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My destiny game series, a new drama story for actress Öykü Karayel and Turkish actor “Akın Akınözü”. Let them all get back to work again with the new Game of Fate / Kaderimin Oyunu story. Let’s get acquainted together with the story of the actors working and some information about each of them.

Actors of the series Game My Destiny

The series director Emre Kapakosak met with the production company “NGM” to bring the series Game of Fate / Kaderimin Oyunu to light. The cast and crew are currently selected, and the most important hero is Öykü Karayel, and she will play the role of a girl named “Asia.” And Oiko male starring Turkish actor Akın Akınözü. Akin will play the role of Maher in this work. Actor Sareb Abak will also participate and will play the role of Jamal.

his story

As for the story of the series Game of Fate / Kaderimin Oyunu, it revolves around a girl named “Asia” who lived a difficult life because of her cruel stepmother. At the age of seventeen, she fell in love with Jamal, lived with great happiness, and decided to run away with him. Asia Jamal married and ran away with him and had two children with him. But that happiness has evaporated and that life has become very harsh and difficult.

Jamal decided to leave Asia due to the difficult circumstances of life to get attached to another rich girl, Helen. To let the beauty of Asia live the fate of her life and the lives of her children alone. Will Asia find comfort in her life, or will it be a difficult life, and will she meet someone who will help her overcome her ordeal?

Öykü Karayel the main actress

Öykü Karayel was born on the twentieth of August 1990, her astrological sign is Leo, and her place of birth is in Istanbul, Turkey. In the theater department, and this was in 2007, she played the role of a main character in a play that was published on the Guzel Shils Theater while she was still a student at the institute. Öykü Karayel is from the famous pop singer Jan Bonomo.

The Turkish star Öykü Karayel started her artistic career in the play “The Beautiful Things” in 2005 and from here she started, as she presented her first competition role against the Turkish star Kivanc Tatlitug and so through the famous Turkish series “Return of Muhannad” and this in the year 2011, then her roles were distinguished Her artwork varied between serial episodes and cinematic works, and through her artworks, she received an abundance of awards and ratings.


Akın Akınözü main actor

A Turkish actor, whose birth was on January 1, 1990, until now his appearance in the role of “Miran” in the famous Turkish series The Flower of the Trinity. He has gained a wide reputation. He is a small child in the city of Ankara – Turkey, reaching the age of thirty years and reaching 180 cm in length and 76 kg in weight. Capricorn .

As for his religion, he is a Muslim and his nationality is Turkish, his eyes are brown and his hair is black. Akın Akınözü studied mathematics at Ankara University, as he specialized in the field of acting at the same university and graduated from it. He speaks fluently in the British and Turkish languages. His hobbies are fitness, reading, listening to music, traveling. .

Akın Akınözü’s first TV role was in the Sultana series “Kossem.” Throughout his studies in mathematics, and then he understood that he could not see himself in the world of numbers while he was in the world and he loved art, she had the intention of moving to the theater. He loves to read a lot and is interested in fitness, as he likes to rule the time with his family and friends.

He did not accept to stop teaching at the school in mathematics, before obtaining the degree, after graduating from the Ankara College of Mathematics and obtaining a baccalaureate degree in science, and a professor’s degree in applied mathematics, from public research at Berkeley University.
His first cinematic work is Azrael, which was shown in 2014, and he contributed to it after receiving rich training in the field of acting.

updated information

Akın Akınözü starring in the series Game of Fate / Kaderimin Oyunu. The star was born in Ankara in 1990 and was raised in a modest life away from the hustle and bustle. He lived in Ankara until he graduated from college. He studied mathematics in aggregate, and it was not his idea that he would become an actor, otherwise that would not have been his goal or his dream.

However, after graduation, he found that he was working in the performing arts, and his dream was to become a future artist, and for this reason he issued a decision to finish his studies at the same university, but this time he was in the field of acting. In learning a limited number of languages ​​to be a comprehensive and excellent artist, able to learn the British language well and speak the British language fluently.

After completing the rehearsal for performing in various performance studios, he searched for the possibility of entering the world of acting, a composition with distinguished characteristics of his type with an athletic body.

Because sports are very important to Akınözü, he is into fitness and is also a book lover and loves spending time with family and friends.

Following Aquinozo’s departure from the TED Ankara School of Mathematics with a degree for a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, he was awarded a Professorship of Applied Mathematics in General Research at Berkeley.


the series Game My Destiny
the series Game My Destiny
the series Game of Fate Kaderimin Oyunu
the series Game of Fate Kaderimin Oyunu
Oyku Karayel the main actress
Oyku Karayel the main actress
Akin Akinozu main actor
Akin Akinozu main actor
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