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Batuhan Karacakaya’s previous acting career, how he acted at a young age, his life, his artistic career, his nationality, his religion and the work he was involved in. Next to a beautiful bouquet of the most beautiful pictures of Batuhan Karacakaya.

Personal Information about Batuhan Karacakaya

Full name: Batuhan Karacakaya Artistic name: Batuhan Karacakaya Name in Turkish: Batuhan Karacakaya Date of birth: 5 February 1997 Age in 2020: 23 Birth year: Istanbul – Turkey Nationality: Turkish Marital status: Single religion: Muslim Weight: 70 kg Height: 180 cm Years of work: 2005 to date.

The life of Batuhan Karacakaya

Young artist Batuhan Karacakaya is considered one of the most important and famous young artists in Turkey. Batuhan Karacakaya was born on February 5, 1997, and is considered one of the youngest artists in Turkey, because he started his artistic career in Turkey at the age of only seven, and since the beginning of his appearance on Turkish television. Batuhan Karacakaya has well proven his acting prowess and the balance of his talent which is increasing day by day up to our time. Batuhan Karacakaya Karacakaya was born in Istanbul, the capital of Turkish beauty and love. 2005, in which he played the child Tanesh, Batuhan Karacakaya realized a life of fame.

The life of Batuhan Karacakaya

The series that changed Batuhan Karacakaya’s life

In 2008, Batuhan Karacakaya Karacacak was fortunate enough to participate in the world’s most famous Turkish series “Eshk Al-Mamouna”, the series that achieved viewership rates that Turkey had not previously realized, the series with Beren Saat, Kivanc Tatlitug, Hazel. The series revolves around a young man. He falls in love with his uncle’s wife, who raised him among his children after the death of his parents, to start a psychological struggle between choosing his love and loyalty to his uncle, who has not abandoned him since his childhood. In the role of ‘Murad’

The series that changed Batuhan Karacakayas life

And he is Kivanc Kivanc, who is carried by his brother because of his closeness since Murad’s childhood. The audience was closely associated with the series Aik Memno, which was known at the time as the love of Memno and was dubbed. In the Syrian dialect, it is shown on more than one Arab channel, which created a close relationship between Batuhan Karacakaya and the Arab audience since his childhood, and it is worth noting that the series “Al-Ashq Al-Mamou” has not only gained fame. In the Arab world, but this wonderful work has been translated into more than 12 languages ​​around the world, making the series the most famous Turkish drama.

Movie Love loves coincidences

Batuhan Karacakaya appeared in more than one drama in his small form before becoming this handsome young man who is adored by all girls, after his special appearance in the series “Varied Love” which achieved great mass success until Betuhan. It became known in Turkey and even in the Arab world. “Murad”, Batuhan Karacakaya played another role in one of the most beautiful Turkish cinematic works, the movie “Love Loves Serendipity” or Ask Tsadfleri Sever. The film tells the story of a wonderful coincidence that takes place in two women who do not know each other, when their car crashes while driving to the hospital, resulting in the birth of the two children. A strange relationship between the two children. Their appearance or meeting in the same place is linked by chance to the occurrence of something special, whether it is a disaster or a miracle, and the two children continue to meet in their diapers and do not understand what is happening around them by chance until the relationship ends after 25 years The interview was by chance, and they fell in love with each other. Will this relationship work? The film directed by Omar Faruk and starring Mehmet Günsor and Turkish actress of Kurdish origin, Balshem Erdogan.

The role of Batuhan Karacakaya in Women’s series

After several successful trials in films and serials, Batuhan Karacakaya did not stop participating in dramas that had a huge impact on viewers. In 2011, Batuhan Karacakaya appeared again in one of the most amazing Turkish drama “Women of Hirat”, the Turkish version of the American series “Desperate Housewives”, a TV series in an interesting comedic environment. The series was released on October 2, 2011, and after completing the very successful first part, the company produced the work. MediaBeam decided to announce the shooting of the second season. The first episode was released on October 11, 2012, just one year after the first season.

The production company was not satisfied with the work of the two seasons of the women’s series, Herat, but decided to produce the third season of the series in 2013 on September 13, and the series was broadcast weekly on Saturday on many Turkish channels. With the increase in the number of views that are broadcast. Two episodes per week in addition to the episode length are reduced from 90 minutes to just 55 minutes.

Women of Freedom

The events of the first part revolve around a group of women who were surprised one day by their friend’s suicide, so that each of them tries to reveal the secret of her boyfriend’s suicide, in order to disturb their lives. They are forced to get a divorce from her husband, and the other is looking for a husband to help her raise her children. And one of them entered into an affair with a young student younger than her, and talked about many comic paradoxes, and Batuhan Karacakaya participated in the series and presented a wonderful character who won many honors, in addition to the Arab audience joining the series with him. It is broadcast on more than one Egyptian Arab channel.

The series that changed Batuhan Karacakayas life
The series that changed Batuhan Karacakayas life

The series “Women of Freedom” has become the talk of the hour in the Arab world. After the end of the first season, the group and the production company decided to repeat this wonderful experience and told many stories about companies that are inseparable from the comedy during the episodes; This has made the series a special place, especially since the Arab world is vulnerable to this type of drama that contains comedic drama.

Batuhan Karacakaya’s work in Resurrection

Bhutan became a handsome young man who played difficult and complex roles, and was able to boast of this great art in the series Argril’s Resurrection, which is still broadcast on Turkish and Arab channels despite his performance that ended in 2019, Resurrection. From Artgarl is a series of historical figures that tell about the life of Sultan Artogrol among Suleiman Shah, which takes place in the thirteenth century, and the series was presented while presenting global relations around the world, after being translated into a larger language. Batuhan Karacakaya participated in the series and played a major role in the audience. Appearance in Arabic and Turkey is great.

His most important works

Series: The Great Encounter 2004 The Fifth Dimension 2995 Knife Edge 2009 Forbidden Love 2008-2010 Women of Conflict 2011-2013 Integrated Resurrection 2016

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