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Kenan Çoban the actor, Abdul Hai in the series “Valley of the Wolves”, his religion, is he Muslim or Christian, his nationality and to which country he belongs, who is his wife, what is his relationship with the star Dilek Ozkan. Kenan Çoban and Helen Nazli, his date of birth, place of birth, his astrological sign, His age, his life story, his artistic career, his imprisonment, his most important and prominent works and roles, his photo album, complete information about him that we put in your hands in this interesting article, so follow us.

Information about Kenan Coban

Tech Name: Kenan Çoban.
Religion Muslim.
Nationality: Kurdish-Turkish.
Born: January 22, 1975.
Place of Birth: Palo Town – Maamoura Al-Aziz Region – Turkey.
Astrological sign: Capricorn.
Age in 2021: 46 years old.
Marital status: Married.
Wife’s name: Helen Nazli.
The name of his ex-wife: Dilek Ozkan.
Number of children: three.
The children’s names: Muhammad, Safiya, Hodal.
Mother’s name: Ali Gubain.
Hair colour: black.
Eye colour: black.
Height: 189 cm.
Occupation: Actor.
Academic qualification: Mohammed III Academy of Sciences and Aviation.
The beginning of the artistic career: It started in 2003.
Years of activity: since 2003 until now.
His most important works: the series “Valley of the Wolves”, the series “Al-Faraq”.

Kenan Coban life story

Kenan Çoban was born in the town of Palu, Mamora region, dear in Turkey, on January 22, 1975. His astrological sign is Capricorn. He is 46 years old. His religion is Islam. His father, Celal Goban, and his mother, Ali Goban, is a person who loves his country very much, so he decided to join He served in the Turkish Air Force for a period of about four years and specialized in a squadron of helicopters, so he was able to masterfully command one of the helicopters of the United States of America, the American Apache helicopter.

He studied at the Mohammed III Academy of Sciences and Aviation and graduated from it and was proficient in piloting helicopters in a skillful way, until he decided to join the artistic community by chance and did not think about this matter before, but he was able to prove his new talent, which is acting in some works, as for his personal life, he married for the time The first is from Dilek Ozkan, and he had three children with her, their names (Muhammad, Hodal, Safiya), but they separated after a long period of marriage, and in 2017, he married Helen Nazli Chopin, and he has not had any children with her yet.

Kenan Coban life story
Kenan Coban life story

The career of Kenan Coban

The star Kenan Çoban started his artistic career in 2003 through some secondary roles, after which he became famous for his role as Abdul Hai in the series “Valley of the Wolves” a heroic and different role, and continued to perform for eight years in all parts, and he was known as one of the best of them in this work creation and commitment, and he was accompanied by his best friends Necati Şaşmaz and Gürkan Uygun in the lead roles as well.

His works varied after that, most notably the series “Al-Faraq” and “Sufrat Khalil Ibrahim”, and he embodied an important character in the “White Carnation” series, and he had a different role and a different color. Therefore, the series was suspended from the show in 2014 after the sixth episode, and it had cinematic participations as well, including the movie “Valley of the Wolves Iraq”, and the movie “Valley of the Wolves Palestine”, and he was able to prove his talent and creativity in his various roles.

The arrest of Kenan Çoban

Some news spread about the star Kenan Çoban, according to which he was arrested and subjected to the most horrific experience in his life, which is his sentence and his entry to the prison, when he decided to go with a Turkish convoy to the area of ​​the western countryside of Aleppo to help and support the people of the town. The road and they were directed to a special area for terrorist ambushes.

When his closest friend, the star Necati Shashmaz, heard about this on television, he moved quickly and began to think and find solutions, and went to some higher leaders in order to obtain his safety and rescue him from the terrorist group. Indeed, after spending a short period of time in detention, he was released and the rest of the group that traveled with him, and spread Then there were some news that the reason behind releasing all of them was the lack of media interference, but it became clear to them that this was because of his friend Najati and his communication with leaders who could easily resolve the matter.

Kenan Çoban and Dilek Ozkan

Kenan Çoban married Mrs. Dilek Ozkan in 2011 and had three children with her, the first of whom are Muhammad, Safiya and Hodal, but there were many disputes and situations that caused their separation and the separation occurred in 2016, and he announced his claim to her for his rights, which caused him to file a lawsuit demanding her wedding expenses as compensation for him.

Kenan Çoban and Helen Nazli

The star Kenan Çoban married the young Helen Nazli in 2017, after their acquaintance, and the wedding took place in one of the luxurious wedding halls in Istanbul.

Kenan Çoban in the series “Valley of the Wolves”

The star Kenan Çoban participated in many works, most notably the series “Valley of the Wolves”, which revolves around the character of Ali Jandan, who plays the role of Raji Shashmaz, a child who was pulled out of the shelter and adopted by the family of Omar Jandan. Ali Jandan becomes an intelligence man, who asks him about The path of his direct boss Aslan Akbi is to penetrate into a secret operation at the heart of the Turkish mafia called Operation Valley of the Wolves.

The story begins from here, as it is necessary for Ali Jandan to die and be born with a new character. and Ismail Vanunu).

These people control the state through organized crime and make the state a sea of ​​blood ruled by the strong, in addition to the process of earning money illegally, such as smuggling weapons, manufacturing drugs and selling them abroad and in schools and universities. The star Kenan Çoban appeared in a distinguished role, and this work was one of the best that he presented to his fans.

Kenan Cuban series

The series “Valley of the Wolves” from 2003 to 2005.
The series “Valley of the Wolves ambush” from 2007 to 2014.
The series “White Carnation” in 2014.
The series “The Bandits Will Not Rule the World” in 2015.

Kenan Cuban movies

The movie “Valley of Wolves Iraq” in 2006.
The movie “Valley of Wolves of Terror” in 2007.
The movie “Valley of the Wolves Palestine” in 2011.

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