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Personal information Kaan Yildirim his age

Name in Turkish: Kaan Yıldırım.
Date of birth: December 24. 1986
Age in 2020: 34 years.
Place of birth: Istanbul. Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion Muslim
Height: 180 cm.
Hair color: Black
Eye color: brown
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Profession: Turkish actor – producer
Beginning of his artistic career: 2013 – until now
Academic qualification: Graduated from Brunel University. Department of Marketing – London
Favorite animals: dogs.

Turkish actor Kaan Yildirim and his studies

Turkish actor and actor Kaan Yildirim was born in 1986 in Istanbul. Turkey. At the university level. Kaan Yildirim traveled to the United States to study shopping from Brunel University in London.

After graduating from it. Kaan Yildirim returned to his country of Turkey and joined the Academy of Sciences and Communication in Istanbul To study the art of acting.

Kaan Yildirim and his artistic career

The Turkish actor Kaan Yildirim is a young Turkish actor who started his artistic career since 2013 and was able in a short time to win the admiration of viewers.

The audience and followers not only in Turkey. But in a number of other countries when his artistic works were shown there. The audience and viewers loved him. Because of his nature and simplicity of his representational performance. In addition to his distinctive handsome and elegance in form and appearance.

He became his two lovers and a large audience. Especially girls who love his performance and his distinguished form. And Kaan Yildirim was also able to prove himself and his talent as an artist and a strong actor through distinguished works of art and The success that he presented. Which achieved great successes and a high viewership at the time of its presentation on various screens.

In 2013, the actor Kaan Yildirim appeared for the first time on the Turkish screen through a small and secondary role in a Turkish series entitled Oliman Istanbul. Then he participated after him in a larger role in the lost series. and after that the many successful and distinguished drama series in addition to the films in which he participated.

Dramas by artist Kaan Yildirim

The missing series with the role of Kadeer.
Harmon elsultan series.
The series Ya Istanbul with the role of (Verdi).
Youth keyboard series with the role of (Karam).
A series named Saadeh with the role of (Pato).
The series of human guilt with the role of (Jamal).
Episode series (Cannes).
Hekimoglu series with the role of Muhammad Ali Chaglar.

Cinematography by Kaan Yildirim

Turkish actor Kaan Yildirim participated during his artistic career so far with only two films so far from his inception. His main focus was on the drama series and the two films are unimaginable – and the film Al-Katibah.

The personal life of Kaan Yildirim

In 2016. Actor Kaan Yildirim married the famous Turkish actress Azçi Ayuboglu. But in 2019 they separated through divorce. The news of their separation was a strong shock to the entire audience. And the news of the separation shook the entire artistic community in Turkey.

Especially with the absence of any previous news or rumors indicating the existence of any differences between them and the existence of a strong love story that unites them.

This is known about them. By publishing romantic pictures that she collected with her husband. Actor Kaan Yildirim and she was the reason for filing the divorce case and did not claim any rights for her. And this aroused the curiosity and surprise of the followers.

The divorce took place between them one month after their third wedding anniversary and the love story was collected between them after their participation In the Turkish series “His Name is Happiness”. In the Turkish series.

Currently, the actor Kaan Yildirim announced his emotional connection with the Turkish singer Hadisa. And she announced this through her social media sites “Instagram” and published pictures and a number of videos that bring them together and express their love for each other.

Actor Kaan Yildirim acts as a producer

After he proved himself in acting and his great talent. And his name became known within the Turkish artistic community and gained wide fame in Turkey and abroad as an actor.

Kaan Yildirim went to experience and the field of production for Turkish artworks and participated as a producer in the implementation and production of a number of artworks.

which are Gelincik series and 2016 series Yuk Artek 2 (co-producer – also Yuk Artek series (producer) and finally mmü Sibyan: Zifir (co-producer).

Kaan Yildirim in the series Halka

Halka is a Turkish series. Which was starred by many Turkish stars. Including the actor Kaan Yildirim. The Turkish actor Serkan Shaioglu. The Turkish star Handa Archel and the artist Hazal Subasi. Among others and the series was produced by ES film.

The series Halka was about two successful officers, and They are distinguished in their work and very close friends to each other. And they perform every operation together. And the star Serkan Shaioglu will be in the role of the officer whose name is Jiha Ngir. The second officer is performed by the actor Kaan Yildirim.

On one occasion they are assigned to undertake a mission to arrest a large mafia known as the Halka Trio, and they attack the mafia and its members. But what is not expected happens.

And their real personalities are hidden, and they are police officers so that they can enter the middle of the mafia. But with the passing Time The daughter of the mafia boss. Her name falls in love with Officer Jiha Ngir, and the rest of the work takes place in a very interesting and exciting framework.

Kaan Yildirim in the series Hekimoglu

Hekimoglu series is a new Turkish series that was shown in 2020 in Turkey. The series achieved great success and a high viewership since the time it was shown. A large and distinguished group of artists in Turkey participated in the series. Including Timuçin Esen. Ebru Özkan. Okan Yalabık and Damla Colbay. Aytaç aşmaz and Kaan Yıldırım.

The story of the series revolved around a brilliant and strange doctor at the same time named Hekimoglu (Timoshen Asin). Who heads a large medical team in a hospital. And inside the hospital there was a difficult case for a patient who did not find any doctor treating his late health condition. But this crazy genius doctor finds He has a cure for his condition, and he cures him of the disease. Which makes everyone around him in a state of great astonishment.

Kaan Yildirim in the series Hekimoglu
Kaan Yildirim in the series Hekimoglu
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