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Leyla Tanlar. What is Leyla Tanlar’s ​​birthdate. When did her acting career start. For all fans and followers of the Turkish actress this is a complete article about what she would like to know about her religion, her nationality, her astrological sign, her social status, her social networking sites, her acting work. Her curriculum vitae, what is her height, weight, academic qualifications, special details of her life, and a group of personal photos of her.

Turkish Star Leyla Tanlar

Her full name is Leyla Tanlar. Her date of birth is December 13, 1997, CE. Furthermore, her current age is 23 years. Her astrological sign is Sagittarius. Her place of birth was born in Istanbul – Turkey. Likewise, her nationality is Turkish. Not only that, but her religion is Muslim. Her height is 163 cm. Weight is 47 kg.

Her hair color is chestnut. Her eyes are green. Not only that, but her academic qualification has studied at Sisley Teraki Elementary School – she studies at Kutch University / Department of Media and Visual Representation. Favorite sport is daily morning exercise and swimming. Her favorite hobby is playing the guitar. Dog breeding. Listening to music. Ballet dancing. Social status is changed. Married.

Biography and her childhood

Turkish actress Leyla Tanlar was born in Istanbul in 1997 AD on the 23rd of December. She studied primary through middle school at the Sisli Teraki private school and entered the Italian high school to study high school. During her studies, she was interested in acting.

She received many lessons to develop her talent. Acting in high school and before it. By playing roles in various children’s plays at an early age. She participated in the theater play entitled The Little Mermaid and the play was shown at the University of Kush.

Lily’s family began to notice her talent, especially after she had achieved great success in the play The Little Mermaid, which made them help her to join several acting clubs and take her own lessons. And when she was a high school student, she was one of the famous and disciplined girls. She acted on stage. She also worked Directed.

Her grandmother is Italian. That is what made her study in Italian high school. She loves Italian literature. She is one of the educated representations who read Dante and Boccaccio. Furthermore, she believes that culture is invaluable. She has one brother, the young actor Levine. They have fun together so much and appear in a lot. From places in the company of some of them.

Her acting career

Young Turkish actress Leyla Tanlar got her acting training at 35Buçuk Academy. She has also participated in workshops on behalf of the University of California, Los Angeles. He worked as a theatrical actress in her debut for a big time. The decision to become an actress was her own. So she exercised a lot from her childhood until her first job. She enrolled in several acting workshops and an acting academy in order to increase her talent.

Leyla Tanlar began working in the TV drama in 2014, through a major role in the series “Hattam,” which lasted for three consecutive seasons. His story revolves around two families. One is poor and one is rich. Two girls are born to them in the same hospital on the same day. By mistake, the two girls were switched and each lived the other’s life. The nurse confused them, and no one noticed that mistake.

And after 15 years of that story was discovered. But the most difficult is changing the lives of the two girls. This work stars (Erkan Petekkaya – Ebru Ozkan – Norsel Kosi – Alina Boz – Tolga Teken – Burak Tuzkoparan – Sivan Kanova – Radvi Baltalu).

In 2018,

she participated in the historical war series (Fateh). Starring (Kenan Emerzaloglu – Cetin Tikendor – Gorkan Uygun – Basra Devili – Ertan Saban – Hazal Velez Kujokus – Ismail Demirci – Fonda Origiet – Edel Furat). The story of this series is historical. It has a lot of action, movement and interesting historical stories. It revolves around Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror who has a great military genius and strategy. And lay the foundations of a great global empire. Which will rule the gateway to a new era and rule the continent for centuries.

Also in the same year she presented a new role, Denise. New work tournament and closer to the tournament. Through the series (Shaheen Tebisi – Qusour Al-Tal – Tal Shaheen). This series stars (Ziren Tikendor – Ebru Ozcan – Buran Kosum – Ibuki Busat – Murat Aijan – Israa Dermansioglu – Mustafa Mert Koch).
Laila Tanlar in the series Tal Al-Saqr or Tal Shaheen

The beautiful star Leyla Tanlar

participated in the Turkish series Tal Saqr or Tal Shaheen, which is a new Turkish series. Taken from the story of a series that was shown in the 1980s called (Falcon Cerst). It has many famous and prominent acting stars. It is directed by Hilal Saral. Milik Ginsoglu and his team will write the script for the Shineller Hill Administration.

Its events revolve around the sons of two families. Among them is great enmity. But love gathered one of the children of those two families. So-called impossible love. Where the story began with the death of Shaheen, the owner of a perfume company. When he was accidentally killed after Deniz’s daughter pushed him. And that is when her uncle saw her in the arms of the maid’s son. After a stampede, I pushed him and hit the ground, and he bled a lot of blood. Because of the girl’s horror. She went to her mother, Denise. Which thought about disposing of the body, thinking that he was dead. After they carried him, they pushed him into the water, but he was not dead at the time. He died by drowning.

Events changed after that incident. Malak appeared the daughter of Shaheen, who had expelled him in the past. And deprived her of inheritance. She came to attend her father’s funeral. And after opening the will. He left the owners of his company and their old home to it. She will try to sell them due to the too much debt she has. Malak’s father left an answer apologizing to her for what happened in the past. Would this change the decision of an angel to sell and keep her father’s property?

Young Actress Aybüke Pusat. Playing Verda. Melik’s daughter. She is a nice and polite girl. A student in the College of Chemical Engineering. And actor Boran Kuzum. Take on the role of Eve at work. And actress Zerrin Tekindor. As Eve’s mother, Tonya. And the owner of a large perfume company. She is a successful business woman. A serious and strong mother. She has the ability to manage affairs and business. So much so, to turn a small perfume company into a big, successful one.

Turkish actress, Ebru Özkan. In the role of a king

. Between her and Tuna (Zarin) a vendetta long ago. She lived a difficult life and believes that Tonya is the reason, as well as the two actors Kaan Tashner in the role of a lawyer, and actress Esra Dermankioglu one of the action players. And the actor Mustafa Mert Koch as Jim Malak, Verda’s brother. After the death of his father, his condition changed. He became reckless. And he was expelled from the university. He could not tell his mother about it. Although he is a smart young man, he lies a lot.

As for the role of Leyla Tanlar, she is playing a new role in this series. She is Deniz, the daughter of Tuna and Demir. And sister Evie. She is a closed girl and very fragile. Despite her beauty, but she does not look like her mother.

Leila Tanlar’s lover

Beautiful Leyla Tanlar was in love with Tariq Amir Tekken. They were friends at the beginning which developed into beautiful love. As Tariq said. They have been friends since childhood. They appeared next to each other celebrating and having fun. Journalists and photographers also snapped a photo of them kissing each other more intimately. Keep sharing lots of love and emotion pictures on Instagram. But without introductions, the separation took place between them.