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Kırık Hayatlar and many details about him, his story, who are the heroes participating in it, information about them that you know for the first time, the dates of the presentation of the Kırık Hayatlar series and the channel showing it, with a set of pictures of the Kırık Hayatlar series and its heroes participating in it.

Information about the series Kırık Hayatlar

The series is written by: Halide Zia Oshakligil
The series is produced by: Nöbetçi Yapım
The series is directed by: Bekir Dadash and Elknur Oğuz Arslan
Genre: Drama – Social
The number of episodes of the series: 416 episodes

Kırık Hayatlar Show Dates

The Kırık Hayatlar series will be shown soon on the Turkish KANAL D screen

Heroes of the series Kırık Hayatlar

Meltem Akkül

The story of the series Kırık Hayatlar

The Kırık Hayatlar series belongs to the Turkish social and dramatic series, which deals with many social and family problems, as well as many human feelings between love, hate, revenge, depression, difficulties, and psychological and nervous pressures that people are exposed to in their lives in general. family life in particular.

The story of the Kırık Hayatlar series revolves around a wealthy man named Omar Bahtish, who is a married doctor and has two daughters. He leaves his wife and daughters alone, but one day his youngest daughter is exposed to a serious disease, which is meningitis, and complications arise for her as a result of this disease, and then his youngest daughter dies.

And when Omar learns of his daughter’s death, he gets a great psychological shock that makes him live in a state of depression, isolation and guilt because he left the house and left his daughter facing the disease until she dies while he is far from her. He considers what happened as a spiritual warning for him to return to his wife and home. And to complete his married life with them and take care of them more.


Kirik Hayatlar Show Dates
Kirik Hayatlar Show Dates

Who is the actress Meltem Akshul, the heroine of the series?

Meltem Akçöl, whose name in Turkish is Meltem Akçöl, was born in 1999 in Istanbul – Turkey. She got her high school education from Istanbul schools. After completing her university stage, she took acting lessons because she wanted to become a famous artist. She was a star through social media, and she has a lot of audience and followers, and she has a large number of her videos and various photos that she publishes on her personal pages.

And the year 2021 is considered the first year for her in her artistic career, because for the first time she participates in an artistic work, during which she won the absolute starring role, which is the series Kırık Hayatlar.

Turkish actress Mine Kayroglu


Minej Kairoğlu is a Turkish actress and singer, born in 1977 in Istanbul, Turkey. Her father is Ihsan Cairoğlu, the former mayor of Sheila from the Afghan National Agency.

She studied acting at the Guilford School of Acting in England for 3 years, graduating in 2000, then took lessons to develop her acting talent from Haluk Bilginer. And singing as a little girl by taking singing lessons before and after her acting education. After studying acting at the “Guilford School of Acting” in England, she studied for one year training in voice and music education and released her first singing album by Anunan Çayıroğlu and in 2004 she released Another album titled Mete Özgencil.

She established an artistic production company called ALTONA Music & Film Production, and she started her acting career as a professional actress since 1982 and participated in many artistic works, dramas, cinematic films and also plays, during which she achieved great and distinguished artistic successes.

Actor Atsiz Karadoman

Atsiz Karadoman is a Turkish actor, born in 1956 in the city of Ankara, Turkey. He received his education from primary to secondary school from the schools of the city of Ankara. At the university level, actor Atsiz Karadoman joined the Higher Institute of the Ankara Conservatory, and after graduating from the institute, he began working in the General Directorate of State Theater.

He participated in many important theatrical performances, which he presented on the State Theater in Ankara and the State Theater in Istanbul, and he is still working as a theater actor on the Istanbul State Theater. Acting by giving acting lessons on the stage. He also taught the art of theater, image, movement and sound work. He also participated in many distinguished dramatic and cinematic works.

Among his most famous dramas are the series Back Streets, Once Upon a Time, The Ottomans: The Resurrection, and Muhammad: The Conqueror of the World, and other works.

Actor Murat Unouk

Murat Onok is a great and well-known Turkish actor, born in 1960 in Turkey. Actor Murat Onok graduated from Baskent Academy of Communication Sciences. Murat Onok started his artistic career since 1991 and participated in many different and varied artistic works between dramas, films and films. Short and theatrical performances.

Among his most prominent and famous dramas are the series She Named Feriha – Desperate Housewives series – Angels Island series – World of Secrets series – Blue Dream series – Even if fate separates – and the series Mother’s Husband – and Birol series and others and his latest work is the Kırık series Hayatlar
Among his most famous films, in which he participated and presented, such as a short film entitled Re-Era – and the movie Signs of the Day of Resurrection – and the movie A Minute in a Low Fire – and the movie Love Does Not Wait and other films.


Actor Murat Unouk
Actor Murat Unouk