Information about Ayesha Takia, religion, age, biography

Ayesha Takia, her religion, her age, her biography, information about her and pictures, all this in a detailed report about her and her personal life, does Aisha embrace Islam ?, and how her artistic career began and the reasons for her disappearance from the art scene for a long time, all the details that she did not know before about Indian actress Ayesha Takia will get to know her through a report on all the details that have not been announced before.

Information on Ayesha Takia

Date of birth: 10 – 04 – 1986
Age in 2020: 34 years
Place of birth: Mumbai, India
Nationality: Indian
Religion: Muslim
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Hair color: Black
Eye color: brown
Astrological Sign: Aries
Father’s name: Nishit Takia
Mother’s name: Farida Takia
Number of sisters: She has one brother
Sister’s name: Natasha
Hobbies: Traveling – Watching Movies – Listening to Music – Reading – Dancing
Favorite Actor: Amitabchan – Shah Rukh Khan
Her Favorite Actress: Priyanka Chopra-Shredivi
Favorite Director: Sanjay Leela Bahinsai
Marital Status: Married
Spouse’s name: Farhan Azmy
Number of children: 1 “Mikael Azmy”

Ayesha Takia’s Childhood and Life Story

Ayesha Takia is one of the brightest faces of Indian cinema that shone in the sky of Bollywood, especially at the beginning of the 2000s, Ayesha Takia was born in Mumbai in 1986, and belongs to Aries, and the Aries people are distinguished by their love of art and music. and that is what really distinguishes her most.

Mumbai and from a young age she saw her greatest passion for watching movies and following the news of the stars. and she managed to get a small opportunity to appear on television through one of the promotional ads and at the time she was only four years old. but then her mother Farida tried to keep her away from art at her young age to focus Aisha On her scientific life. but the love of art and acting was running inside her until she was able to fulfill her dream.

Ayesha Takia worked with advertisements

Aisha did not give up her love for art. Indeed. she was able to get the opportunity to participate in a special advertisement for children. when she was not more than fifteen years old. and the Indian artist “Shahid Kapoor” shared the same advertisement, and he was also still a child. Shahid and Aisha are among the most important stars of Bollywood cinema. and because of her love for art.

Ayesha Takia worked with advertisements

Aisha did not complete her university studies. but rather graduated from high school. After participating in the advertising campaign at a young age. she wanted to take advantage of the opportunity that her face became known to many Bollywood fans. to become Aisha from The most important star of Indian cinema at a very young age.

Ayesha Takia Songs

Aisha’s face became one of the beloved faces on Indian television. and she got the opportunity to appear in some songs by the most famous singers of India. so Aisha appeared with her beautiful face and gentle features that made many producers and directors think about including her in the world of Bollywood to become one of the most famous movie actresses and she managed to get the first Her roles in the cinema to start her career that some find short-lived.

How did Ayesha Takia start acting?

After many experiences of fashion shows and a model in advertisements. Aisha managed to get the first role in the Indian movie “Tarzan” in front of the star Ajay Devgan. and the film achieved good revenues at the time and the film was a success among the masses of Indian cinema. but Aisha won the best face award New to Indian cinema for her role in the movie. and after her participation in this film in 2004. she got many other roles and became the heroine of many films at this time.

List of Ayesha Takia’s works

2004Taarzan: The Wonder Car
2004Dil Maange More !!!
2005Socha Na Tha
2005Shaadi No. 1
2005Home Delivery
2006 Shaadi Se Pehle
2006Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota
2007Kya Love Story Hai
2007Fool N Final
2007Blood Brothers
2007No Smoking
2008De Taali
20098 x 10 Tasveer

Who is Ayesha Takia’s husband?

After several successes that Aisha had obtained through her cinematic works. she announced her marriage to the well-known businessman and restaurant owner Farhan Azmy. with whom she was bound about 4 years before marriage to agree to marry. and Aisha was at that time only 23 years old. and is considered the love story that Farhan and Aisha connect with one of the best love stories in Bollywood. the duo still maintains their relationship until this time. despite the many pressures Aisha was subjected to. whether from the media or from the acting profession itself.

Ayesha Takias husband

Ibn Ayesha Takia?

In 2013. the Indian artist Ayesha Takia gave birth to her first and only child. Mikael. from her husband Farhan. And raising her son. Aisha found that acting will greatly affect her relationship with her son. who is now in his seventh year. so she found it better to stay away from the artistic world for a while.

Ayesha Takia’s most successful work

Despite her participation in many Indian artworks. the films that Aisha participated in did not have the expected great successes. but the matter changed a lot when Sultan Bollywood Salman Khan participated in the most famous movie. “Wanted”. which got when it was shown in the cinemas at the top. Revenue during the year. and this film is considered the most successful film that Ayesha Takia participated in. The film tells about a gangster who falls in love with a girl. to change her life. and this movie still maintains its place in the hearts of Indian audiences and won the 2009 Film of the Year award.

So much about Ayesha Takia

In 2014 Ayesha Takia was subjected to a major press attack on her after her husband’s father issued a statement that many found a bold statement to be said by a well-known person. so Mr. Samjavadi. the father of Ayesha Takia’s husband. stated that in rape incidents. the perpetrator and the victim should be punished. Aisha was not afraid to respond to her husband’s father.

She objected to this statement and said that the victim could never be guilty and that this gives an excuse for the wrong to repeat the mistake even if he was punished. and many fans of Ayesha Takia found in her statement a kind of courage that She opposes her husband’s father in the media without being afraid of anything. it is known that Aisha always shares her views, especially on social issues and one of the most active actresses who always defend women’s issues.

So much about Ayesha Takia

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