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Who is Melisa heroine series story of Merve Nur Bengi? Let us know together on the life story of Merve Nur Bengi from her birthday. Her religion and family. Its personal qualities and much information on representation in her life and how they began to work as an actress.

About Merve Nur Bengi

Murphy is one of the series of a series of island, which is characterized in its role and has been able to attract her viewer. This was her thoughts or her ability to actress and truly tasteful. Here are the most important 7 information about:

Merve Nur Bengi is 21 June 2000.
Her age in 2021 is 21 years old.
Her birthday in Istanbul.
The length of Merve Nur Bengi 162 cm.
Her astronomy is Gemini.

Merve Nur Bengi Life Story

Turkish representative of 2000 born in Istanbul. My favorite eat is plant. They do not take meat. It has particularly particular attractiveness since her childhood. I was able to bring themselves particular attention because of their hole and moisture. I completed its study at Dokuz Eylül University Department of Theater.

Features quickly and the right and task of provisions in their work. The voltage hates the locked places that adhere to the boring regulations and regulations and impediment to be bored and routine. And tend to functions that include and ample tasks, they adore the challenge and are quickly bored once their work is free of challenges and achievements.




Its qualities

Murphy Nour is the daughter of authentic gemini. It has a lot of sons of this tower. Of those strong characteristics characterized by a blanket combining pleasure and seriousness, few presence what you find sad or demanding. A woman radiates vitality, snatching eyes wherever I find; Being a joy to the hearts of attendees. Heaving to the greatest and the biggest border parties and loves the help of others. What distinguishes it is a perseverance woman looking for everything that is modern; Being singing the length of time to progress and move towards the interface, and therefore suspends to discover, learn and know everything they surround without exception.

As for her lover, they are not linked to this time. All its thinking and focus on acting and art. But she is the sincere and well-being of women that make all days full of joy and happiness. I love all its feelings and concerns the partner in this world and believes in all sleep. The Gemini is possible to fall in a rapidly romantic association, as they are driven more quickly. Gemini’s women can begin to present questions to her husband, which makes him imagine as they are achieved or tortured, but they do not pay for such topics.

The beginning of representation

Murphy Nour is quickly accomplished, intelligence and speech in speaking, as well as the bold-orthopedic character, which is difficult to predict its actions, apart from these fixed qualities in the figure of gemini women except that they are likely to change according to the case or one that deals with his companions. They created work; Why is characterized by power to work, art and taste.

The first series I participated in our star is 4n1k first love comedy. The lives of adolescents discuss the education stage at the secondary school. The novel of the series of love, friendship between four children and a girl in the secondary duration. It remains including solid and great friendship, standing near each other, for all someone among them a family and its own story.

The facts begin with the daughter of its name (Yabrak) are delayed by the timing of their exam and tries its four friends to postpone its responsibility professor for its exam.

Pearish becomes a sports coach Club at school. Insightful, its first sessions were issued in ten July 2018, conform to teenage teenagers, education at high school, linkages between pupils, links of love and friendship, and they are more.

Melisa in the story of an island

One of the most famous roles made by Murphy Nour role Melisa in the series Bir Ada Masali. championship Alps Navruz in the role of Pueraz. Aisha Ishan Turan in the role of June. Nihhan Boik Agacc in a peaceful role. September Arsuz in the role of Nahir. Bulent Zhalak in the role of Gourcim. Jim Anil in Hakan. Peril Bozam in Idel. Rami Narin in Alberd.

The series is an island story is a passionate Turkish series, taken by the story of Turkish writer Davryan Yaqout, and started publishing and spreading his first episodes in June 202, and is currently starting at 8 episodes, and clarifying a weekly episode, and the period of the ring period from an hour and a half to two hours and The series shed a great victory in the Arab world and harvested high insights in Turkey and the Arab world.


Melisa in the story of an island
Melisa in the story of an island


The story of the series of Turkish Island is spinned throughout the 1960s from the 1960s. The series seems to be tired of Turks on the island of Cyprus. It is one of the largest islands in the White Sea, and seems to serialism. Families and Turkish families on the island of Cyprus so far the painful and unannounced facts on the island in 1963, and as a result of those facts lost to Turkey’s violations and to stop the violations against the Turks, and to stop persecution and forced migration performed by the Roman Cypriots.

Instagram Merve Nur Bengi

An attractive style and angle. You tend to choose fashion and views with outstanding specifications that they explain daily. Continuing fashion, and does not give up the competent matter of what they wear. Quiet and traditional colors are preferred as black, white, soft fabrics such as chiffon and smooth cotton. With regard to accessories, tend to rings, distinctive and modern bracelets.


Instagram Merve Nur Bengi
Instagram Merve Nur Bengi
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