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Gülcan Arslan Harem Al Sultan Yes, I knew that star in the most famous Turkish series “Hareem Al Sultan”. Let’s get to know that Turkish actress Gülcan Arslan more closely, who is Gülcan Arslan, what is her religion, is she married or not, and who is her lover? A lot about her personal life, childhood and qualities. And how was the beginning of acting in the following article.

Who is Gulcan Arslan?

Gulcan Arslan is a Turkish actress who has a strong role in the series Harem Al Sultan. Here are the 7 most important information about her:

Gulcan Arslan was born on May 1, 1986.
Gülcan Arslan’s age in 2021 is 35 years old.
Gülcan Arslan’s religion is Christian.
Her birthplace is in Sakarya.
She studied at the cultural center.
Her husband and lover are married.
Gülcan Arslan is 170 cm tall.

A Turkish actress, born in the city of Sakarya, loyal to the state of Turkey, and her astrological sign is Taurus. She began appearing on screen since 2002 when she presented a number of advertisements that won the admiration of a large number of spectators. In addition to a few skits that appeared in the beginning, such as the series (Musk Street), which was shown on TRT1 channel.

She won her first competitive role in the famous Turkish series (Apart from All Things) that was shown in 2012, and it was a successful start for her, as she won many diverse roles between young, rich, poor, beautiful and other roles, which shows her personality.

Her life and history

She studied theater in the cultural headquarters to master acting well, as she aspired to become a famous actress one day, so she only relied on her talent, but she aspired to the best by studying theater and cinema in Turkey at the hands of the cultural headquarters, until she obtained her first possibility in Presenting advertisements so far presenting performances on the cultural stage, and these represent the first steps of art in the life of the star Gülcan Arslan, which pushed her to the fore by entering the world of cinema and television on a larger scale,

Her birthplace is in Sakarya
Her birthplace is in Sakarya

offering a few light roles in famous Turkish skits before taking the roles of the competition Athletic, she varied between the roles of a clever, cheerful girl, and a beautiful young woman who emerged from the merchant or wealthy class, and this diversity made her reach the vision of a sports competition more quickly through the famous series (I loved a girl), which she presented as her first heroic work.

her personal traits

Gülcan Arslan takes great interest in pursuing the world’s most famous brands, loves the subtleties of fashion and luxury items. She always chooses clothes that appear amazing on top and does not categorically look for a modern look that matches fashion. The style of the Taurus woman is classic and refined, and she prefers flat shoes over high heels. She loves accessories, especially earrings and rings, and knows that they are the best thing that can make her look charming and unique. Although she tends to go for natural and calm colors when choosing outfits, she doesn’t mind wearing bold colors from time to time.

Sometimes you find her tending to loneliness, calmness and isolation, and those features are the most in her and that she is affected by good, as she is like a pet cat that did not cause harm to anyone or even embarrass him with words. With that, she may be crazy and act in crazy ways and not expected to happen to everyone, but she pursues those features in order to reach her goals, which she hopes to achieve. She is a stubborn and rebellious female and her personality is diverse in transformation, but calmly and with concentration without haste. In her work, she is ambitious, possesses skill experience and a high ability to exert herself, and loves constantly to reach the highest ranks and positions, and she bears responsibility and leadership, and it is possible to rely on the highest in all things. She loves organization and arrangement and does not like the critical situation. She hates despair and has a general condition of strong endurance in order to reach her demand.

Her husband and her relationships

Turkish press writing and magazines reported a lot about the marriage of actress Gülcan Arslan, but the singer did not release any updates on her marriage on television or on the original websites dedicated to her marriage. Gulcan Arslan no news.

Gülcan Arslan’s character is emotional but intensely sensitive, so she simply doesn’t get into any romantic relationship. And as soon as she is attached to a person, her feelings are strong and she gives the man to whom she belongs love, sympathy, tenderness and everything he lacks. She searches for lasting stability, and is an ideal partner for the man she belongs to, provided that he is suitable for her.


actress Gulcan Arslan

If she feels like he’s not the right one for her, she won’t put up with the burden of continuing that relationship. She always tries behind romantic connection and closeness, she’s probably domineering and jealous every now and then and tends to the routine that keeps her in the quiet circle.

The beginning of acting

As for the beginning of her acting career, Gülcan Arslan started a short time ago, but she gained wide fame due to the unique roles she presented to Turkish cinema. The one who achieved a high percentage of vision, became famous for this famous actress, and she joined the series in the third part and she was the sister of Sultan Suleiman, who became famous as (Mina).

The beginning of acting
The beginning of acting


her series

Turkish star Gülcan Arslan presented her first starring role in the famous Turkish series (Loved a Girl), as she won the role of the sports competition, accompanied by Turkish star Bulent İnal, Hakan Kurtaş, and other actors who made that famous television effort, and the dubbing of that Turkish series into Arabic ended, to be completed. Presented in the Arab world in 2011 AD.

One of the most famous TV acts presented by the Turkish singer Gülcan Arslan is the series Females of the Sultan in Part 3. It was a modern look for her. Arslan appeared in the Sultan’s Palace, and she was one of the sisters of Sultan Suleiman. In that series, she became famous for the beautiful distinguished girl named Mina. This series is famous on Turkish channels and Arab channels in the Arab world due to its high fame

Instagram Gulcan Arslan

Gülcan Arslan has a high level of professionalism and competence in the form of procedures. She is systematic and tidy and loves to try everything that is modern while her field of work is concerned. In addition, she is very serious in her work and can count on this strong girl. She is adept at bargaining and completing transactions and goals in the fullest way. She works like a bull and does not despair or stop investigating her goals.


Instagram Gulcan Arslan
Instagram Gulcan Arslan
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