made her sure of his betrayal of her, and then she decided to separate from him completely because of his betrayal.

Upbringing, Family, and Biography of Miray Daner

The young star, Miray Daner, is a Turkish actress who was born in Istanbul in 1999, her family is of Greek origin, where her maternal grandfather emigrated from Greece to Turkey. She has one older sister named Ipek Nur Daner who works in the field of fashion design. Her family on the father’s side is from an artistic family and her uncles are famous actors They are the artist Ilhan Daner (the great uncle) and the artist Cengiz Daner (the uncle). The cousins ​​are also artists, they are Orçun İynemli and Aras Bulut Enemli.

The artist, Mirai Danir, studied high school at Mimar Sinan School of Fine Arts, but left her due to her frequent absence, then enrolled in the English language at Jamal Rashet School of Fine Arts for a year, and in the same school she also studied cello, piano and singing in the music department.

The beginning of her acting career

The actress, Mira Dennier, entered the world of acting at the age of seven. She started as a child actress. She has the talent of acting since childhood and has been wishing and dreaming, since she was a child, to become an artist and enter the world of acting. At the age of nine she participated in episode 121 in the series Papatiam called “Gunca” With a large group of great and distinguished artists, including the artist, Metin Akpinar.

When she was 13 years old, she participated in the Turkish series Zil Çalınca Av, then she appeared in the short film As The Bell Rings, and at the age of 17, she participated in the series Vatnim Sensen, which is a Turkish war series.

During her childhood, she participated in different works, ranging from comedy, drama, and biography, through which she proved her distinguished talent in the world of acting, as she worked for a while in the field of commercial advertising.

She participated in her first movie, Dersimiz Atatürk with Halit Ergenç, in the role of Sabiha Gökçen, the first fighter pilot in the world. Then she participated in Çınar Ağacı. Her first appearance in dramas was through the series (Biz Bebek) in 2007, a series A family comedy-drama in which the character of Nana was presented and co-starred with her in the series, Sybil Kasapoglu, Asina Kiskinshi, Iggy Tanman.

She also presented several series, including “Doll Nergis”, “Bez Bebek”, and “Young Zeynep”. 2008 she participated in a small role in 1 Kadin 1 Erkek, a TV comedy series starring the actress Mireille Danner, Dimit Guevjar and Amri Karayel. In separate episodes, he discusses the various issues and conflicts between men and women.

In 2011,

she participated in the series (Sinar Agassi) with the role of Belene Veer and was directed by Handan Apakji. Starring Nurgul Yesilkai, Celis Toyon Uysal, Deniz Deha Lustar and Susan Aksoy.

And in 2013, she participated in more than one drama, including the teen comedy series. The series’s story revolved around the friendship between 10 teenage friends and there are many stories and adventures among them.

She also participated in the series (Hello Hayat) in the role of Dunya. Starring Keremcem – Yildiz Kultur – Mirai Danner – Osman Sergod. And the series (Tide), which is a comedy and romantic series.

Also, during 2013, she presented her first movie with the absolute starring role in the movie (Arkadasim Max), with the role of Milda, and the film directed by Murat Seker, and writer Ethem Ozsek, and she co-starred in the film (Murat Akkoyunlu – Ojuz Tabbas – Kamal Kan).

Her series

Among the television works: The Tide Series, Biz Baby Series, Papatiam Series, Marhaba Hayat, Vatanem Sinsen Series, You National Series, Rag Doll Series, Dizzy Series, Female Series 1 Male 1 – When the Bell Ringing – One Liter of Tears – The series Elhami – and in 2020 I presented the series Esther.

Among her cinematic works: the movie My friend Max. The film We studied Ataturk. The plane tree – and the movie Hero in the Sky.


As for theater, she presented only one play during her artistic career, and it is a play if we have a language, forgive me.


In 2017, the actress, Mirai Denier, won several awards during this year, including the Golden Butterfly Awards as the best rising face and the Turkey Award for Youth and Students as the best young actress of the year.

And the Bilkent TV award and also the Crystal Display Award as the best actress and the Music Onair Award as the best actress. In 2018, she won more than one award this year, including the KT Media Award as the best actress and the Soup Award as the best actress during the year.

Miray Daner Her Age and Information
Miray Daner Her Age and Information
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