Mahir Günsiray wife, religion, serials and biography

Mahir Günsiray Place of birth: Istanbul
Date of birth: 10-8-1960
Age: 60 years
Mahir Günsiray religion Muslim
Marital status: Married
Academic qualification: Faculty of Fine Arts Theater Department
Father’s name: aruhan gun Shirai
Mahir Günsiray wife Claude Lyon
Sons name: Aoun Shirai

The life story of Turkish actor Mahir Günsiray

Mahir Günsiray is a Turkish artist born in Istanbul, Turkey’s most famous city. Mahir Günsiray religion Muslim
The famous actor is a theater artist with film and television work, he also worked as a director, and his father is the able actor aruhan gonchrai. Mahir Günsiray religion Muslim. Mahir Günsiray wife Claude Lyon


He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Department of theatre at the University of hastep, completed his postgraduate studies at the theatre of the University of Sinan Muammar, and gained professional knowledge in the Departments of Performing Arts and visual arts.

Mahir Gunsiray wife
Mahir Gunsiray wife

Mahir Günsiray’s beginning with acting

His acting debut was in 1979, he started at the National Theater in Istanbul, and then worked in many multiple theaters in Turkey including the studio theater,the theater Deir Ruhr.

Participated in many film and television works, as training and teaching presentations in universities and private educational institutions, which at present is one of the founders of the Teatro theater who had worked in previously.

Theatrical works of the actormahir Günsiray

The able actor participated in many theaters and prepares:
State Theater located in Istanbul.
Ander Ruhr Theater in Germany and TI theater.
One such theatre is the State Theatre in Bursa.

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These were the theaters on which he played his theatrical works, among which are the following plays:

Back to back 2004
In the penal colony.
Marriage in 2001
Maids 1998
Betty bourgeois 1998

He has many other plays in which he has participated, and the Turkish actor has played important roles in film and television works from 1979 to the present, and he also plays his roles brilliantly and shines in them.

Turkish soap operas by actor mahir Günsiray

Representative participated Mahir Günsiray in many dramas and variety shows Turkish famous in all over the Arab world, which has been dubbed into Arabic, among these serials:

The series chastity in 2011 and continued to 2012.
The farm lady series in 2011
Kis Günesi 2016
Aroma of strawberries in 2015
The moron of 2008
Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari 2017
Over time in 2014
Room for the deaf 2006 to 2007
The great duo series in 2018
As there are a lot of successful business in which he participated possible Maher, which won the admiration of many viewers.

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Film work of the actor mahir Günsiray

Turkish actor Mahir Günsiray has presented many film works that are famous among Arabs and Turks, due to their translation into Arabic, among these are the following:

He participated in the series Lost Years in 2006.
Budding film in 2003.
Long story 2012.
End of the road 2013.
Exile year 2013.
Della hanem 2014.
Strange times in 2015.
I Love You Rosa 1992.
My Marlon Brando 2008.
The enemy is a woman 2009.
Around the world in 2009.
The split 1999.

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Mahir Günsiray in the series Kis Günesi

Able actor Mahir Günsiray participated in many famous Turkish series including “winter sun“, in which he participated with actor Shukri ozildez, artist Asli Enver and many artists, in which actor Maher played the role of ”Mazhar”.

The series tells the story of a young man who lost his father in a car accident when he was young, who was taken to an unknown house and forgot everything in his life, loved at home the daughter of the man who took care of him, a poor and kind girl.

Despite all the above, the young man still studies and becomes a crime investigator and researcher, and one day when he investigated the problem of a person’s suicide, he accidentally discovered something related to the suicide accident and his father, and this person has a close relationship with what happened in the past, his father was the scapegoat of the dirty conspiracy and Because of this suicidal person, he lived in kalmet for 20 years.

When searching for his father’s case, it was clear that his father and twin brothers were still alive, and everyone thought that they died in a car accident, but his twin brother is a famous businessman, and one day he met with his twin brother, the twin brother who owns large companies was accidentally killed instead of the young detective, took the opportunity .

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Mahir Günsiray In Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari

Actor Mahir Günsiray appeared in the TV work Series “Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari”, in which he took the starring role that caused a sensation on the Turkish and Arabic screen.

The series began airing in December 2017 starring the artist Nazan kessal, who embodied the role of virtue (mother), Turkish actor Mahir Günsiray and another group of Turkish actors starred, among them the young artist Deniz Baysal.

Achieved a series Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari great success and wide since the premiere, this led to the production of the second season of the series which is displayed in the current time on Star TV tvN.

Mahir Gunsiray In Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari
Mahir Gunsiray In Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari

The story of the series Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari

The Turkish series takes place in a fun and romantic social dramatic way, and highlights many important issues such as poverty, injustice, class conflict and the degree of influence on the relationship between people and society.

Actor Maher in this series plays a famous businessman named “Hazem egiman” and marries one of Fadila’s daughters, who worked for him in his advertising company.

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The awards won by Mahir Günsiray

The actor Maher has received many awards for his brilliance in his various works.:
Best Actor award 1998.
Got the award for Best Director.
He received the artist of the Year award for 2002 – 2003.
He also received the Publishers Award in Turkey for freedom of expression of thought.

Mahir Gunsiray religion Muslim
Mahir Gunsiray religion Muslim
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