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Information. Photos and a complete report on Mashary El Ballam and his life story

What is Mashary El Ballam’s birthdate. When did his artistic career begin. Who is Mashary El Ballam’s wife. For all fans and artist fans This is a complete article about everything you love to know about Mashary El Ballam’s religion, his nationality.

His astrological sign, and his social media sites. His works his life secrets his upcoming projects biography. What is his height. Weight his academic qualifications. Special details about his life in his talent. His favorite sport and his favorite star.

Personal card and private information

Full name: Mishary Saleh Al-Balam.
Name in English: Mashary El Ballam.
Date of birth: December 12. 1972
Age in 2018: 46 years old.
Place of birth: Kuwait – Failaka.

Nationality: Kuwaiti.
His religion: Muslim.
Height: 179 cm.
Weight: 80 kg.
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius.
Academic / Academic Qualification: Holds a diploma in Industrial

Management from the “College of Business Studies” at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training.
The name of his wife or girlfriend: Married and has children: Saleh. Maryam. Abdullah and Hamad.

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Secrets and Life Story of Mashary El Ballam and Biography

A well-known Kuwaiti actor. born in Failaka 1972. studied applied education and obtained a degree from the College of Business Studies. He began artistic work on stage in 1991. the first play in which Free Kuwait participated.

Continued to present artistic works in small roles. Acting in television series began in 1998 through the series Dart Al-Ayyam. He achieved great success with the series. And his roles began to get bigger and more famous.

He presented complex and difficult roles such as the role of the patient with epilepsy in the series (Paths of Doubt) and other important different roles.

Personal card and private information
Personal card and private information
Secrets and Life Story of Mashary El Ballam
Secrets and Life Story of Mashary El Ballam

One of the most important works in which he participated in the starring of the series (With Hessa Qalam) written by Ali Dohan and directed by Manaf Abdullah.

starring Hayat al-Fahd Muhammad Jaber and Zahra al-Kharji. he also participated in the series Samehni Khatit. A drama series about a blind girl. whose parents died in an accident and the search began About the will they wrote before their death. The series is directed by Issa Diab and written by Sahab. and starred by Shajun Abdullah Boushahri.

Who is the wife of Mashary El Ballam

the Kuwaiti artist. The wife of Mishari Al-Balam. where the Kuwaiti artist Mashary El Ballam died from the Coronavirus yesterday. Thursday. February 25. 2021. at the age of 49. Leaving 5 children.

The Kuwaiti artist. Mashary El Ballam. Has moved to the mercy of God after suffering COVID-19 and entering intensive care after doubling his health and announcing his death by his brother Hassan Al-Balam. Who announced his death.

He holds a diploma in industrial management from the “College of Business Studies” at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training. He started his artistic work in 1991 when he participated in the Free Kuwait play. And after that his artistic works followed in small and medium roles until he participated in the 1998 series Dart Al-Ayam and was able to He achieved success. And then he turned and took bigger roles

Series, movies and plays

TV works: Al-Hateed – The Balance of Justice – The Mirror of Time – Suleiman Al-Tayeb – The Price of My Life – The Wounded of Time – The Market of Maqasis – Pitfalls – Paths of Doubt – The Days of Days – The Bird and the Storm – The Flowers of My Life – The Bounties of Ramadan – A House of Paper – The Emperor – Oh Oh Time – Adeel Al-Rouh – The World of Power – Zuwara Thursday – Ayyam Al-Faraj – The Hostage – and the past returned.

Theatrical works: Dalaa Al-Banat – You have a look – My torment – The heirs of the late – Alam Kashouf – The Deeb and Three Goats – Saif Al Arab – Free Kuwait – Remy and the Enchanted Palace – Vampire – Bermuda Triangle – Book of Miracles – Five Sisters and a Hunter – First – New Look – One + One – Honeymoon Onion – Al Yakhor – Vampire 3.

The number of children of the artist Mishary Al-Balam

I collected the last picture of him before he was infected with the virus with the last of his children. Who is still a baby under the age of one year. and the ballam had five sons. Which we will mention through our article on the Arabic page for everyone.

The artist has three sons and they are:

Saleh Mishary Al-Balam
Abdullah Mishary Albulam
Hamad Mishary Al-Balam
The late Mashary El Ballam also had two daughters:
Maryam Mishary Al-Balam
Sheikha Mishary Al-Balam
The artist was born on December 12. 1971 and is 49 years old.

The cause of the death of the artist Mishary Al-Balam

The artist was exposed to infection with the Coronavirus. Which he was able to. And this came after much news of his exposure to infection were published after receiving a vaccine against infection with the virus.

Days after receiving the vaccine. he was admitted to the hospital after feeling tired while filming a Ramadan series. and the results showed that he was infected with the virus. and he was placed under supervision and care during those days

Days later. His health doubled for the worse. Which is the reason why his family transferred him to the hospital and placed him in intensive care after he was unable to breathe.

The cause of the death of the artist Mishary Al Balam
The cause of the death of the artist Mishary Al Balam

Hasan Al-Balam his cousin. Announced yesterday that his brother had died. Leaving his wife and five of his children. A state of sadness occurred in the Kuwaiti and Gulf artistic community after the announcement of his death.

The funeral of the late Kuwaiti Mashary El Ballam was carried out today. Friday. February 26. 2021. in the presence of the artist’s family and Kuwaiti artists. And a state of sadness at his funeral in Kuwait.

There were many tweets and messages for the condolences of the Al-Balam family on the death of the artist. Who was known for his kindness. smile and laughter.

Who is the wife of Mishari Al-Balam

As for who she is and what is the name of the ballam’s wife: there was no talk about his wife. Either before him in the media or the media appearance of her. Which is something that the artist did not like to show his family in the artistic community.

There was a picture of Mashary El Ballam’s wife alongside his sons in a souvenir photo that was circulated through some websites. And a souvenir picture of them was posted on the Internet.