Madiha Imam weight loss, Age, Bollywood movie drama list

Madiha Imam, her religion, nationality, beginning of her artistic career, and more

Her name is Madiha Imam and her nationality is Pakistani. She was born in Karachi, Pakistan. As for her date of birth, age and religion is unknown. We will provide this information upon reaching her. Her profession is a Pakistani actress, and she started her artistic career since 2011 – until now.

The beginning of Madiha Imam fhgjledg

The first appearance of the actress Madiha in the drama was in 2013 through the series Ishq Mein Teray. In which she embodied the character of Laiba. In which the stars Mehwish – Hayat and Azfar Rehman participated. Since 2015 she began starring in the series
And her first movie was with the Bollywood movie Dear Maya (2017) opposite the superstar Manisha Koirala.

Madiha Imam and her work as a Presenter

She has presented more than one program since 2011, and her first program was the MTV Choice Program
In 2012. She presented a weekend program with Madiha
In 2013., Khaleesh presented
As for the year 2017. It was a program made in Pakistan

Madiha Imam Series and TV Shows

Neelofar (post-production)
2020 Aik Jhooti Love Story (TV Series)
2020 Ek Jhoothi ​​Love Story (TV Mini-Series)
Muqaddar (TV Series)
2018 Baba Jani (TV Series)
Hum Chale Aaye (TV Movie)
2018 Woh Mera Dil Tha (TV Series)
2017 Zoya Sawleha (TV Series)
Dear Maya
2017 Zakham (TV Series)
2017 Saanp Seerhi (TV Series)
2016 Heer (TV Series)
2016 Dhaani (TV Series)
2015 And she gave him up (Short)
2015 Nazar Kay Samnay

she presented the series Mera Rab Waris

It is a Pakistani series that tends to a social drama that affects families and is written by Jahanzeb Qamar. and produced by both Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi in the production company of 7th Sky Entertainment. Directed by a mountain lion and a show in 2019. the series starring Danesh Taymur – Madiha Imam – Hassan Mohsen Ikram – Tanweer Jamal – Shamin Khan – Hira Hussain – Abed Ali – Mirza Zain Beg – Mumtaz Call – Fadela Qazi.

Her role in Mera Rab Waris

The story of this series revolves around Aisha. Who is embodied by the actress Madiha. Who is a young girl who loves life and has special religious beliefs and a traditional and respectable lifestyle. The young Haris is a young man from an open family and has a modern outlook on life. This event leads them to marriage. But a guard does not want to marry her. Especially because of her delay and her own beliefs.

When he sees her face accidentally. He loves her and attaches to her and wants to marry her. but his mother refuses and after a guard threatens her with his suicide. So she is forced to agree, and they get married. There is a person who has loved Aisha since childhood is Visan. And Aisha’s

husband’s guard sister marries him

she works with a guard at the school. a friend of his who loves him. Her name is Ella. And she tries a lot to make a guard fall in love with her. But the attempts ended in failure. So she drugged him and photographed him while he was sleeping on the sofa and sending the picture to his wife Aisha.

When Aisha sees these pictures. She gets very angry and wants to leave the house. but their reconciliations have been made. One day Aisha meets someone she knows in the mall. Mazhar. Who talks with her about Faizi’s feelings and love for her. And when he found out a guard forced Aisha to swear by the Qur’an that she is bad She loves Faizi and there is nothing between them. But Aisha refused and told him that this will anger God.

A guard expelled Aisha from the house and broke her heart. She was pregnant at this time and returned to her family’s house upset.

After a guard knows the truth. He regrets what he did with Aisha and goes to her to forgive him. On the way back to their home. a car accident happens to them. And Aisha miscarries and falls into a coma. A guard is shocked upon learning of the loss of his son. And a guard continues to pray and pray for Aisha’s recovery.

When Aisha wakes up from the coma. She begins to cry over the loss of her baby and remains a guard next to her and never leaves her. This series has achieved a very great success at the level of critics and the public. And one of the critics Roh Awais wrote about it in the Daily Times newspaper. “I captivated viewers with the strong story line.”

Actress Madiha Imam in the series Zakham
Actress Madiha Imam in the series Zakham

Actress Madiha Imam in the series Zakham

It is a Pakistani family drama series produced by Fahd Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazemi. the series is directed by Ali Fayazan and written by Samina Ijaz and broadcast on ARY Digita. starring: Madiha Imam – Faisal Qureshi – Tharwat Gilani – Shehzad Nour – Ismat Iqbal – Fahim Abbas – Mihwish Qureshi Farhat – Shabir Jan.

Zakham is a family series that discusses many family issues. Its story revolved around a house for a family who lived in one house with each other. Including elderly individuals and their older adult children. Who were married and the younger ones were not married.
The eldest daughter of this family is a taboo. And actress Tharwat Gilani plays her role. She is married to Khawar and lives with him a difficult life because he is a cruel and violent man and he treats her badly.

Despite all this. She does not express her pain and grief in front of her family. While giving birth to her child. She dies and leaves a newborn.
After her death. Her husband is destroyed and feels guilty. And his conscience torments him severely for his cruelty with his wife. Her younger sister Takbeer (Madiha Imam) takes care of her little child. Whom she loves so much. Postpone marriage.

After the appropriate time has passed. They decide to marry and ask for takbeer to take the child with her to her home after marriage because he does not know another mother
But Khawar refuses this and kidnaps the child Ahmed and takes him from her and asks her father to find a solution with him and return the child to her. But her father puts an unjust and very harsh solution for her, and he is. to marry Takbir from Khawar and leave her fiancé until the child returns to her. All her brothers reject this decision. But her father insists on it and does not return in his decision. Takbir is forced to agree to marry Khawar and leave her fiancé, and events continue in the series.

Madiha Imam Husband weight loss Age Bollywood movie drama list
Madiha Imam Husband weight loss Age Bollywood movie drama list
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