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Personal information

Date of birth: November 13, 1984
Place of birth: Ankara, Turkey
Age: 35 years old
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Academic qualification: Graduated from the theater department at Anadolu University Conservatory
Marital Status: Married Handa Suralal 2017
Parents: Vevzi Demirci, Nezaket Demirci
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
His artistic career began in 2009

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Full information and details about the actor Ismail Demirci

Turkish actor Ismail Demirci is a well-known Turkish actor who played the role of Kozai in the series Northern Star. Ismail Demirci was born on November 13. 1984. and in 2009 he graduated from the theater department. He has a lot of work and appeared in many series that took him to fame. His favorite sport is tennis. football. and swimming. His hobbies are also singing. dog and cat breeding. motorbike and motorcycle riding. cheering for his favorite football team. and his bad habits are smoking.

The beginning of his artistic career in 2009 in the series Turkan Türkan TV series 2010. The script was written by Oya Yüce and produced by Ata Türkoğlu. Pinar Meal Tournament The first four episodes were directed by Türkan Derya and the following sections were directed by Cemal an. The series was broadcast on Canal Channel between September 23. 2010 and April 14. 2011 and is a series that narrates life. The series was based on the single Izzy Coleen.

Mothers and Daughters

In 2011. he participated in the series “Mothers and Daughters.” whose fame began in his role in the series. which won a viewership in all its seasons. is Valley of the Wolves. They are facing the most dangerous people in Ankara. starring Berkay Akin. Zafir Al-Jouz. Ozan Arabashi.

He got a bigger role in 2014 AD in the series Reaction. starring Celine Sweder. Erdal Biskajioglu. Yordyer Okor. the events of which revolve around the reaction. the largest accounts will be revealed. The enemy’s seats are in the service of Israel and the retired intelligence service who wins Aslan.

Abu sits the intelligence and is an enemy of the state. In order to purge the traitors in the country. both the head of intelligence. Gorkan. and the deputy prime minister. decide to form a special team. This team is bordobereli members of the army. Cyprus. found in many parts of the world. especially in Iraq operations. Captain Oguz and Oktim ‘in the field of protection and special operations police officer with Commissioner Thompson’ dir.

In 2015

he played a movie role in the film Keep Your Promise. written by Kemal Ushar. and directed by Oguz Celik. whose events revolve around Yalçın and Bahadır. two close friends with opposing personalities. With Yalcin’s sudden death. the two friends’ paths are separated. Bahadır misses Yalçın. One day.

Yalçın’s ghost comes to Bahadur’s door. Next to him is a dead Italian trapeze called Bernardo. Yalcin remained in Purgatory due to an unfulfilled promise in the world and needed someone who could fulfill his promise within 3 days. Bahadır. Yalçın’ın trying to keep the promise.

He participated in the series “Fatih” or “Mehmed Al Fateh”. which revolves around Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. He is one of the great men that caught the rule of the Constantinople state. Distinguished by intelligence and strong strategic thinking. which dazzled the world. Who was called by this name after he managed to conquer Constantinople. The capital of the Byzantine state in 1453 A.D.

details about the actor Ismail Demirci
details about the actor Ismail Demirci

the budget of the series is considered the largest budget for a TV series in the history of Turkey. it is about 5 million dollars. and the series monitors the goals of the conqueror Sultan to establish a global empire. and how he was concerned with justice. This work starring Kenan Imerzaloglu – Gorkan Uygun – Beshra Devili – Ertan Shaban – Hazal Veliz – Fonda by Urijit The historical series Sultan Mehmed Al Fateh will be shown in late February 2018 on the Turkish “D-d” channel.

In 2018

he participated in the championship of the Turkish series Collision. with the famous Turkish artist Kivanc Tatlitug. Melissa Pamuk. Chen Sanjo and Arkan Kan. Hakan Kurtas. Albrin Daimaz. The story of the series revolves around the collision of four cars and this collision will bring together four people. namely the police officer Kadeer and the embodiment of his star role Kivanc Tatlitug.

Famous for Muhannad. And the bank employee Zainab. And her character will embody the star Elçin Sangu. Known as a burial in the series Love for Rent. the thief Kerem. and this role will be played by the star Alberin Doymaz. Known for the role of Emre in the series The Pit in the first part. and the lawyer Jimmy. who plays Miss Turkey Melissa Asli Pamuk. The Turkish series Collision is based on the British mini-series “COLLISION”. Which was shown in 2009 and had only five episodes.

In 2019

Ersoy Güler starred in the series North Star. Screenwriter and director of the North Star. Which was produced by Süre Film, and his most important productions are Aşk re- and Yeni Gelin Bride. The series will air on Show TV in the 2019-2020 season. The episodes of the first season amount to about 35 episodes. The story of love revolves around Kozai. who left his wife and settled in the Black Sea with his three daughters. and the story tells about the father who left during his stay in Turkey.

Here came the role of Urdu with his two daughters to live together. The last episode of the North Star series. Kozai returns with his three daughters from the Black Sea. For the sake of Zainab Kankund. Who fell in love with her and meets his first wife. Who is managing problems for him in order to move away from Zainab. But he marries her with the agreement of his three daughters and decides to travel far to avoid problems from his first wife and give birth to a son they call Igor.

Ismail Demirci and his wife

Ismail Demirci married actress Handy Sural in 2017, in a simple family ceremony. In which he gathered close friends and family. They held a party at their home. And relatives flocked to their home to see their happiness.

Number of art stars close to them were attended by Burak Sivink. Arif Bishkin. Eiken Turkmen. Izgi Ayuboglu and Mert Ocal did not leave their friends alone on this happy day. And the dancing and fun continued until the early hours of the morning.

pic Ismail Demirci and his wife
pic Ismail Demirci and his wife

The series and films with the participation of Ismail Demirci

2019-2021 Kuzey Yildizi (TV Series)
2020 Güldür Güldür Show (TV Series)
2018 Çarpisma (TV Series)
2018 Fatih (TV Series)
2017 Babamin Günahlari (TV Series)
2016-2017 Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem (TV Series)
The Letter box
2016 Babalarin Babasi

2015 Tut Sözünü
2014 Reaksiyon (TV Series)
2013-2014 Ben Onu Çok Sevdim (TV Series)
2012-2013 Kurtlar Vadisi: Pusu (TV Series)
Mor Menekseler (TV Series)
Harun (2011)
2010 Türkan (TV Series)

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