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the star Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu. What is her birthdate. When did her artistic career begin. For all fans and followers of the actress this is a complete article about what she would like to know about her religion, her nationality, her astrological sign, her social status, her social networking sites, her artwork and biography. What is her height, weight, academic qualification, special details of her life, and a set of personal photos of her.

Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu brought up her family, studied her height

Lily Lydia, a famous Turkish actress, was born in Berlin, Germany, on October 29, 1989, she is a German-Turkish-American actress, a model and Miss Turkey in 2008. She is 31 years old. Her height is 175 cm. Weight is 55 kg. Nationality She is Turkish. The Christian religion. Her eyes and her hair built her astrological sign is Scorpio, she began her artistic career in the world of acting in 2008.

She studied German language and literature at Istanbul University. Her favorite sports are running, swimming, and exercising in the gym. Her hobbies are attending parties and gatherings with family and friends. She loves to take part in the photography department to take new photos of herself, go out with friends and play the piano.

Her favorite and favorite things

Favorite food: burger, pizza
Favorite Actor Brad Pitt
Favorite Actress Charlize Theron; Jennifer Aniston
Favorite Movie Titanic (1997). Avengers: Endgame (2019)
Favorite drink fresh orange juice
Favorite animal / pet dog
My favorite website is Twitter
My favorite color is blue, gray and black
Holiday destination Paris, Thailand

Actress Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu’s social networking sites

Her Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu
Her Facebook account: https://www.instagram.com/Leyla Lydia
Her Twitter account: https://www.instagram.com/Leyla Tuğutlu

Leyla’s sweetheart Lydia Tuğutlu

Some pictures of her and Sehon Engin were taken in the mall chat and romantic dinner. They only left this place when they noticed the photoshoot together. This relationship is said to be only two months old. Now she has shared pictures of her together on the official website of Instagram, but until now she has not made clear the truth about their relationship.

Lily Lydia Togutlu: Biography and more information

Turkish actress Lili was born in London in 1989. Her father is of Turkish origin and her mother is German. She lived in Germany for a long time until she enrolled in elementary school. Then she returned to Turkey with her family and attended a conservatory where she studied music and played the piano and violin for five years.

She temporarily completed her studies as a conservator during her studies, started working as an advertising model for an advertising company, graduated from Anatolia High School and left the conservatory due to her focus on modeling. She studied at Istanbul German University and Literature. Not only that, but she also speaks Turkish, English and German.

In 2008, she presented in the Miss Turkey contest and actually won the championship title, which allowed her to participate in the Miss World contest that was held in Johannesburg, South Africa in the same year and participated in the competition on behalf of Turkey, but did not win the championship.

She won the most promising title in the Best Turkish Style Contest in 2005, emerged in the 2006 Miss China International Tourism contest, won the title of World Princess, and won the Best Costume Show in 2007.

Her career in the world of acting

She started her acting career in 2008 by playing the lead role in SS TV. From 2010 to 2011, she played the role of assistant to the heroine in the television series “Curry Bean.” In 2012, she appeared in the Qabdai series for three seasons. Until the end of the work, she began to get more opportunities, cinematic works and more roles.

In 2015,

she starred in the movie Dirbar with artist Shatay Ulusoy. It is a romantic drama series about two young men who love each other and try to promote themselves as a profession. But one of them will be in trouble. That is, to continue living with his beloved person. It could hurt him or sacrifice himself for safety.

Then she played a minor and minor role in the romantic and comedy TV series Love for Rent. The work has gained a high reputation and high ratings. It has been translated into many languages. It embodies the spin of the girl that the hero once loved. But now he is in love with another girl. To love her and marry her,

But soon she starred in the 2016 Sweet Revenge series Sweet Revenge, about Belin, who left her fiancé on the wedding day, and her friends persuaded her. It is unfortunate because she laughed at her college boyfriend Sinan should forgive her for what she did. The situation has changed, and she decided to take revenge.

In 2017,

I played the role of the final protagonist in the series This City Will Follow You. Starring a constellation of the most prominent stars: Karam Bursin, Gorkan Uygun, Osman Alkass, Burak Tamdogan. The story of the work revolves around Derain and Ali, two people from different worlds.

Ali is a 28-year-old boy who saw his mother being killed by his father when he was young. Derain is the daughter of a wealthy businessman. They know each other. Things start to change from a love story. You may begin with an understanding of why his father killed his mother and the relationship between Delin’s father and the story. Despite the strength of the story and the direction. The work ended quickly due to the low ratings. Because there are only 20 episodes per season.

In 2018

she presented a thrilling comedy-drama film starring Serkan Atunurak. Balchin Bilgin. Sibimdeki Yabanci (Cebimdeki Yabanci) whose story deals with about seven friends. They decide to meet for dinner after many years of absence from each other. It was a fun night full of laughter, chats and memories before they played the game. The situation has started. The changes have occurred. There is resentment between each other.

She also starred in the TV series (My Daughter Kizim) with Turkish actress Bogra Gulsoy, actress Beren Gokelds, Sirat Toman and Togay Mirchan.

The events of the series revolve around

a young girl named (Oikwa). Her aunt took care of her when she was eight years old. But she was suddenly abandoned. The girl Oiko had to find her father (Demir) the actress Bogra Gulsoy. Her father is an adult but he is irresponsible and a liar. He grew up in An orphanage and he was arrested on the day his daughter decided to search for him. He was not released unless he wanted to take care of his daughter, but he refused the idea of ​​living with the child instead of her daughter. So he and his friends tried to get rid of the girl in order to commit to the new looting. The event began to change and it was revealed. A lot of secrets.

Lydia Togotlu’s works from series and movies

2008-2009 ES-ES İrem
2010-2011 Curly Piaz Melis
2012-2015 Karadayi Songul Kara
2015-2016 Kiralık Aşk Eyes
2016 Tatlı İntikam Bilin
2017 Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek Drain
2018-2019 Kızım Gandan
2020 Elçin World System


2013 Gunsay Aslı
2014 İçimdeki Ses Ayşıl
2015 Deliball Fosson
2018 Dışarda 2 Mariam
2018 Cebimdeki Yabancı

Leyla Lydia Tugutlu religion
Leyla Lydia Tugutlu religion
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