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Get to know Levent Ulgen Levent Ulgen, what is his date of birth, his age, and when his acting career began. For every fan of the actor, this is a complete article about everything you would like to know about his religion, his nationality, his astrological sign, his communication sites, his works and the secrets of his personal life and artistic career, His upcoming projects, his academic qualifications, special details of his life, and a set of personal photos of him.

Levent Ulgen’s origin, religion, nationality, age

The full name of the Turkish actor Levent Elgin is Levent Elgin, the Turkish actor’s nationality is Turkish, his date of birth is August 8, his age in 2020 is 56 years old, the place of birth of Turkey, Levent Elgin studied at high school in Ankara and graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Physics, he also studied in the theater department Musician and obtained a master’s degree, the Turkish actor Levent Elgin began acting in 1980. Levent Ulgen is 1.81 meters long, 78 kilo and lei. Among the most important information about the actor, he worked as a TV director after graduation, and then worked in acting, married and had a son.

Biography and life story of Levent Ulgen

The Actor of theater and cinema was born on August 8, 1962, in Cihanbeli / Konya. His real name is Omar Levent Ulgen. Graduated from Ankara Inon High School, Department of Physics of Metropolitan University, Department of Musical Theater of Hacettepe University. The theater started in the Ankara Public Theater in Erkan Yücel. He continued his theatrical life, which began with an exceptional play in Atçalı Kel Memet, with very different roles in different plays shown to children and adults.

After the death of Erkan Yücel, like many actors, he left the Ankara Public Theater and joined the Ankara Art Theater under Rutkay Aziz. While performing in various plays in this theater, he obtained the right to study in the Department of Musical Theater at Hacettepe University. After his graduation, he began working as an actor and director within state theaters. During this period, he completed his master’s degree.

His artistic career in acting

The theater started in the Ankara Public Theater in Erkan Yücel. He continued his theatrical life, which began with an exceptional play in Atçalı Kel Memet, with very different roles in different plays shown to children and adults.

He became known for his role in the TV series called Sonlarlarlar Duyar, which began broadcasting in 2002. Genlgen, who had been married to theater artist Tülay Bursa for a while, continues his theater and film studies in Ankara and Istanbul. It also offers One Word One Transaction program published on TRT. I have actively participated in the work of non-governmental organizations and volunteer every year since 2007 in the traditional days of Nazem at the Nazem Hekmat Cultural Center. Bayrampasa: I will not stay for long, the Turks must be crazy, he appeared in films like After the Revolution.

Levent Ülgen, who also played in the series

like Akasya Stop and Roman Weather, is included in the Rent Love series list. Levent Ulgen married theater artist Tolay Bursa, but their marriage was short-lived. The actor entered the world house on June 4, 2014, with his mentor Ziynet Şafak.

Levent Ülgen has played roles in nearly 50 films and series to date. He played the character Hulusi Koyuncular in a huge family from the last series he played, and a character raised in the Kuzgun series.

He was best known for his role in “the numb groom” in the television series Son Babalar Duyar, these characters especially the lowering of the mouth “we can deal with” which preserved numerous lines of both character and name after a while Ülgener “We Can Deal With Al Qadir” to direct . genlgen

The Ulgen Studies, Cultural Center, Nazim Hikmat, also participated in the image of the traditional verse Ayam Yilmaz, which he wrote, organized as a reading theater Nazim Hikmat in the game, participating in it as a volunteer every year since 2007. Between the years 2008-2012, published on Canal de, Acacia stop from the series “Sinan Kaya” character of February 2013 canlandırmıştır.2 published life that our school in the series revived the “Chemist Sıfırcı Dia” character. He played the character “Necmi İplikçi” in the series “Rent Love”, which started airing in 2015. He played in the movie Niyazi Gül Gallop.

The most important works of the Turkish actor Levent Algin

His plays

2013 – Caucasian Chalk Circle: Bertolt Brecht – Sadri Alışık Theater
2013 – Bedroom Conversations: Birol Güven – Sadri Alışık Theater
2010 – Humanity Is Not Dead: (Nazem Hikmat) – 2010 Ayyam Nazim – Reading Theater ”
2009 – Yusef and Minovis (Nazem Hekmat) – Ayyam Nazim 2009 – Reading theater
2008 – Is there Ivan Ivanovich? is not it? : (Nazem Hekmat) 2008 Ayyam Nazem – Reading Theater
2007 – False Witness: (Nazem Hekmat) – Ayyam Nazim 2007 – Reading Theater, “Nazem Hekmat is 105 years old”
2008 – The Wave: (Reinhold Tritt) – Donkişot Producdiy Theater
2005 – I close my eyes, my duty: (Haldon Tanner) – Ankara State Theater

2004 – Prisoners of Altona: (Jean-Paul Sartre) – Ankara State Theater
2003 – Contrary to Two: Neil Simon – Ankara State Theater
2002 – Separation: (Behik Ak) – Ankara Art Theater
2001 – Crime and Punishment: (Fyodor Dostoyevsky) – Ankara State Theater
2000 – Richard: (William Shakespeare) – Ankara State Theater
1999 – Selim: Jalal Asaad Arseven Salah Simkoz – Ankara State Theater

1997 – Bloody Wedding: Federico García Lorca – Ankara State Theater
1996 – Murad: Turan Avlazoglu – Ankara State Theater
1994 – How to Get Rid of Asiye: Vasıf Öngören – Ankara State Theater
1993 – Woman of the Year: Peter Stone – Ankara State Theater
1991 – Salpa: (Yilma Guney) – Ankara Art Theater
1991 – Bird: Ulker Koksal – Trabzon State Theater

1989 – Public opinion: Uriel Paranga – Trabzon State Theater
1987 – Passenger: (Nazem Hekmat) – Ankara Art Theater
1985 – Public Enemy: (Henrik Ibsen – Ankara Art Theater
1984 – Criminal attorney’s diary: (Faruk Irene) – Ankara Art Theater
1984 – Hnehnaz: Turgut Özakman – Ankara Art Theater
1983 – Condolence: Moratan Mungan – Ankara Art Theater
1983 – Spring Point: (William Shakespeare)
1982 – Giarano Bruno
1982 – Muhammad’s bald horse

His series

2019 – Kuzgun (Rifaat Bilgin)
2018 – My Huge Family (Khulousi)
2017 – Vital and others (Daniel)

2017 – Pride and Prejudice (Ahmed Asin)
2015 – Love for Rent
2014 – Roman Airlines
2014 – The Mihrab on the Site (Ahmad)
2013 – Live Intransigence (Cypriot)
Bird Saleh (Bahtiar, Salih Bey) 2013
2013 – Our School (Dia)
2008 – Uncredited (Vakkas)
2008-2011 – Acacia Stop (Sinan Kaya)

2008 – Backstreets Season 3
2007 – Mahser
2003 – A bird flew out of the nest (Ibrahim)
2003 – The Bride (Veyis)
2002 – Children Can’t Hear (Behjat)
2002 – Keiji (Bus Driver)
Cloud in the Air (Cabmidale Holiday)

2002 – Last Parents Heard (Kadir We Will)
2000 – Circle of Passion
2000 – Our House (Nusrat)
1999 – 2001 – The Story of the Snake (Ink Kadir)
1999 – The Mole (2) (Cüneyt Verel)
1996 – Editing (Colonel Kinan Bey)
2019 – Cicero
2017 – Anything is Possible (Elias)

2016 – Kazakashiran (Shaker)
2016 – I’m not a thing
2015 – deserted (rich)
2015 – Niazi Jules Galloping (Reda)
2014 – Yengen and Sengen
2014 – Bezum Hooka
2011 – After the revolution
2010 – Nene Hatton (Yavuz Hodja)
2010 – Kukuriku – Kingdom of Women (Kaldıray)
2009 – The Turks must be crazy
2009 – Salt of Life (suehsuvar)
2007 – Bayram Pasha: I won’t stay for long (Tuncer)
1996 – Step 80 (Korkut Laçin)
1993 – the blue exile (chief of gendarmerie)
1993 – Field of poppies
1992 – Lead title not required

Levent Ulgen
Levent Ulgen
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