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Who is Mahmoud Nasr?

Mahmoud Nasr’s date of birth: August 1. 1983.
Omar Mahmoud Nasr in 2020: 37 years old.
Place of birth: He was born in Sweida – Syria.
Nationality of Mahmoud Nasr: Syrian.
Mahmoud Nasr height: 180 cm.
Mahmoud Nasr’s weight: 80 kg.
The religion of Mahmoud Nasr: Muslim.
Astrological sign: He is the sign of Leo.
Academic / Academic Qualification: Institute of Performing Arts.
Mahmoud Nasr’s wife: Married.
When did his artistic career begin: He began his artistic career in 2004.

Mahmoud Nasr his life story and biography

A Syrian actor. The hero of the Mamluk Al-Nar series. Who played the role of Selim the First. And he drew viewers from the first hour of his appearance on the screens. As he is a handsome man of great height and physical characteristics. And this made his appearance easier. Along with his strong talent that appeared from his first roles.

Our star was born in Sweida. Syria in 1983. His full name is Mahmoud Suleiman Nasr. A smart child who always had high grades. Entered high school and obtained high grades that qualified him to enter the College of Engineering well. But he did not choose the College of Higher Education and chose to join the Institute of Performing Arts. Despite this progress For the institute twice. Until he finished his studies in 2006.

Besides that he is a handsome young man. He is very smart and his intelligence made him graduate from the first institute at his expense. and because of his success and diligence in the institute he obtained a scholarship to France to return from that scholarship and work as a lecturer at the Institute of Theatrical Arts and one year later. he began his artistic career.

The works of Mahmoud Nasr

Actor Mahmoud’s love for art was stronger than many things and temptations that stood in front of him. such as that he could have become an engineer. he has intelligence and great talent that may give him more important and better work doors. But his love for acting was stronger. to enter the Institute of Theatrical Arts and start work in his third year at the institute.

He worked in the play “The Tunnel” alongside the actor Fayez Kazak and then he started very quickly. In 2006. He appeared as “Ahmed” in the series “The Roof of the World.” directed by Najda Ismail Anzour. Produced in 2007. Taken from the thirteenth American warrior movie taken from Michael Crichton’s novel The Eaters of the Dead.

He also participated in the film The Invisible and Al Qawadim in the Support of Islam. Starring Basem Yakhour Rafiq Ali Ahmed Qais Sheikh Najib Akef Najm Abd al-Rahman Abu al-Qasim. and he played the character “The Moon of Time” in the series Narrow Corridors.
The series. Narrow Corridors. Talks about different stories of women in prison and presents realistic stories from women’s prison. It shows the suffering of Arab women in prisons and is considered one of the first Arab works that talk about this neglected group.

Mahmoud Nasr series

Our star starred a lot in television drama and participated in more television work. Including the series The Second Night After a Thousand. and Khaled bin Al-Walid in the role of Yazid bin Abi Sufyan. a Syrian historical series that talks about the leading Islamic character Khalid bin Al-Walid. and two parts of it have been made. the first part of which was shown In the month of Ramadan in 2006. it starred in Bassem Yakhour. Directed by Muhammad Azizia. and written by Abdel-Karim Nassif. and the second part. Which was produced in 2007. was starring Samer Al-Masry. directed by Ghassan Abdullah. and written by Abdel-Karim Nassif. in association with Muhammad Al-Hassian. who sang its introduction.

Mahmoud Nasr series
Mahmoud Nasr series

In 2008 and until 2009. he participated in more than 9 successive works. including: Qamar al-Sham in the character of “Zaid bin Haritha” and the series “Not a mirage” in the character of “Bashir”. and ask your soul in the role of “Hani” and the face of justice “Adel”. women from the Badia. and under the tread In the role of “Naughty”. Hot Winter. and Summer Cloud in the character of Hazem.

Movies and TV Shows Mahmoud Nasr

With the entry of 2010. he began to acquire bigger and stronger roles. including his role in Wadi al-Sayeh. and the role of Osama bin Zaid in Rayaat al-Haq. Rayaat al-Haq. a historical series written by Mahmoud Abdel-Karim and directed by Muhammad Dawayima. The series deals with the most important events in the periods of Arab Islamic history. religious. political and rational culture. In the Islamic religion. as it narrates how people were approached and persuaded by the laws of the religion that united the world. and the obstacles that Islam and the Rightly Guided Caliphs faced in spreading the true Islamic religion during the Arab-Islamic conquests of the Levant. Iraq and Egypt.

Then the series “Sabya” season two was presented. which is a Syrian comedy series. The series “Sabaya” tells the story of five girls who live in one house and what is interspersed with sporadic events and adventures in which we get to know many of the characters that come into contact with girls within a light social comic framework to form this work through thirty episodes as a model for several segments Social and their interaction with each other and the attendant situations are a true reflection of real life.

He starred in historical series more and more. including Touq. a series of historical drama. fantasy. of the genus of magical realism. based on the novel of Touq. written by the poet Prince Badr bin Abdul Mohsen bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. through which he succeeded in finding the perfect marriage between mythical worlds and the wonders of reality. in a distinct scene It bears distinctive artistic fingerprints.

Mahmoud Nasrs family and wife
Mahmoud Nasrs family and wife

Mahmoud Nasr’s family and wife

About the private life of the actor Mahmoud Nasr. as it is almost a secret that he does not like to talk about his personal or family life. which made us search a lot for him. and for many details of his private life. including that our star was born in the As-Suwayda governorate in southern Syria. and he always likes to be away from the lights and the media as well. It is mentioned in press interviews. and it also has one official page on social media for the audience to interact with.

Our star said that he regretted entering the year of acting and that most of the directors do not deserve to stand in front of the cameras and have nothing to do with directing. and he describes the producers as those who tamper with the fate of art in Syria. and despite all these misfortunes. he will continue to act with an art that surrenders.

Our star worked dubbing in historical Turkish series such as the Sultan’s Harem. and participated with his voice in a number of works such as Love Bird. Blind Love. Fatima and The Godfather. he confirmed that due to his great success in the Brotherhood series. some first-grade stars turned against him. and made them talk about his days when he was going to a psychiatrist.

One has already gone to a psychiatrist. saying. “Why are we ashamed of a health or psychological condition that accompanies us? He emphasized that he was treated from a mental illness and would not be ashamed of being a psychiatric patient like any other disease. He also confirms that the director. Muhammad Sheikh Najib. was the first to believe in him and his talent and stood beside him.

Mahmoud Nasr. his wife and children

It is an unknown fact whether Mahmoud Nasr. the Syrian actor. is married or in love. or not. as he is very closed to his personal relationship.

Our artist loves reading greatly. and he says: “I try to read a lot in times when I cannot say free time. I find reading as a part for which time should be free and not in free time. just like sports and anything else.”

Yesterday. electronic communication platforms reported the news of the Syrian singer Mahmoud Nasr’s association with the Emirati actress Shamma Hamdan after they published an old photo that they gathered at a celebration two or more years ago.

More about Mahmoud Nasr

We have collected pictures of the artist Mahmoud Nasr. who has always loved to share with his fans and followers on social media. For fans of collecting pictures. And we mention from the star’s works. the series Omar. It Happened in Damascus. Qamar Al Sham. The Cactus Alliance. the Brothers. Dunya 2. Waiting for Jasmine. Harir. Remorse. Lovers Lanterns People of love 3 windows. Tools of doubt Kingdoms of fire lace.

And he is considered one of the most famous roles he played in the series “Brothers in the role of” Majd “. The series tells the story of Farid Noah. Who adopts five children based on his inability to conceive. but it becomes clear later that he has a son and a legitimate heir to his properties. the brothers. a television series. An Arabic drama. Directed by both Saif Al-Din Subaie and Saif Al-Sheikh Najeeb. Produced in 2014. consisting of 116 episodes; Each one lasts for 40 minutes. And it is noticeable that many movie stars and actors will participate. such as Tim Hassan. Basil Khayyat. Ahmed Fahmy and others.